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Vote Conservative to Restore Sanity


Each election is presented as “the most important election of our lives”. Most aren’t, maybe this one isn’t either, but it’s sure to be monumental.

One-party democratic control of the federal government and New York State proves disastrous. Spending and inflation are out of control. Democratic politicians have decimated our ability to be energy independent. Criminal coddling policies have released dangerous criminals onto our streets before they serve their sentences, violent crimes are marginalized based on the age of the criminal, our elected judges have no right to consider the danger that accused criminals present for the community and the cash deposit has been virtually eliminated. If, by some miracle, serious criminals return to court and are found guilty and sentenced to prison, Democrats have taken away the necessary and effective tools to keep our corrections officers and other inmates safe.

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When you read this it’s hard to believe it’s true, but it is.

These devastating and destructive policies make you, your family and your community less secure, less prosperous and less free.

The key to turning the tide is to end one-party rule and ensure that this election ends in divided party governance. With a divided government, when someone comes up with a crazy idea like “Let’s define the police”, there will be sane adults in power who can say “That’s stupid” and stop them.

If we want our country and our state to move in a better direction, we need to elect conservative Republicans to three critical positions.

First, we need to elect Lee Zeldin as governor. Despite the exceptional candidates we have endorsed and the gains we are likely to make, it is unlikely that the Senate or State Assembly will reverse control in this election alone. To put a stop to this woke madness, you need a Republican governor in 2023.

It is also essential that Claudia Tenney and Brandon Williams win their respective congressional races. Claudia Tenney is a proven conservative Republican leader and will be a major upgrade for Cayuga County. Brandon Williams is a former nuclear submarine strategic missile officer, has an MBA from Wharton Business School, is an entrepreneur and a true curator. Together, Tenney and Williams will be key voices to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

If you’ve had enough, and we know you’ve had enough, vote Conservative.

David Pappert is chairman of the Cayuga County Conservative Party.