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BeReal is Gen Z’s new favorite social media app, for food and more



On BeReal you will find things that Instagram and TikTok will not show. Empty crayfish shells held by stained fingernails. Hastily prepared midnight snacks blurred by a shaky camera. Snapshots of it awkward period after ordering in a restaurant, minus the food.

BeReal, which is called “Gen Z’s new favorite social media app” launched in January 2020 in response to polished and hyper-curated feeds on Instagram and TikTok. In the past year alone, BeReal has amassed over 7.5 million users, representing 75% of total app downloads.

Students – some living on campus for the first time since the pandemic – are particularly eager at document their life experiences on BeReal. At the beginning of February, the application hosted parties on several US college campuses through its ambassador program and offered free admission to students who downloaded the app and added five friends. Student-directed marketing campaigns have helped BeReal climb the top App Store rankings and gain exposure to the public.

The app is simple to use. Once a day at a random time, BeReal sends you a push notification to post a photo. The BeReal photo – both a selfie and a head-on photo with no filters or editing options – must be taken within two minutes or the post is labeled as “late”. To scroll on the BeReal feed, you must post once and only once a day. Surprisingly, retakes are allowed. When you first join the app, you can only follow accounts linked to your phone contacts and react to BeReals with a RealMoji, an emoji image of your face at that time. You can also browse the Discovery Feed, a collection of random BeReals from around the world that anyone can post to.

Eitan Bernath, a 20-year-old TikTok food influencer and cookbook author, practically lives on social media. With 2.2 million followers on TikTok, he spends 15 hours a day on his phone filming short food clips and promoting his food content on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Between the bustle of his organized work on social networks and regular contributions On “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Bernath finds a few hours a day to unwind, which includes catching up with close friends and posting on BeReal. Right now, BeReal is one of his favorite apps.

“I love social platforms in general. For me, I’m like, ‘Oh cool, let me try this.’ “If it looks like people are using it as a platform for creators, I’ll follow that lead.” For now, he adds, BeReal “is just kind of a fun thing” .

BeReal markets itself as an “authentic, spontaneous and candid” social media platform. And the app is not afraid to challenge its competitors, and to reject performative culture, on the iTunes App Store: “BeReal will not make you famous, if you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram. But in the world of online food, where influencers dedicate their day to meticulously curated spreads, can the so-called authentic philosophy behind BeReal really reflect their daily lives?

Bernath seems to think so. Every time it spots the BeReal notification, it captures a photo in the moment to make it look more “natural”. Through his BeReal, we zigzag through his busy life as a food influencer. His posts include a vulnerable moment with his dog Ernie and a photo of a New York rooftop barbecue. One BeReal features Bernath’s smiling face alongside partially prepared pistachio batter, crumbs and all. Would it be a babka, a rugelach or a date-coated pistachio pizza? Without further context from Bernath or the photo, BeReal keeps us guessing.

“Like everything in life, you can curate the look,” he says, acknowledging that some BeReal users intentionally post late. When he posts on it, “I literally am what I do. If they released the 360 ​​version where you have like a 360 camera, that would be the most real, the BeReal plus.

Jeremy Scheck, a 22-year-old TikTok influencer who specializes in Italian cuisine and recently graduated from Cornell University, uses BeReal sporadically. When the app first took U.S. college campuses by storm in February, he used to post daily, sometimes in the middle of his TikTok shoots. Today, he opens the application when he wants, where he wants. Sometimes it completely ignores the notification.

“Sometimes I get the notification and sit on a couch watching TV. I say to myself, this is not a good photo,” he said. “I don’t do it for vanity reasons. They’re just my friends, so I won’t divulge a recipe.

Judging from BeReal’s college parties and the sea of ​​young faces on its Discovery page, most BeReal users fall into the Gen Z crowd and follow a circle of close friends. Still, that hasn’t stopped some food brands from migrating to the platform. In May, a Chipotle employee broke a BeReal with a fork and a reusable promo code for a free entry offered to the first 100 users. Within 30 minutes, all promotional codes had been claimed. After the success of its first BeReal campaign, Chipotle has more than 2,000 “friends” – the term for BeReal subscribers – and appears to be carving out a BeReal social media strategy.

With a consumer base of mostly Gen Z and Millennials, it’s no surprise that Chipotle turned to one of the hottest new platforms for lightweight ways to engage users. According to Chipotle’s director of social media and influencers, Candice Beck, the company plans to use BeReal to feature employees and internal experiences not registered on their other social media accounts.

Even with all these attempts to lift the performative curtain, some BeReal users have picked up habits from Instagram and TikTok. Bernath says he captures his BeReals with an outstretched arm, like a selfie. Allyssa Boes, a 21-year-old student at the University of Michigan, said when the BeReal notification came during a meal, she would move the bowls together to complete the food intake. At the end of the day, BeReal can help capture candid moments, but the user can also determine how authentic they want to be on camera.

Other social media platforms have dabbled in promoting authentic expression online, but none have achieved the cult following of BeReal. Casey Neistat spear Beme in 2014 to build the “Snapchat before Snapchat”. Once purchased by CNN, the app never took off. Popular apps like 1 Second Everyday, Snapchat, and LiveIn offer similar functionality, but not the full BeReal package.

BeReal is committed to centering authentic and spontaneous experiences, but the company recently raised a $30 million Series A funding round from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. When asked to provide more information about their fundraising and app development, BeReal’s PR team declined to comment. With that extra money and investor scrutiny, the app might be forced to monetize soon and change some of its favorite features.

Then there are the app skeptics. Bettina Makalintal, a 29-year-old writer at Eater whom the San Francisco Chronicle called “Food Media’s Biggest Luck Influencer,” manages the popular Instagram account @crispyegg420 dedicated to the daily shots of his colorful bowls. Makalintal is resisting the urge to download BeReal because she doesn’t know if the app will have any longer-term potential. None of his friends have installed the app either, a crucial step to enjoying BeReal.

Even without BeReal, she channels those anti-aesthetic, spontaneous vibes into her vibrant, bowl-filled Instagram account. She organizes her bowl items, often setting them by the window in the warm sunlight, but does not follow a recipe calendar or add recipes to the caption. Nor does she set her bowl on white marble or haphazardly throw a linen napkin next to the dish. Every once in a while his blue crocs or his pantry slip into the frame and expose a part of his home life that usually remains unseen. Which makes you wonder: is @crispyegg420 Makalintal’s real me?

“I know I only show a tiny part of myself on social media, so I think they’re real and if you put them all together you get a better understanding of me,” she says. “But I don’t think anything is 100% genuine.”

Google Fights App Users Class Certificate. Offer in the antitrust line

By Caleb Symons (June 27, 2022, 6:18 p.m. EDT) — A month after announcing a settlement to resolve app developers’ antitrust claims, Google wants to escape allegations that its policies inflate the cost of apps on its Play Store, accusing a group of consumers seeking class certification for “misinterpreting evidence and disregarding competitive realities.”

The consumer lawsuit, part of a sweeping antitrust lawsuit also brought by state attorneys general and the creator of the popular video game Fortnite, offers no hard data showing that customers paid higher prices because service charges on app developers, according to Google. .

