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Writer of letter who said Park Slope kids were too loud identified: report


PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN — A freelance book publisher has apparently used some of his spare time to write a letter asking two Park Slope parents to shut up their children, the Daily Mail reported.

Sources told the outlet that Vincent Cusenza, 65, is the unnamed neighbor who wrote a letter to a neighboring family complaining that their toddlers are too loud and cheering them on too loudly.

Approached for comment by the outlet, Cusenza declined to say anything, but a man who lives with him said the letter “speaks for itself”.

“Please stop your daughters from screaming and shouting. Parents…please refrain from shouting and shouting for encouragement,” reads the letter, sent earlier this month.

“You have compromised my enjoyment and my work. Keeping intrusive sources of noise to a minimum is a way of showing mutual respect.”

The recipient of the letter, Christina Frankel, 36, whose children are three and one, told the Daily Mail she thought it was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘selfish’ to ask the young family to shut up while they were playing in their garden.

“Parenting gets rowdy,” she told the outlet. “Raising two rambunctious toddlers is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’d bet money that person doesn’t have kids because of the way she talked to me.”

Additionally, she and her husband both disputed the idea that their family is noisier than most – a claim made in the letter – saying nearby neighbors have never complained about the noise.

“It’s just kids being kids, the occasional behavior correction, but it’s not all-hours yelling,” the children’s father told the Daily Mail.

Instead of following the noise control methods recommended in the letter – like taking the kids indoors or taking a walk in a park – Frankel told the Daily Mail she had one recommendation for her writer: “invest in suitable headphones [or] find a place designated as a quiet place, such as a library. »

Going a step further, she added that someone who is annoyed by the sound of children “shouting with delight” might consider living in an area less densely populated with children than Park Slope.