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Throwback to July 2


100 years ago: 1922

If you’re a boy living in Lewiston-Auburn, between the ages of 10 and 13, and can’t swim, here’s your chance. On Wednesday and Friday mornings, swimming lessons will be organized for any boy interested enough to register before Wednesday. There are no conditions to this offer. This means any boy within the specified ages and he does not need any connection with the YMCA or any other body with no admission charge of any kind. Instruction will be given by the physical director and parents are assured that full supervision of the boys will continue throughout instruction.

50 years ago: 1972

The new K-Mart mall is nearing completion on its Center Street site. The exterior works are almost complete and the car park is fully covered. The complex includes an 84,000 square foot K-Mart, adjoining a 20,922 square foot food market. There will be space to park over 600 cars on the 31-acre site.

25 years ago: 1997

About 150 young people in this small community in the Mount Vernon area are growing food for the needy as part of a residents’ initiative to provide innovative work options for young people. Half a dozen people recently worked on setting up a garden at Woods End Farm on Old Rome Road to produce vegetables for the First Baptist Church food bank. The sun was hot and black flies were swarming, but the teenagers looked happy, talking as they tilled the ground. It is a learning experience. “Otherwise I would just be watching TV right now and it pays off well. It at least pays the bills,” said John Willard, 15. Kryne Thibeau, 15, also said he loves the work. The garden is one of many community-related projects, sponsored by Alive and Well, a group of about 10 residents led by Terri Bourke.Resident Pat Jones said they came together because the town was struggling with youth crime and that they wanted to take a positive approach to working with young people. Everyone brainstormed with ideas, Jones said of the process that led to Alive and Well. Initiatives include starting a thriving new group of outdoor explorers, a radio station and a community center project.A cafe is planned soon.

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