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Scan anything and everything with this top notch scanner app


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It is sometimes hard to believe that the offices of a few years ago were radically different from what they are today. In the past, workplaces had various equipment which is now obsolete and replaced by computers. Think fax machines, typewriters, rotary phones, Rolodexes and dot-matrix printers. Even paper shredders and scanners are rarely seen since most offices operate on a paperless policy.

But in case you need to handle physical documents, it would be better to have digital copies so you no longer have to juggle piles of paper and work on your computer. In this case, a scanner will come in handy and luckily there is an app for that. The #1 scanning app on the App Store, iScanner helps you scan virtually any document in a snap. A lifetime subscription is on sale for 79% off.

iScanner uses AI to make high quality scans of all kinds of files, from work documents to educational materials to to-do lists and more. In addition to scanning, it also has tools to help you edit, annotate, and share them with your colleagues. You can electronically sign or add stamps to documents, store your scans as multi-page PDF or JPG files and use them to recognize text from any scannable object with OCR. It is also capable of editing scans using color correction and noise removal features.

Need help with math? iScanner has functions in place that can count similar objects and solve math problems and equations. Point your camera at any math expression, whether handwritten or typed, and you’ll get a solution in an instant. You can also measure the length of an object and calculate the total area of ​​the room in the same way.

“This product is flexible enough to do everything I need with no problem!” It’s nice that they’ve added other features not commonly found in a document scanner: like item counter, area estimator and document signer,” says the buyer. verified Martin N.

Lifetime subscription to iScanner normally costs $199, but for a limited time you can get it on sale for just $39.99.

iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99

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