Instead, the tech giant told a California federal court that…

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Letter: God and the slapper | Letters to the Editor


god and the slap

Have you ever thought of reaching out and slapping God in the face? Here is a conversation between God and the slapper:

God: “I created the world.

Slapper: “No, you didn’t. Science proves an explosion did.

God: I created two sexes: male and female. »

Slapper: “No, there are several genres, and I can choose whichever I want to be.”

God: I created marriage — husband and wife, without divorce.

Slapper: “No, different sexes can marry and divorce at will.”

God: I created the family—husband, wife, children.

Slapper: “No, family means any combination of genders and children.”

God: “Life begins in the womb.”

Slapper: “No, life begins shortly after birth.”

God: “Don’t kill.”

Slapper: “Good, except there’s nothing wrong with murdering babies before they’re born.”

God: “I created and love all races.”

Slapper: “No, only my race matters. »

God: “My Word is the absolute truth.

Slapper: “No, nothing like that. Truth is relative and everyone can have their own truth.

God: “Heaven and hell are real.”

Slapper: “Correction, there is no hell, and there is either annihilation or heaven for everyone.”

God I love you.”

Slapper: “No, if you loved me, you wouldn’t allow ___.”

It’s not about politics. It is the rejection of God’s eternal biblical truths.

—Johnny Norwood, Longview

Throwback to June 25


100 years ago: 1922

A West Sumner correspondent said, “Crops in this section haven’t suffered much from the rain, but the roads are becoming almost impassable. The water is above the roads in many low places.

50 years ago: 1972

A girl from Auburn was elected governor of Girls State last week, held at Husson College in Bangor under the sponsorship of the American Legion. This is Juliann Knowles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neville J. Knowles of 383 Court St. Auburn, a student at Edward Little High School. Another ELHS student, Barbara Gould, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gould Jr. of 118 Grandview Avenue, Auburn, was elected Secretary of State. Two other Auburn girls, Linda Kennedy and Janet White, also attended Girls State. Miss Knowles will be one of three Maine girls participating in Girls National in Washington, DC. At ELHS, she served as her class secretary-treasurer for two years, a member of the Student Senate, and a school reporter. She was active in the American Field Service program.

25 years ago: 1997

Master storyteller John McDonald will deliver an evening of traditional Maine humor at 7 p.m. Thursday in Room 104 of the Olin Arts Center at Bates College. Children are especially welcome and the public is invited free of charge. McDonald performs nationwide and is the founder of the Maine Storytellers Festival held annually in Rockport. His Bates appearance is part of the 1997 Speech and Debate Institute. Students from eight states study at Bates this summer

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared, although spelling mistakes and errors may be corrected.

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Gold/Silver/Copper: Investors Here’s Your Trading Strategy for the Rest of 2022


It was a tough week for commodities, especially agricultural markets and industrial metals. Ags faced a correction as hot and dry weather patterns move towards more normalized temperatures in the coming weeks. Looking at the one week relative performance of several of the most traded agricultural commodities, oats -18%, canola -16%, cotton -14%, corn -13% and soybeans -11%. Why are we talking about ags on a mainly precious metals website? Because the two main concerns of the Fed, politicians and the public are food and energy costs. Politicians know that they must at all costs reduce inflation before the November elections. Once inflation is down, the current administration will declare victory and the Fed will halt the rate hike. It was then that the administration acknowledged the recession and announced an infrastructure bill. The objective will be to stimulate the economy while the Fed turns to moderation and considers a rate cut following the excessive tightening.

Daily Nasdaq Chart

Over the next few weeks, I expect US equities to continue to ride on fears of recession, falling earnings and equity fund redemptions. This week we saw the first major outflow of funds, as investors sold their equity exposure by around $17 billion. Stock buybacks, recession fears and higher borrowing costs have prompted companies to scale back workforce expansion (a second round of Netflix layoffs). Something I watch that is one of the best indicators of the health of the global economy is copper, and this week we saw prices fall 6.5% on the heels of deteriorating PMI data . The June Services PMI and June Manufacturing PMI data hit 2-year lows, sending copper down 16% year-to-date and below $4/lb, giving us allows us to position ourselves for the long term.

Copper daily chart

Our medium-term strategy

You will want to continue to reduce overweight long positions in equities while taking short positions in indices such as the Nasdaq and Russell. This is where technology and small cap companies remain and are most affected by higher borrowing costs. At the same time, the year-over-year comps will show significant deteriorations in the next round of results. You will want to use interest rate spikes to create long positions in gold and US Treasuries (when the Fed stops/pivots). As interest rate expectations begin to decline, credit should hit bottom first. For example, the market expects another 7 rate hikes of 25 basis points from the Fed, followed by 15 in the Eurozone and 7 in the UK. I don’t think 3/4 of the expected rate hikes are happening because of economic damage and slowing input costs. To help you identify different technical analysis formations such as market highs and lows, I’ve gone through 20 years of my trading strategies to create a new “5-Step Guide to Technical Analysis for Gold But which can easily be applied to money”. The guide will provide you with all the technical analysis steps to create an action plan used as a basis for entering and exiting the market. You can request yours here: 5-Step Technical Analysis Guide to Gold.

Our long-term strategy

We all know that the Fed will not be able to completely crush all aspects of inflation; however, once they have met their new expectations, they will declare a victory lap. At this point, you’ll want to pick the bottom in crypto, stocks, and base/industrial metals such as copper, platinum, and silver. (if you currently hold them, this will be your best opportunity to lower the average). I believe that if the administration thinks it has a chance of staying in power, it will do whatever it can to revive the economy. The most likely scenario is an infrastructure bill, a power grid upgrade, and a green energy initiative. Also, I think the drop in demand for consumer electronics will cause chipmakers to focus on supplying automakers. This will help boost auto production and bring it back to pre-pandemic levels, allowing copper and platinum to rally. “real assets”, such as the 10 oz gold futures contract. You can request yours here: Trade Metals, Transition your Experience Book.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of Kitco Metals Inc. The author has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided; however, neither Kitco Metals Inc. nor the author can guarantee such accuracy. This article is strictly for informational purposes only. This is not a solicitation to trade commodities, securities or other financial instruments. Kitco Metals Inc. and the author of this article accept no responsibility for loss and/or damage resulting from the use of this publication.

Bitcoin Trading Range Below $21,500, Ethereum Consolidating Gains, XRP Rallies

  • The bitcoin price might cross above the $21,000 level.
  • Ethereum bulls could target $1,250; XRP is gaining ground above $0.35.
  • AVAX and MATIC show signs of more benefits.

Bitcoin price held steady and settled above the $20,500 support. BTC is currently (11:38 UTC) trying to move clearly above the $21,200 resistance zone. A clear move could set the tone for a move towards $22,500.

Likewise, most major altcoins are slowly rising. ETH is consolidating gains near the $1,150 level. XRP jumped 14.4% and broke above the $0.374 level. ADA is still struggling to clear the $0.5 resistance.

