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UAE Neighborhood app, Hayi raises a fundraising round to expand beyond Dubai


The UAE neighborhood app, Hayi, successfully raised $ 325,000 in its last round of funding. The community-based startup plans to use its recent investment to accelerate its growth in the United Arab Emirates before seeking to make strategic entries into various new markets with the goal of becoming the largest hyperlocal social network in the MENA region, according to a statement from the society. .

The fundraiser will really help Hayi to further develop the product for all end users and create an exclusive space for them to connect, without irrelevant noise from outside their community.

Hayi is a hyperlocal social network that is digitizing neighborhoods in the UAE by connecting all neighbors, local businesses and community managers to create stronger, more connected communities. Currently, the app is currently only available for neighborhoods in Dubai and has around 8,000 verified neighbors in 20 neighborhoods in the emirate.

Neighbors living in the listed neighborhoods are required to verify their address to access the digital community, where they can then interact with other nearby neighbors, benefit from exclusive offers from local businesses, and receive community reviews from the community. part of their community management.

Hayi is committed to creating a safe and exclusive platform that can help bring communities together both online and offline. As part of its freemium model, Hayi is looking to partner with all community management and property development companies in the region and has seen a sharp increase in interest from these companies to use the free app to get better. connect with their residents and create a more connected and a community.

Chris Darnell, CEO of Hayi, said: “Residents are looking more than ever to connect with each other. A stronger, more connected neighborhood can introduce a host of benefits into an individual’s daily life, as well as tackle a range of issues that have swelled over the past two years with the pandemic. “

On behalf of in5, Majed Alsuwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, said: “We are delighted that Hayi has reached a new milestone. The startup’s focus on local and hyperlocal communities is timely, with the past 18 months highlighting the importance of bringing communities together both online and offline. Hayi joins a growing list of start-ups that thrive after moving through the in5 ecosystem, designed to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into commercially viable businesses. Success stories like Hayi’s also reinforce Dubai’s reputation as a premier destination for talent and entrepreneurs ”.