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Published on July 16, 2022 at 09:08

Two million: the number of illegals who invaded our country in 2021 under Biden. That’s 2 million people getting free social assistance for life, food stamps, medical care, housing, education, transportation, legal representation, and paid smartphones. by the American taxpayer. Another 200,000 flood our southern border every month. Diseases once eradicated in the United States are now experiencing a resurgence. Is there a correlation?

Why are Democrats welcoming illegal pregnant women and infants across the border with open arms in record numbers, while advocating for the killing of American babies? Why are 160,000 illegal unaccompanied minors entering our country in 2022 at taxpayer expense?

Remember show and tell in school? Not anymore. Schools now have Drag Queen Story Hour. And your 12-year-old daughter, she gets her breasts cut off without your consent because she’s transgender. And mothers, didn’t you get the memo? You give birth to people.

We are paying record prices at the pump and for fuel oil, natural gas and coal because Biden refuses to drill, period. Not because of COVID, Putin, oil companies or gas station owners. Guess where our strategic oil reserves go? China.

Our farmers are going bankrupt because they cannot afford fertilizer. A catastrophic food shortage is widely mentioned. China is buying our lands. Inflation and crime are skyrocketing. Is Biden turning us into a Third World hellscape?

We better wake up. There is no upcoming course correction. Biden is only doubling down on the destruction of our amazing country and telling more and more lies that fake news dutifully reports. All of this is deliberate and planned. Fortunately, we can adopt our own course correction in the fall.

One last thing. Before you go to bed tonight, give your beloved pets a hug and tell them you love them. I’m not sure that without a change of administration, Biden won’t turn us into Venezuela. Once the good people of Venezuela ran out of zoo animals to eat, they decided to eat their own pets. Pray we don’t go down that road.

Wanda Dietz

Franklin Township