Total market capitalization

Source: tradingview.com

bitcoin price

After crossing above the $20,500 level, bitcoin price climbed above the $21,000 level. It even broke above the USD 21,200 level. However, the price remained below $21,500 and started trading within a range. The next major resistance is now near USD 22,000. A close above the $22,000 level could set the tone for a test of the $22,500 resistance.

On the downside, immediate support is near the $20,500 level. The next major support is near the $20,000 area, below which the price may face increased selling pressure.

Ether price

Ethereum price remained in a positive zone above the $1,050 level. ETH was able to cross the resistance levels of $1,120 and $1,150. It is now consolidating its gains and might rally towards the USD 1,200 level. The next major resistance is near $1,250, above which the price could pick up some bullish momentum.

On the downside, a first support is located at 1,120 USD. The next major support is near $1,050, below which the price could fall sharply.

ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE and XRP prices

Cardano (ADA) attempted to break above the resistance of $0.50. However, he faced some sellers and started trading within a range. If there is a downward correction, the price might test $0.465.

BNB settled above the $230 resistance level. The next major resistance is near the $242 level. A wave of clear movement at the $242 level could see BNB eyeing a move towards the $250 level.

Solana (SOL) attempted a move above the $40 resistance zone, which currently sits at $40.11. The main support on the downside is near USD 35.

DOGE settled above the $0.0650 resistance zone. The next major resistance is near the $0.068 level, above which the price might rise towards the $0.070 level.

XRP price started a strong rise above the $0.35 resistance. The price is up over 14% and it looks like the bulls are aiming for a test of the $0.40 resistance.

Market of other altcoins today

A few altcoins rose more than 5%, including AVAX, MATIC, XLM, NEAR, ALGO, ATOM, XMR, AXS, MKR, and BTT. Of these, MATIC corrected gains and traded below the $0.60 level.

In summary, bitcoin price might attempt to break above the $21,500 level. If BTC fails, there is a risk of a sharp move towards the USD 20,000 level.


Find the best price to buy/sell cryptocurrencies:

VOTING LETTER: Astorino will strive to make NY great | Elections


Astorino will strive to make NY great

I supported Rob Astorino and had the pleasure of speaking with him, reinforcing my support in his campaign for the governorship of our great state.

Reform and reinvention of the police must be accompanied by “reform and reinvention of community services”. The community criticizes those who protect them. Services in the community are lacking and need to be looked at where they are.

Bail reform puts our community at risk. Misdemeanors and some Class E felonies receive court appearance tickets and approximately 75% of arrests in a month are released at central arraignment, our community and the offender suffers.

“Less is more.” Parole offenders can now be released from supervision earlier because they “have behaved well”. On February 28, the judiciary was told that they must now allow access to parole hearings to be held in their courtrooms. The parole hearings were conducted in the safety of a secure environment, such as a prison.

The “HALT Act” went into effect on March 31, reducing safety in corrections and becoming a financial liability for taxpayers. All offenses while incarcerated do not allow more than 15 days to be locked in a cell and the word “inmate” is not acceptable.

Rob Astorino is versed in each of these areas. He will strive to make our communities as safe as possible and not compromise us in the processes, to truly make New York the Empire State again.

Back. Corrections officer/prison administrator

An Elsevier newspaper said it would withdraw 10 articles two years ago. This is still not the case. – Retraction watch

Andre Gray

An Elsevier journal sat for two years on its decision to withdraw 10 papers from researchers with known misconduct issues, according to emails seen by Retraction Watch.

The Journal of Neurological Sciences had decided by June 2020 to withdraw the articles by Yoshihiro Sato and Jun Iwamoto, which currently occupy the fourth and sixth positions in our ranking of retractions, according to the emails. But the articles have still not been retracted, to the disappointment of one of the data sleuths who raised concerns about the work – and in the meantime have been quoted more than a dozen times, according to Web of Clarivate science.

As Andrew Gray of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, wrote to a Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) staff member who became involved in the case:

This delay is very clearly not in the interest of the integrity of the publication.

Gray and colleagues Alison Avenell and Mark Bolland reviewed Sato and Iwamoto’s work and notified reviews of the issues, leading to over 100 retractions, as readers may know.

The group contacted the Journal of Neurological Sciences in 2017 about two clinical trials by Sato and Iwamoto, and raised concerns about eight more papers over the next two years.

When the journal failed to act, Gray turned to COPE in 2020. In May, a COPE staff member wrote to a director of Elsevier’s publishing services “in the hope that we can facilitate a dialogue on these issues. According to a summary of Gray’s concerns that the staffer shared:

These concerns included unethical study conduct, implausible research productivity, implausible participant recruitment, implausible study conduct, implausible data, impossible data, duplicate results reporting, recycling of text, authorship and data errors.

Since May 2018, we have sent approximately 20 emails expressing concerns or requesting updates on these documents. The most recent of these was sent on April 2, 2020. The editorial staff of the review simply defers to Elsevier staff, who either do not respond (most of the time) or do so unnecessarily (occasionally) . The recipients of the emails included senior Elsevier research integrity staff. In June 2018, one of us (AG) discussed the situation with an Elsevier Research Integrity Officer, who assured us that the issue would be resolved. Several Elsevier journals have been among those to have withdrawn some of the more than 100 publications by Dr Sato and his colleagues so far, so the editor has extensive knowledge of the matter. For example, it was an employee of Elsevier who discovered that the ethics review claimed in several of these articles is false because the institutions in question did not have an ethics committee at the time the work was reported.

Meanwhile, readers of the articles have no idea there were any problems, 3½ years after the journal learned of the problems with the work of Dr Sato and his colleagues. This is a most unfortunate and unnecessary situation.

We call on COPE to investigate this situation and demand that its member journal fully address concerns about the integrity of these publications and take prompt action to protect readers from continued exposure to them. i.e. remove them.

Here are the 10 items:

In June 2020, Elsevier’s Director of Publishing Services responded by saying the articles would be retracted:

The society and the publisher share Dr. Grey’s concerns and have made the decision to withdraw these ten articles.

Best practice would normally require the journal to contact all (living) authors before their article is withdrawn. Unfortunately, this proved very difficult to do consistently in this case, given the age of the documents. On the other hand, it is essential that the literature be corrected, of course.

Because we have gone to great lengths to find and contact all authors, we plan to proceed with these retractions now unless COPE has serious concerns about this approach.

The documents have not yet been removed or marked with expressions of concern. Gray continued with the COPE staffer, who told him this month:

We have continued our contacts with the publisher and we understand that their follow-up is active. We’ve asked the publisher to provide you with an update on the status of the publications.

Elsevier’s director of publishing services did not respond to our request for comment.

We asked Gray how his experience with the Journal of Neurological Sciences compares with other journals with which it has been contacted. He told us:

We have already published on the responsiveness of journals in the Sato case. It is highly variable and inconsistent, both in timing and in results. The situation of the JNS is one of the worst examples.

One of the most disappointing aspects of the JNS case is that Elsevier’s integrity team has known about it for several years and no action has been taken. Unfortunately, the publishing staff was unwilling to respond to requests from the academics concerned and, it seems, from COPE.

Engaging COPE hasn’t been very helpful either, Gray told us:

It’s also slow and focuses on the process (following ambiguous guidelines) of assessing concerns, rather than how to assess the integrity of the post. We believe this does not serve the interests of magazine readers very well.

