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Tesla app sends push notifications for 12V battery replacements


The Tesla ownership experience is one that can gradually improve. Buyers of newer vehicles like the Plaid Model S or Giga Shanghai Model Y, for example, probably don’t have to worry much about their vehicles’ 12V battery, since their cars come with a lithium- ion which could last as long as the life of the car.

This is not the case with older Teslas, which are still equipped with conventional 12 V lead-acid batteries similar to those used by internal combustion cars. But while conventional 12V batteries last 3-4 years under normal use in a fossil fuel vehicle, Tesla owners could use a 12V battery in as little as 1-2 years.

Tesla has rolled out some features that make 12V battery management easier, from software optimizations that could extend the life of the batteries themselves to in-vehicle alerts that notify drivers to have their 12V batteries checked and replaced. And for the past few months, Tesla seems to have quietly rolled out push notifications on the Tesla app when the 12V battery needs to be replaced.

A screenshot of such a push notification was shared by the owner of Tesla @BLKMDL3and it was fast liked by Elon Musk on Twitter. Comments on the Tesla owner’s post showed similar experiences from other EV owners, as well as requests for other push notifications that should be sent through the mobile app, such as tire pressure levels and tire rotation reminders.

Tesla’s mobile app is arguably one of the most robust and feature-rich among automakers today, providing access to several vehicle features. The Tesla app is even used for some FSD functions like Basic and Smart Summon, which essentially turns a vehicle into a massive battery-powered remote control car. More recently, Tesla has made its app useful even to non-Tesla owners, at least in places where the open Supercharger program is active.

Tesla is known for continually improving its vehicles, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company also rolled out tire pressure and tire rotation push notifications. These, while minor in the grand scheme of things, make the Tesla ownership experience extremely convenient. And that, ultimately, is one of the company’s biggest draws.

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Tesla app sends push notifications for 12V battery replacements