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The iScanner app puts a powerful AI-based scanner in your pocket



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Although we’ve come to take the power of our phones for granted, it’s still pretty mind-blowing when you think about what they can accomplish. You can book vacations at great prices, match paint colors perfectly, and train for new careers. With the iScanner app, you can even turn your iPhone into a competent remote desktop.

iScanner’s AI lets you use your iPhone for everyday business, personal, or educational tasks. For example, you can scan and compile pages into a single document and sign, edit and fax them. This could be useful for small business professionals like accountants, real estate agents, and lawyers, as well as students and teachers.

Scan your documents and photos in different formats, such as PDF, TXT or JPG. iScanner also lets your phone’s camera read QR codes and uses OCR to recognize text in scanned objects. You can even blur sensitive elements in documents if needed.

More than just a copier, iScanner’s document editor offers color correction and noise removal functions. The file manager is also highly secure – you can lock confidential data using a PIN code. And document sharing is a breeze. You can upload scanned documents directly to your cloud storage accounts, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Even better, iScanner isn’t just for document scanning and processing. Direct it to a math problem for an instant solution or measure the length of an object to determine the total area of ​​a room. It’s no wonder users love it.

With over 70 million downloads, iScanner is the number one scanner app on the App Store, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. AI-based objects, including 9to5Mac, Mac Sources, Gizmodo, and more. News18 explains why: “The feature comes with a wide use case as it will prove useful both in day-to-day tasks, as well as in a business setting like inventory, merchandising, etc.”

Solve personal and professional tasks with your iPhone using a iScanner app: lifetime subscriptionon sale for just $39.99.