The result is as follows, in the words of Grey:

There are a large number of Sato Iwamoto Group articles that are not retracted, despite very clear integrity concerns.

Like the retraction watch? You can do a tax-deductible contribution to support our workFollow us on Twitterlike us on Facebookadd us to your RSS readeror subscribe to our daily summary. If you find a retraction that is not in our databaseyou can let us know here. For feedback or feedback, email us at [email protected].

Renting a car with Turo: carsharing app review



I should have known what to expect when looking for a rental car this summer. The rental car “apocalypse” has been going on for about a year and prices are rising in almost every aspect of travel. Yet when I started looking in May for a car for my family trip to Montana this month, I was stunned by the cost. A rental car was going to cost almost as much as our rental house.

For a trip to Las Vegas in May, I spent $51 per day (plus taxes and fees) to obtain a car from Alamo for three full days by canceling and booking multiple times through major automakers. The challenge of this trip was that we would have six adults and lots of driving to do, visiting Yellowstone National Park and other wilderness areas. We needed either a really big car – imagine a van going through the Rockies – or two cars. The SUVs or vans that might suit us all were around $400 a day – plus obscene gas prices.

The rental car “apocalypse” is not over. Here’s what you need to know before booking.

That’s when I decided to find out tutorial, the peer-to-peer car-sharing application. The friends had mixed experiences, ranging from mild to literally getting ripped off. With that in mind, I decided to give it a shot.

The first thing my family decided was to rent two vehicles, but I still wanted an SUV to store luggage and handle the terrain of Montana and Wyoming. Options ranged from Teslas to pickup trucks.

What is it like to rent an EV

I put Bozeman, Montana as my location, narrowed my search to “All Star” hosts, and started listing like I would on Airbnb. I wanted to make sure we had both a clean, comfortable vehicle and a host with a track record of positive reviews – I’ve heard complaints from car owners canceling just before a trip. I also made sure the ad was canceled free of charge so I could edit it if needed; most rentals I’ve seen had this. I opted for a 2018 Buick Encore for $99 a day from a host with a five-star rating and over 20 reviews. Compare that to almost $300 a day for sedans on rental car sites.

I created my account, where I had to add my driver’s license information. I reserved my vehicle and paid $636.78 for five days which included my daily rate, travel costs ($10.54 per day) and minimum protection plan ($17.82 per day). Then I waited for my host to accept my reservation, which only took a few hours.

There were other options to weigh when considering cost: some hosts charge for drop-offs, including at the airport for around $35-$50, and some had mileage limits. Our rental covered 1,000 miles and charged 50 cents per mile thereafter. I thought that was more than enough, but soon learned how much you drive in the Yellowstone area. The Jeep my brother rented through Tur0 had unlimited mileage but was about $10 more per night.

Tales of rental car apocalypses: how travelers pull through

For young drivers, there are other considerations. Some hosts don’t rent to people under 30 – we don’t mind – or don’t include additional safety checks for young drivers. You must be 18 or older to rent from a peer host and at least 21 to rent from companies that rent on the platform. If you’re under 25, you’ll pay a minimum “young driver” fee of at least $30 per day. It’s $50 if you’re between 18 and 20.

You can add items such as bear spray (required in Montana), camping gear, coolers, and child safety seats for a variety of costs. You can also prepay for refueling, which varies greatly by vehicle.

Your personal auto insurance often covers you when you rent a car. But because this was my first time using Turo and renting a car that was owned by a person rather than a company, I felt nervous about dismissing any insurance. Plus, Montana is wild, as we know from the recent Yellowstone floods. Weather, rocks and animals could all cause damage.

turo has three levels of plansFirst, Standard, and Minimum, which cost 100% to 18% of your trip plan and set your liability for damages from $0 to $3,000. I opted for the minimum protection, which costs less than $18 per day.

As our host advertised free airport delivery, I was surprised to learn that Turo might charge their own for this service. In Bozeman, Turo makes tenants pay 10% of their transaction have the cars dropped off at the airport. Because I hadn’t selected the airport as my pick-up location, this charge was not on my radar. In my brother’s case, he paid $35 for the drop-off service and over $60 for the “airport fee”.

When I asked Turo about airport fees, the company told me that they apply at some airports when Turo is allowed, but not all, and the cost depends on the city. Charges are displayed before departure when an airport is set at your pick-up location. So that’s another cost to consider when comparing rental companies to Turo.

As I was collecting the car without the host present, he asked me if I could upload a photo of my license in the “travel photos” on my account a few days before the trip. Because my brother was picking up at the airport, his host asked for his flight information.

We calculated how much it would cost to have the car dropped off at the airport and decided it was best to have Uber drive to the pickup location. It was a $35 ride, but the trip allowed us to talk with our driver about how Bozeman and nearby towns exploded and residents were priced accordingly. And the Uber ride was way cheaper than the $95 my brother paid in delivery and airport fees.

Everything you need to know about the Yellowstone closure

The car was parked on the street in a neighborhood about 20 minutes from the airport. It was super clean and as expected – no decorations or weird smells. I packed a charging cable, which I know from previous experience is not included, and connected to Apple CarPlay. And we were gone.

The small SUV was just what we needed for all the hours we spent driving around Yellowstone with four adults for five days. We had no problems and had no reason to contact our host during our rental.

The day before our trip ended, I received an alert that I could ask to extend our trip; we didn’t need it but it was nice to have the option. A few hours later my host sent a message with drop off instructions – leave the car where we picked it up with the keys inside and message him afterwards.

With Yellowstone closed, gateway cities must fight for survival

The car was covered in mud after driving through Yellowstone and I asked my host if he wanted it washed. I had a motive behind this offer: I realized I had lost track of the mileage and we were probably over 1,000 miles away. I was hoping that this gesture of goodwill would save us from being accused. My host said not to worry about it as they wash the cars between renters. No extra mileage charges for us anyway, but next time I’ll remember to set the odometer.

As I stood in line at a rental car counter at Chicago’s Midway Airport last week, I dreamed of Turo. The queue was long, and you had to deal with all the spiel from the car rental agent, which seemingly takes forever: do you want insurance? Do you want to prepay to fill up? Do you want to upgrade? It’s the last thing you want to deal with after a long flight.

Overall, my Turo experience was more affordable, easy to pick up and drop off, and no different than booking an Airbnb.

Maple provided $10 million in unsecured loans to Babel Finance

Unsecured lending DeFi primitive undergoes its first major stress test.

On June 17, Babel Finance, a bitcoin financial services company offering lending and asset management services, suspended redemptions and withdrawals citing “unusual liquidity pressures” amid recent market volatility. On June 21, Maple Finance confirmed that one of its loan pools had previously provided a $10 million loan to Babel.

Liquidity situation

Babel, which closed an $80 million funding round in June, has a $2 billion valuation and has raised $120 million in equity funding since 2018 from Circle and other backers.

Its problems come at a time of acute tension in the crypto markets, as the failure of the Terra ecosystem in May, followed by the struggles of Three Arrows Capital and Celsius, a crypto bank, raised concerns that other disasters are looming.

