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Stocks are down – now what?


NEW YORK – May 23, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

If you’ve listened to the news or checked your portfolio, you know the stock market is having a tough year. But while investors may not be able to control the external factors that drive stock prices down, they can control their own investment strategies and how they decide to react to the situation. From researching alternative assets through a platform like Yieldstreet to investing in crypto when prices look attractive, investors have several options for reacting to a volatile market.

Here are some approaches to consider:

Do not panic – When stocks continue to fall, many investors struggle to control their emotional reactions to volatility. Frustration can gradually evolve into fear, which in turn can lead to outright panic. But while it’s only natural to be uncomfortable with your portfolio losing value, sometimes the best approach is to simply hold on and wait patiently for the market to recover. After all, the stock market is famous for its dramatic swings and selloffs during times of economic uncertainty, but it’s also famous for its ability to bounce back. If you have a long-term mindset and haven’t invested more than you’re willing to lose, it might be best to sit down and stick with your original plan.

Buy the dip – The phrase “buying the dip” becomes incredibly popular during periods of high volatility, and for good reason: when stocks are moving rapidly lower, many investors see it as an opportunity to buy assets at what they perceive to be reduced prices. While this strategy carries a certain degree of increased risk, it is also true that investors tend to overreact and give in to selling pressure when the market is falling, often leading to an upward correction. short term. If there is a company that you believe is undervalued or has considerable long-term growth potential, it may be a good idea to add to your position while the price is still relatively “cheap”.

Explore alternative investments – Investors need not limit themselves to the stock market and, in fact, one of the smartest decisions an investor can make is to diversify their portfolio by investing in alternative assets. Asset classes such as real estate, art, and even cryptocurrencies can behave differently from the stock market in times of high volatility, and online platforms like Yieldstreet have made it easier than ever to access investments. alternatives. Investors looking to add several alternative asset classes to their portfolio can start with Yieldstreet’s Prism Fund for as little as $500, or those looking for an introduction to cryptocurrency can add index-like exposure to leading digital assets by investing in the recently launched Enhanced Crypto. Funds. Whichever path you choose, alternative investments can be a great addition to your portfolio when the stock market continues to decline.

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Stocks are down – now what?