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WEBBER: Kyle Rittenhouse, Joy Reid and Jimmy Kimmel | Opinion


Now that Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is over, I have enough information to shut me up. It was all the rage with the mainstream media pundits, so I figured I’d put my 2 cents in. At least I waited until after the verdict.

Watching video footage was eye-opening, exposing the prosecution’s deceptive shenanigans in the courtroom. It was refreshing our justice system worked in this trial for Kyle – found not guilty on all counts. Hopefully he can come home and be a kid again.

We should especially appreciate the jurors, who have the gut courage to stand up to the media and stir up the crowds, doing their duty as instructed. I have nothing but admiration for all.

That said, just like the rioters, Kyle had nothing to do with the streets of Kenosha that night. If Wisconsin government officials had used common sense or pushed the spine, they would have imposed curfews on signs of trouble; clean the streets. The blood of those dead slaughtered by Kyle is in the hands of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

At what point did Prosecutors Binger and Kraus lose their souls, I wondered? In their desire to throw a child in prison for the rest of his life, for political reasons, they resorted to stunts in the courts. These two buffoons have proven that winning is more important than truth and justice – a travesty of our legal system. In a healthy world, they would be struck off the bar.

Biden, as usual, was on the wrong side of the issue. Before the trial began, he called Rittenhouse a white supremacist, rather than diplomatically advising people to wait for the facts to surface while allowing the justice system to function.

A white kid shoots three other white kids, and somehow in what’s left of Biden’s scrambled brain he equates that to white supremacy. Inexcusably, he repeated himself after the verdict.

I used to be a fan of televising the trials. Why not, I thought, we are paying for it and it makes an interesting TV.

After seeing what the Kenosha Three Track Circus produced, I changed my mind. Unfortunately, our mainstream media are too corrupt to be trusted in a high-stakes courtroom. The results of trials do not only affect the accused, they often have repercussions on the public.

I’m not just talking about the MSNBC shenanigans, which kicked them out of the courthouse. Daily commentaries and rants by TV pundits on all channels completely bypassed the US legal system of declaring a person innocent until proven guilty. We can only hope that one day they are the ones who are unfairly prejudiced by their peers while someone like Joy Reid yells at their “obvious guilt”. Who made her judge and jury?

The inflammatory way news sources covered this lawsuit is even worse than the bigmouthed pundits including Fox News. They all knew the final verdict might be a powder keg that would cause more riots if they could keep the fuse burning. It seemed like the mainstream media was actively promoting anarchy with uninterrupted coverage that kept the trial on everyone’s mind. It became as fascinating as the OJ trial.

Thousands of court cases are conducted daily in this country. Of all these legal proceedings, it is the mainstream media in Rittenhouse that is obsessed. Pathetically, the media attempted to make the shooting racist, further driving a racial rift in this country. Why? Because racial discord sells.

As the Rittenhouse trial draws to a close, the Ghislaine Maxwell case begins. She was the wife of Jeffery Epstein and may have been instrumental in helping Epstein in an international sex network.

Epstein inexplicably died in his cell at the Metropolitan Correction Center two years ago awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking. It has been reported that this trial will include the evil exploits of figures as well-known as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Prince Andrew.

Many people, myself included, doubt Epstein’s “suicide”, especially when looking at the “Lolita Express” logbook to Epstein’s “fantasy” island.

The outcome of Maxwell’s trial should be more interesting to the general public. People would like to know more about who else besides Epstein and Maxwell sexually abused underage girls, and to see those people brought to justice. We would also like to know if Epstein was murdered and on whose orders. I would volunteer to be part of this jury!

The difference though, while the Maxwell trial may be salacious, it does not have the influence of causing political discord and racial problems. We’ll have updates from Maxwell, but it will be interesting to know what information is left out, like why was Jimmy Kimmel there?

The media continue with stories of trying to divide people into tribes – this is good for the socialist cause and the shareholders. We have to see beyond that.

Author Robert Black best summed up our media: “… In democracies, the media are controlled by wealthy individuals with political affiliations. Objective media and journalists simply do not exist among the general public.

Keep this in mind as information is leaking from the Maxwell trial.