On June 20, the Babel team declared that it had eased its liquidity situation after reaching preliminary agreements with important counterparties and customers regarding the repayment of debts. Babel also noted that he had “conducted an emergency assessment of the company’s business operations to understand the liquidity status of the company.”

“Babel Finance will actively fulfill its legal responsibilities to its clients and strive to avoid further transmission and diffusion of liquidity risk,” he added.

Launched in May 2021, Maple was one of the first crypto-native unsecured lending platforms. The protocol reached the milestone of more than $1 billion in loans issued just 10 months after it went live.

Face to face with Sam Kazemian of Frax Finance

The pool is managed by digital asset trading firm Orthogonal Trading. Maple added that Orthogonal has been in daily contact with Babel since the company suspended withdrawals, stressing Orthogonal’s focus on “protecting the interests of lenders” and pledged to share updates as they go along. and as the situation evolves.

Twitter user 0xGeeGee replied to the situation. “The first stress test for collateral-free on-chain loans, I wish you good luck. I will follow closely,” they said.

Market stress

Babel isn’t the first Maple counterparty to struggle amid recent market turmoil.

June 13, Maple tweeted this embattled centralized crypto lender Celsius had not borrowed any funds from its pools despite operating as a lender on the platform. Maple said Celsius is the sole lender for the $20 million pool it operates, stressing that the pool has no interdependencies with other pools.

Two days later, Maple followed up with a statement saying many of its borrowers have minimal or no exposure to Celsius, concluding that any counterparty risk is effectively mitigated.

Maple also said its pool delegates have communicated with borrowers about their exposure to Three Arrows Capital (3AC), a multibillion-dollar Web3 hedge fund that is believed to be overdrawn and undercollateralized on loans borrowed from lenders. important in the sector.

Maple said most of its borrowers are unlikely to have direct exposure to 3AC, adding that borrowers it has spoken to have so far confirmed they have “minimal exposure” to Three. Arrows. “As a next step, we will be compiling updated month-end financial statements from borrowers in accordance with our usual practice,” Maple said.

Excessive risk taking

Babel has come under fire for allegedly engaging in risky business practices.

On June 18, reporter Wu Blockchain job an article noting that the company nearly wiped out in the March 2020 “Black Thursday” crash, in which the price of Bitcoin crashed 50% in less than 48 hours.

Wu claims that Babel claimed that its business was to provide USDT loans to Bitcoin miners at a loan-to-value ratio of 50% to 65%. The miners would deposit the BTC as collateral, which the company would then use as collateral to borrow the USDT which it would then lend to the miners, profiting by charging higher interest rates than it accesses the funds. But Wu alleges that Babel’s business model relied on raising funds from users to profit from rising Bitcoin prices, with the company using put options to hedge risk.

Leaked recordings

Also on June 18, Twitter user crypto_threader cited allegedly leaked recordings of Babel founder Del Wang saying “customer savings” were used to bail out the company after the Black Thursday crash.

“We went 3x long to [$]3,000, and added more to [$]4,000 using BTC as collateral to borrow,” the transcript reads. “Most of the position is not even our money.”

If the transcript is authentic, it indicates Babel’s willingness to leverage user funds to speculate on the price of BTC, suggesting that it could have gotten into trouble again amid the recent downturn.

At the time of the 2020 crash, the company was saved by partnering with centralized stablecoin issuer Tether, which agreed not to call Babel margin in exchange for gradual repayments over time. “Unlike last time, there is no longer a savior, as Tether says he is no longer working with him,” Wu wrote.

The Defiant has contacted Maple Finance and Babel Finance for further comment, but has not yet received a response. This article will be updated accordingly.

Gold Price Today: From Intraday Trading Strategy in MCX Gold, Silver Futures to Outlook, Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Gold price today: On Wednesday, MCX gold and silver futures were trading with a negative bias. August gold futures were trading at 50,611 rupees per 10 grams on the MCX while July silver futures were trading at 60,511 rupees per kg at 09:20.

The former fell by Rs 150 or 0.3% while the latter fell by Rs 760 or 1.2% at that time.

“Gold prices came under mild pressure ahead of key testimony from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell this week. A strong dollar and rising bond yields also contributed to weaker gold prices,” said Pritam Patnaik, Head of Commodities, HNI and NRI Acquisitions at Axis Securities.

Watch the Zee Business live stream below:

The Fed has indicated it plans to raise interest rates up to 1.25% over the next two months, by 75 basis points in July and 50 basis points in September, Patnaik said.

“This makes things very difficult for gold bulls. That said, higher interest rates coupled with weak growth could easily push the global economy into recession, which in turn will support gold prices. gold and will help set a price floor for the metal. In such a time frame, bound trade is advised,” he added.

The Axis Securities expert first sees the 1828 support, which if broken will open lower to $1813 and $1805.

As for the intraday trading strategy, buying MCX August Gold futures is recommended at 50500 with a stop loss of Rs 50300 and a target of Rs 51200, says expert Anuj Gupta.

Gupta, who is Vice President (VP), Commodities and Currency Research at IIFL Securities, also recommended a Buy n July Silver futures contract at Rs 60,700 with a stop loss of Rs 60,000 while the target to price is Rs 61700.

Gold Price Outlook

Gold is expected to trade in a range over the short to medium term. While the strength of the US Dollar Index subdued its upward move, the weakness of the Indian Rupee (INR) against the greenback bolstered the price of imports. This stopped any significant decline in bullion prices in India.

INR has been trading at levels around 75-78 against the USD, Amit Sajeja said, adding that the yellow metal has seen a secular trend in India due to a stronger dollar and it is unlikely to experience a massive correction.

His advice to investors is to take trading and investing bets simultaneously instead of relying on one mode. While the medium to long-term view for gold remains positive, the current range-bound move should also be used for trading perspective. Profits could be accrued on meeting targets, he said, adding that this will ensure liquidity.

Sajeja said levels around 50600-50500 are good levels to make an entry with a favorable risk/reward ratio.

He also believes that the current turmoil in stock markets related to inflation and interest rates may also have a temporary negative impact on bullion, but this will not last long and so investors need not worry too much about bullion. gold outlook.

Meanwhile, IIFL Securities analyst Anuj Gupta recommended buying on any lows near the 50500 levels with the stop loss at 49800 levels for the target at 51500 to 51700 levels. Trading and closing above 51700 could lead the rally towards the 52300-52500 (USD 1930-USD 1950) levels.

As for silver futures, investors could be looking to buy silver around the 60000 levels with the stoploss of the 58200 levels for the target of the 62500-63000 levels ($22.20 to 22, $50)

Trading and closing above 63,000 could lead the rally towards the 65,000-67,000 levels.

Rupee depreciation and equity market weakness are supporting yellow metals, the analyst said.

(Disclaimer: Opinions/suggestions/advice expressed here in this article are investment experts only. Zee Business suggests its readers consult their investment advisors before making any financial decisions.)

