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‘Vote Juan Pablo, fight Humboldt racism,’ urges letter to editor


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Humboldt County – we have a problem. Racism. Institutionalized racism. How do we approach this? Change the people who make the decisions that govern these institutions. Representation is important. I can count on my hand (not even sure if I need the hand) the number of people of color who sit on our BOS and city councils. Does POC have no interest in racing? NOPE. Is it because it is difficult to navigate the bureaucratic nomination and campaign process? YES.

There is only one candidate for Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Electors who has the expertise, education, passion and lived experience to change that. Juan Pablo Cervantes. One of her top priorities is to improve candidate services by reaching out to underrepresented and marginalized communities in Humboldt. Improving candidate services and outreach can also address voter apathy. Basically, in the words of Cervantes on a recent radio broadcast, if your neighbor is running for office, you are more likely to be invested in the democratic process. Improving candidate services is how we can make it easier for your neighbor (or you!) to apply to change the wave of rulings that have perpetuated racism in our county. That’s just one reason to vote for Juan Pablo if you haven’t already. Our votes hold SO much power to change things, especially at the local level. A vote for Juan Pablo for Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Electors is a vote to fight racism and work for fair representation in Humboldt County.

-Dawn Wise, Eureka resident