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Sports chiropractor in Beverly Hills gets five-star review


Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center, a pain-free, holistic clinic based in Beverly Hills, CA, is proud to announce that it has received another five-star review from a satisfied customer. Erik B. gave them a five-star rating and said, “Courteous, communicative, professional, informative, caring… The list goes on. A great experience for all your wellness needs.”

They offer a range of services, from chiropractic care to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), designed to meet the health and wellness needs of patients. Dr. Stephen Jochen, DC and his team of well-trained professionals promote a pain-free, holistic lifestyle that can provide the very best in wellness care. There are a number of factors that differentiate Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center from similar providers. These include: the fact that they have a reputation of being a trusted supplier for over 30 years; luxurious and convenient location in Beverly Hills; their offering of acupuncture, massage and skin care; and day, evening and Saturday morning.

One of their key services is athletic therapy. That’s why, when looking for a sports chiropractor near me, Beverly Hills residents can go to the Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Whether someone is suffering from a sports injury or wants to achieve peak performance for the next sporting event, their team of highly trained professionals can help. They offer a range of athletic therapy services in Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

The sports therapy they offer will not only benefit those who play sports, but anyone who does physical activity, like training for a local marathon or working out at the gym. Their athletic therapy treatments can be used for a variety of injuries and conditions, such as: neck pain, shin splints, lower back pain, tennis elbow, tendinitis and bursitis, sprains and strains, and shoulder impingement. They will examine each patient and determine which therapies would work best for a particular individual, such as: acupuncture, cold laser therapy, chiropractic manipulation and massage, strengthening exercises, and cupping therapy.

As part of sports therapy, patients may also be advised to consult with nutrition specialists at the center to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition needed to be able to perform at their best and recover the fastest. possible.

Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers chiropractic care in Beverly Hills using a three-step method to healing. The first step is the provision of painless treatment alternatives to help the patient achieve pain relief or manage pain effectively if the patient has been diagnosed with a chronic disease. They combine treatments, such as: chiropractic adjustments for optimal spinal alignment; soft tissue massage therapy; and physical therapy. The second stage is correction and therapy. They teach patients a series of exercises, including spinal motion correction. These unique exercises will help strengthen the body; provide improved stabilization; and muscle stretching for better flexibility and less pain.

Launched in 1994, Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center specializes in helping patients achieve their wellness goals by combining different skills and expertise, from chiropractic care to TCM. Dr. Jochen, who applies the whole person approach to chiropractic care, leads a team of medical professionals at the wellness center and they guide patients on a holistic path to a pain-free lifestyle. It is a way of life that is not dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and invasive procedures. With nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Jochen and his team provide treatments for a wide range of conditions ranging from lower back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, using various types of services including chiropractic care, acupuncture and cupping therapy.

When in need of a holistic chiropractor, Beverly Hills residents can visit the Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center website or contact them by phone or email. They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.


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