The correction is stagnating, but the scandal of the application of color code weighs

InvestingCube S&R Levels

China is pursuing a zero-COVID policy, which means the discovery of a handful of cases can lead to the lockdown of entire provinces. Currently, Beijing is in lockdown and sections of Shanghai are also facing the same fate, just a week after being granted a reprieve from a 2-month restriction.

Shanghai’s index continues to react to the situation, gaining momentum after authorities said there were no serious cases during the city’s latest outbreak of COVID-19.

Shanghai Index Outlook

The corrective decline seen on the daily chart appears to have found support at the 3568 support line. Price action is trading within the range with this price level as its floor and 3636 as its ceiling. A break in the floor leads to further corrective movement, with 3490 (February 8 and February 28 highs) and 3413 (February 23 and March 3 lows) appearing as the initial targets to the south. An additional pivot comes into play as 3369 (Nov 30, 2021 and Jan 13, 2022 highs) but is only available if price action breaks below the 3413 support.

On the other hand, the reversal of the correction resumes when the bulls break above the 3636 ceiling. This action opens the way towards 3722 (March 14th and April 18th highs). Resistance at 3789 (March 28, 2022 and June 2, 2022 highs) awaits the bulls for further advance, leaving 3905 (May 11/19, 2022 highs) as another barrier to the north. Price activity needs to break above the April 27/May 10 double top to continue the uptrend.

Shanghai index: daily chart

SinoPac Financial: Revision of financial derivatives trading information of subsidiary Bank SinoPac in April 2022






announcement date


Announcement time



 Revision to the trading information of financial
derivatives of subsidiary Bank SinoPac on April,2022

Date of events


What item it responds to

paragraph 51


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/06/21
2.Company name:Bank SinoPac
3.Relationship with the Company (please enter "the company itself"
or "subsidiaries"):Subsidiaries
4.Reciprocal shareholding percentage:100%
5.Cause of occurrence:Revision to the trading information of financial
derivatives of subsidiary Bank SinoPac on April,2022
6.Information items/ statements to be corrected:Please refer to derivatives
section of Market Observbation Post System.
7.Amounts/ contents/ number of page to be corrected:2022/04
Notional principal-Exchange-traded derivative:USD 7,558,230 thousand
Derivative at fair value-trading-positive amount:USD 29,401 thousand
Derivative at fair value-trading-negative amount:USD 29,264 thousand
8.Amounts/ contents/ number of page after correction:2022/04
Notional principal-Exchange-traded derivative: USD 8,697 thousand
Derivative at fair value-trading-positive amount:USD 14,491 thousand
Derivative at fair value-trading-negative amount:USD 14,490 thousand
9.Countermeasures:To republish the information to Market Observbation Post
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:None


Sinopac Financial Holdings Co. Ltd. published this content on June 21, 2022 and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. Distributed by Public, unedited and unmodified, on Jun 21, 2022 06:13:07 UTC.

Public now 2022


2022 sales 43,799 million
1,473 million
1,473 million
Net income 2022 17,135M
Net debt 2022

PER 2022 ratio 10.8x
2022 return 5.49%
Capitalization 185B
capi. / Sales 2022 4.22x
capi. / Sales 2023 3.92x
# of employees 9,548
Floating 89.0%


Duration :

Period :

SinoPac Financial Holdings Company Limited Technical Analysis Chart |  MarketScreener


Short term Middle term Long term
Tendencies Bearish Neutral Bullish

Evolution of the income statement


To buy

Medium consensus SURPASS
Number of analysts 4
Last closing price TWD16.40
Average target price TWD18.65
Average Spread / Target 13.7%

Child Care Provider Convicted of Child Neglect | News, Sports, Jobs


NEW ULM – A 28-year-old Sleepy Eye child care provider was found guilty of child neglect Monday in Brown County District Court, but avoided a suspended prison sentence in connection with a plea deal.

McKenzie M. Bode, 308 3rd Ave. NE, Sleepy Eye, was originally charged with third-degree assault and two felony misdemeanors of child endangerment. On Monday, she was found guilty of criminal negligence of a child, and the felony counts of child endangerment were dismissed, as part of the plea deal without jail time or from prison.

Bode was fined $1,085 and placed on three-year supervised probation with the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Probation terms include payment of restitution, open for 30 days, before fines, fees and surcharges; return to counseling as needed, follow all referrals and pay all fees, have no direct or indirect contact with victim and victim’s family members, do not use or possess firearms, ammunition or explosives and not register to vote or vote until released from probation and civil rights restored. It must also perform 160 hours of service in 18 months.

According to court documents, the mother of a 7-month-old boy who was at Bode daycare for three weeks in 2021 told Sleepy Eye Police that she removed the boy from daycare on September 7, 2021, after saying that she noticed a bruise on the boy’s head.

The child’s mother said she photographed the bruise. Sleepy Eye Police investigator Shawn Bohnen reviewed digital photos of the child, noting a bruise above his left eye and temple and a scratch which the mother said was caused by the boy who scratched himself.

Bohnen emailed photos of the child to Dr. Mark Hudson of the Midwest Children’s Resource Center on Nov. 1, 2021, asking for an opinion.

Hudson reviewed the footage and found it to be concerning. He recommended the mother bring the boy to the MCRC for a full skeletal study and talk to him or one of his partners about what had happened.

Bohnen received an email from the MCRC on November 8, 2021, with records relating to the children’s appointment on November 4, 2021. The records authored by pediatric child abuse researcher Dr. Ashley Cochran, and reviewed by Dr Alice Swenson, a pediatrician specializing in child abuse, suggested that the injuries were not compatible with the developmental abilities of a 5 or 6 month old child and were “very concerning for the injuries inflicted.”

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Can Twitch Still Dominate the Live Streaming App Market as Growth Slows?


Live-streaming platform Twitch has risen to the top spot in the live-streaming app market, boosted by a doubling in monthly visits since the pandemic. But it’s not immune to a slowdown in user numbers affecting the entire industry amid growing competition now that COVID has peaked.

The live-streaming service, which has 31 million average daily users, started by owning games but expanded into streams about travel, cooking and art content. According to Sensor Tower, it now dominates 73% of the average daily user market share globally.

But after huge growth in the first year of the pandemic, the platform’s user base has started to plateau in recent months. The platform peaked with monthly visits in January at over 1.2 billion, but has been steadily declining to around 1.1 billion monthly visits from February to April. It rose again to 1.2 billion in May, but experts say Twitch’s growth will start to slow.

“Recent data from Similarweb shows that the platform is experiencing a deceleration or stagnation in growth as it matures, facing a world that is returning to normal and the looming threat from its strongest competitor – Youtube “, Sneha Pandey, chief information officer of Similarweb, told TheWrap.

From May 2019 to May 2022, Twitch doubled its monthly visits, increasing 93% since the onset of COVID. (similar website)

Like many digital services, Twitch has seen a surge in traffic during the pandemic as travel and in-person activities have come to a halt. From May 2019 to May 2022, Similarweb estimates that the platform nearly doubled monthly visits, which increased by 93% since the onset of COVID. This year, the service racked up more than 6 billion total visits in May, according to Similarweb. Twitch was originally launched in 2011 as a spin-off from streaming platform Justin.tv and was later acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million.

