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Wegmans drops popular ‘scan and go’ app


Wegman’s Food Markets is discontinuing its popular SCAN app two and a half years after introducing ‘contactless shopping’ to the majority of its stores during the COVID pandemic.

The company had bet on its customers using the honor system. They lost. A lot.

Too many people were walking away with items they never paid for.

The app allowed customers to scan and bag items as they shopped, then pay for their purchases using a single barcode at checkout.

In a message to app users, the supermarket acknowledged the popularity of the SCAN app, but “Unfortunately, the losses we are incurring from this program prevent us from continuing to make it available in its current state.”

The application will be deactivated from September 18.

Users receive a $20 credit to their online account free of charge.

Wegmans didn’t say how much they lost, but it’s believed to be significant.

They have tried changes to the app and implemented stricter loss prevention measures at stores in recent weeks, including random bag checks to ensure all bagged items are paid for.

It wasn’t enough.

Wegmans told customers they had “learned a lot and we will continue to introduce new digital solutions to streamline your shopping experience in the future,” but the message was not elaborated.

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