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Son of Doge V2 launches on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Cape Coral, Florida, January 8, 2022, ZEXPR WIRE, Son of Doge V2 (SODV2) is a brand new cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. Which was relaunched 4 days ago and has one of the strongest Chinese communities in space for a project still in its infancy.

SON OF DOGE V2 is first and foremost a community project whose sole task is to protect the community, this is achieved by providing a safe environment for all. The team behind Son Of Doge v2 aims to innovate the BSC by building a project that provides a safe space for finding investors, and a fun, entertaining and above all rewarding experience for everyone involved.

The project has a solid and loyal base and is preparing to bring the market correction to its main objective. Son of Doge V2 doesn’t play, with their unique token ready to launch within the next 48 hours and hosted directly on their website. They are already listed on CMC, CoinGecko and Feixhaou, and are an official partner of Btok, with a huge Btok publicity slated for 2022. On top of all that, they have also booked their Certik Audit, which will be underway this week.

What happened in V1, and why is there a relaunch?

V1 was a huge success, in 48 hours hitting a 100x to reach a market cap of 29m, however, the founder, designer, publicist, Feixiaohao and social media manager all left the project which created fear within from the community. The remaining team regrouped and locked their tokens to maintain confidence while doing their best to keep investors safe. Once the new developer checked, they realized that the original contract was filled with issues that needed to be addressed. So the team decided that a relaunch with a contract created with thoughtful vision was needed, ensuring easy CEX enrollment as well as many other key features.

What’s in the works for Son of Doge V2?

The Son of Doge V2 strives to leave a much stronger mark in the world than its father, with utility at the forefront of its vision. Staking will be live a few days after this press release, and it will be a way for all early adopters to earn staking rewards while protecting the chart and ensuring a strong floor is maintained. With an NFT collection already underway and NFT staking in the near future, The Son of Doge team will provide one of the strongest ecosystems the BSC has ever seen, and huge pieces are already in the works. development.

NFT Market Exchange

SOD plans to have a very rare and exclusive NFT drop that will feature three different levels, these NFTs will be unique and allow token holders to buy, sell or use them in the decentralized Son of Doge marketplace, the L ‘ team plans to launch an Android app as well as an IOS app for a better and convenient user experience for their investors and users.


Son of doge v2 charges a nominal transaction tax of 8% on every buy and sell, which further fuels the commercialization and development of the project as apart from the 2% of the 8% total it is used to fuel the rewards. reflection while the remainder of the 6 percent is used to further the development and commercialization of the project.

Staking explained

SOD has developed a unique structure to couple think rewards with staking, and holders receive rewards simply by holding the token in their wallet which can be further staked to take advantage of the high annual percentage returns.

Are there any risks involved?

As with any new project in its early stages, there are always risks involved. The crypto space is unpredictable and can fluctuate. However, the reason the team prioritized staking is a way to protect investors. Staking will ensure that a significant percentage of the available supply is acquired and therefore limit the volatility of the chart. This is the reason why Staking was the first utility on their roadmap, as the Son of Doge aims to create a safe place for investors and will showcase whatever they can to make that happen. Anyone can buy Son of Doge V2 on Pancakeswap and Poocoin, but be sure to visit their website at www.sonofdogev2.com to know more.


Website: https://sonofdogev2.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/SonOfDogeV2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SonOfDogeV2

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SOD Media Team
E-mail – [email protected]

SOD Development Email [email protected]

PR contact

Dave ruiz
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