Among the top 10 live streaming apps, Twitch has held that top spot since 2020, while smaller competitors Bigo Live, Uplive and Tango are slowly establishing themselves in local markets like India.

“Since its inception, Twitch has quickly dominated the video game live streaming market by amassing a huge base of creators and viewers in the online gaming community,” Pandey said.


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins performs “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” during Doritos Bowl 2018 at TwitchCon 2018. (Robert Reiners/Getty Images)

However, Twitch hasn’t been immune to a downturn in activity lately, much like other platforms that have seen increased activity during COVID. Recent analysis by Similarweb shows that the platform is experiencing some stagnation as it matures in an economy that is returning to previous levels. Inevitably, businesses will begin to see a correction in the digital and streaming sectors as accelerated growth wanes.

“Despite the slowdown, Twitch continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate than the previous year. On average, 13% of its audience includes new users,” Pandey added.

Another reason why Twitch might face a slowdown is the increased competition in the market from other platforms that have integrated live streaming features. YouTube remains one of Twitch’s biggest rivals in the video business, while TikTok and Instagram have also invested more in content creation programs and live streaming capabilities.

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TikTok set to triple ad revenue to $11.6 billion this year – surpassing Twitter and Snap combined | Graphics

“While Twitch is likely to remain the best live-streaming platform in Western markets, even amid challenges from YouTube and Facebook, elsewhere Twitch faces increasing competition from platforms that are better optimized or localized for their markets. respective, mobile-focused,” Dennis Yeh, information analyst at Sensor Tower, said.

As the fight for content creators continues, the success of these platforms could come down to the diversity and monetization of user-generated content. Instead of heavily produced videos with professional quality, users increasingly prefer authentic content that they might see on their social media feeds, explained Flynn Zaiger, CEO of digital marketing agency Online Optimism.

“Twitch streaming still feels like old fashioned social media, with graphics cards, light rings and LEDs worth thousands of dollars. [performance] shows,” Zaiger said. “People using TikTok’s live-streaming features are much more attenuated [than Twitch streams]and if consumer attitudes continue to favor these more IRL-like platforms, you could see Twitch’s viewership decline.

Representatives for Twitch did not respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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Over 40? Why eye exams are important


Human eye. Truncap image CC BY 4.0,

Eye exams are extremely important as people age to prevent blindness from cataracts, glaucoma, retinopathy and macular degeneration. In addition, eye exams are necessary in order to reduce eye fatigue with the correct eyeglasses correction.

According to Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Dr. Daniel Laroche, MD, it is important for people to understand and act to prevent the dangers of serious eye conditions that can occur after age 40.

The most common eye condition is glaucoma, which is an eye disease characterized by three components:

1. Damage and loss of retinal ganglion cells and optic nerve described as suckers.

2. Loss of visual field;

3. Usually increased eye pressure (average normal eye pressure is 15 mmHG).

Therefore, an eye exam is important because vision loss occurs slowly from peripheral to central. Therefore, many people don’t even realize it is happening until they have lost a substantial amount of peripheral vision.

The most identifiable cause of this high pressure is age-related lens enlargement.

For these reasons, people who have never had vision problems should start regular eye care appointments, as they may have vision impairment that they are unaware of. This is especially true as people get older for conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and retinopathy which can start showing up between the ages of 40 and 70.

Dr. Laroche is versatile and has written a song featuring the voices of two of his patients to raise awareness of glaucoma and cataracts called “Eye Pressure”.

Dr. Laroche explains, “Over time, these diseases can lead to blindness, so it’s best to tackle them as soon as possible. We have new treatments with earlier surgical options that can help preserve (or restore) their vision with faster recovery times. »

The expert explains that all people should be screened regularly for glaucoma as part of a medical eye exam that includes gonioscopy (examination of the angle of drainage), measurement of intraocular pressure with applanation tonometry of Goldmann and an examination of the dilated optic nerve.

LaRoche adds, “Human sight or vision is one of the most important senses. By protecting the eyes, people will reduce the risk of blindness and vision loss while staying alert to any developing eye disease, such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Early cataract surgery and newer, safer micro-invasive glaucoma surgery can help prevent blindness from glaucoma, improve vision, and reduce the need for eye drops.

Questions about how Starling Bank granted 15,000 Covid loans per month | Banking

The online bank singled out by a former government minister for the effectiveness of its anti-fraud measures has “onboarded” an average of 15,000 new customers per month during the Covid crisis, according to an analysis by the Observer.

Figures from Starling Bank’s latest annual report show the eight-year-old lender grew its business customer base from 87,000 before the pandemic to 330,000 business accounts last spring.

Banks are required by law to carry out rigorous checks on new customers to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Analysis of the bank’s annual report, confirmed by Starling, shows it took on as many as 243,000 new customers — an average of more than 15,000 per month — between November 2019 and March 2021. And that’s despite just 1,245 employees, only a fraction of whom would have checked for potential issues. .

The number of new accounts is much higher than for the UK’s biggest high street lenders. Sources from some of these banks confirmed that they normally accept between 1,500 and 8,000 new business customers per month.

Starling said he benefited from the Covid lockdown, when most major lenders closed their branches and struggled to meet demands from existing customers. The digital lender said its technology allowed it to onboard new customers, including those seeking government-backed Covid loans, at a pace that big banks relying on older technology would not have been able to. able to handle.

But the volume of new customers, as well as the increase in loans Starling has dispensed during the pandemic, have raised questions about its ability to carry out appropriate checks.

Last month the bank was accused by former minister Lord Agnew of failing to properly screen borrowers before making taxpayer-backed loans, although Starling chief executive Anne Boden has since threatened to to take legal action against the Tory peer for what she said. were “defamatory statements”.

Kevin Hollinrake, chairman of the parliamentary group for fair commercial banking, said Starling had some questions to answer. “Public scrutiny should always accompany public money. While I have yet to see strong evidence of inappropriate lending, Starling urgently needs to answer some very valid questions, including its current and future default and fraud rates on government-backed loans,” a- he declared.

Before the pandemic, Starling had loaned just £23m, excluding loans bought from other companies. By June 2021, according to a company business update, he had handed out £1.6bn in rebound loans. The scheme, introduced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, offered up to £50,000 per customer. The loans were distributed by leading banks, which charge interest – albeit at a reduced rate of 2.5% – in return for distributing the money, but the taxpayer is required to repay 100% if customers are lacking.

Starling, which was founded by Boden, a former executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Allied Irish Banks, in 2014, said its systems were designed and built to regularly handle customer volumes at this level and more. Again. A spokesperson said it had “one of the best banking platforms in the world, which we built from the ground up” and that its systems “have been designed and built to routinely process customer volumes at this level. and more”.

Every loan application had been checked for fraud flags, Starling said, and it claimed to have more checks in place than most other lenders, and more than the program required. He said that, for example, he automatically checks rebound applicants against the Companies House register, checking the company’s start date.

With the app, readers save money on magazine subscriptions


I save over $200 a year on magazine subscriptions with a free app called Libby. All you need is a library card.

