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Parent picks up correction pen for letter full of mistakes from teachers’ union


A letter from the teachers’ union calling for a delayed resumption of classes and greater protection against Covid has gone viral – for all the wrong reasons.

The letter from the Arlington Education Association in Virginia was riddled with grammatical and linguistic errors. When it was only five paragraphs long, a relative in Virginia took to Twitter in fury.

They noted and highlighted at least 20 incidents, which another user suggested “they should have marked it with a red pen” to get any effect.

“Hey @ VEA4Kids, are you going to send out more of those grammar sheets during the break?” The tweet read. “My kids and I had a great time spotting the mistakes! Have we found them all?

The letter opened with: “On behalf of the members of the Arlington Education Association, that sinister phrase lends great concern to plans to return Arlington Public Schools by January 3, 2022.”

In another sentence, the letter used “are” when it should have said “our”.

“The fire departments of the region also illustrate the epidemics of dominoes (sic)”, we can read.

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Fueled by the national teacher shortage, another Twitter user slammed criticism from parents saying, “There is currently a severe shortage of substitute teachers. Maybe instead of criticizing others, you should step up and get the job done.

While others have expressed zero tolerance for nonsense.

“Part of that could have been fixed by clicking on the wavy blue line in Word,” one said. “I am embarrassed for them. “

Another pointed to the random reference to airlines.

“I love the way they refer to airlines canceling flights due to understaffing… which has nothing to do with kids and schools,” they said.

“It’s beautiful,” said another Twitter user. “Yet people insist these are the best schools in the country. Madness.”

Another added: “These are educational professionals who are corrected in abundance by a parent. My editorial soul feels a warm joy.


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