Once connected to the Libby application, available on phone, tablet or on libbyapp.com, you have access to 4,034 magazines. They also have 23,748 audiobooks and 57,401 ebooks. You can borrow up to 10 books, 10 audiobooks and 10 magazines at a time.

I read People Magazine’s special edition on the Beatles, Time Magazine’s issue on the Roosevelts and The Economist. Normally, The Economist alone would cost me at least $99 a year. I also watched Reader’s Digest, The New Yorker and The Week Magazine, although I already have the hard copies. Somehow they feel like less of a burden on screen. Other popular titles include Newsweek and Cooking Light. Obscurer magazines include Food Truck Favorites, Modern Cat, and Engineering in Miniature. Click “Kanopy” to rent movies.

After installing the Libby app and entering your library card number, you’ll be asked if you prefer to read on your Kindle app, available on any tablet, phone, or computer. I said yes.


A reader asked me if Apple TV includes ESPN. If we are talking about the Apple TV device, rather than the app, the answer is yes. You can install the ESPN app on your Apple box. But the ESPN app is also available for phone, tablet or smart TV. Anyway, what sports do you play?

Even the $7-per-month ESPN Plus app doesn’t include all live sports events. It features live MLB, NHL, and MLS games when their seasons are active, as well as PGA golf and other events, but there are no live NBA or the NFL, nor all college games. You need a service that brings cable TV channels, like Fubo TV, ($60 per month for up to 166 channels), or YouTube TV, with over 85 channels for $65 per month. Without an app to bring cable channels, the reader, who just wanted to watch Razorbacks, is out of luck.


I had never heard of a “bike computer”, until I read about the new “Velo 2”, $99 on global.beeline.co. Sounds good for GPS.

Using the free Beeline app on your phone, you can get a good idea of ​​how it works before buying. Type in your destination, then choose “a quick route”, https://www.nwaonline.com/news/2022/jun/18/with-app-readers-save-money-on-magazine/”a leisurely route” or a balanced mix. If you decide to get the Velo 2, you’ll see the info right on your handlebars, including the distance to your next turn. A dot tells you whether you should go right or left. It also shows your speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the current time and your estimated time of arrival. If it needs recharging, you can get two hours of riding in 20 minutes by plugging in a USB-C cable and charger. It will last 11 hours, or 18 months on standby. My God, if I have one, I won’t have to stop to check Google Maps on my phone.


Have you ever seen something on Instagram that you want to come back to later? When this happens, I Google the name of the person or organization with the word “instagram”. Earlier, I searched “Instagram nutritionfacts.org” on my computer to review a recipe demo.


PCWorld warns you to back up your CDs and DVDs now, before “bit rot” sets in and destroys them.

My tech friend is begging to differ. “I have a music CD that I burned about 21 years ago that works great,” he says. “I also have commercial music CDs purchased 25 years ago that show no signs of deterioration. If this was a real issue, we would definitely hear more about it.”


Sometimes I’m doing something else in the living room when I hear my Windows desktop go “Boop!” For me, it’s always the annoying sound of a trivial notification. Here’s how to turn them off: Type “Notifications” into the search bar at the bottom left of your screen. Now click on “Notifications and action settings”. Turn off the switch next to “allow notifications to play sounds”.


If you use Google’s versions of familiar Microsoft Office programs, try these new shortcuts. Type “docs.new”, without quotes, in the search bar of Chrome, Firefox or other, to start a new Google document. Type sheets.new to start a new spreadsheet. Type slides.new to start a new presentation. Type cal.new to add an entry to your Google calendar. The rest of the shortcuts include: forms.new, notes.new, and meet.new.


“How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer.” Search this phrase to find good advice. For example, if you’re going to put a penny in the vase, you need one from before 1982. It’s the copper that provides the antibacterial properties. Pre-1982 pennies are 95% copper. Modern pennies are only 2.5%.


The three $10 styluses I found for the iPad aren’t from Docuteck. They are from Ooclcurful. There is a bite. The description is “Stylus for iPad (3 pieces), universal stylus pen with high sensitive disc and fiber tip, compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and other capacitive touch screens”.

Joy Schwabach can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

DIY credit repair app launched


Whether you already have a credit card, mortgage or other loan, or are looking to apply for a new one, it’s important to have a good credit score. But with so many factors affecting our score, sometimes it seems impossible to improve.

Get easy and affordable credit repair

Supreme Credit Suite DIY Credit Repair is a simple and affordable solution that will help you repair your credit report in no time. With our easy-to-use interface, you can master your report like never before.

You can’t afford not to fix your credit

If a consumer’s credit history is not current, it could cost opportunity after opportunity. With Supreme Credit Suite DIY Credit Repair, you can finally get the situation under control and benefit from the most favorable rates and conditions. Sign up now and start removing items from your report that unfairly affect your score. It’s time to take back control of your financial future.

Not All Credit Reports Are Created Equal

Regardless of which company creates a consumer credit report, members are guided step-by-step through the process for complete satisfaction in removing or correcting incorrect information on their credit reports. We also allow users to monitor changes to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian reports for free!

Why is this better than hiring a credit repair company?

Because it’s FREE! Even by purchasing an external credit monitoring service to take full advantage of the free platform, members save significantly more than using a third-party credit repair company.

Don’t wait another day to start fixing your bad credit!

Experience has shown that the earlier you can take control of your credit history, the better. Our service is an affordable alternative to bankruptcy and a great way to start rebuilding your life after bankruptcy.

DIY is the best way

It’s easy – the software will walk users through a step-by-step process and help members get started today. Get on your way to a clean financial slate in no time!

Contact information:
Name: Terry Heights
Email: Send Email
Organization: Supreme Credit Suite
Address: 3379 Peachtree Road NE Suite 555, Atlanta, Georgia 30326, USA
Website: https://supremecreditsuite.com

Build ID: 89076901

If you detect any problems, problems or errors in the content of this press release, please contact [email protected] to let us know. We will respond and rectify the situation within the next 8 hours.

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Taiwan forces host Qatar to change FIFA World Cup app that listed Taiwan as part of China


FIFA World Cup hosts Qatar bowed to outrage from Taiwanese officials and corrected an online application form that said Taiwanese entrants were from China. The host nation last week launched the Hayya Card, an app for football fans that provides access to the country and matches. Controversy arose during the initial release of the app, Taiwan was listed in the drop-down menu as “Taiwan, Province of China”.

After Taipei lodged a protest, the host country rectified this and the list was changed to “Taiwan”. Expressing concern, Taiwanese officials said identifying its citizens as Chinese “demeans the country”. Following this, Qatar made the necessary changes, which were later welcomed by protesting Taiwanese officials.

“Following the ministry’s protest on Wednesday, ‘Taiwan’ replaced ‘Taiwan, Province of China’ in a drop-down menu on the website to request a Hayya card, an ID card that all World Cup spectators must get,” Joanne Ou, Taiwan’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, said. “We express our gratitude to the organizers of the event for their prompt response in making the correction and protecting the rights of fans in our country,” she said, as quoted by ANI.

Taiwan and China have been at loggerheads politically for more than seven decades as the latter continues to regard Taiwan as part of its province. Several event organizers have often complied with China’s request to list Taiwan as its province to avoid any issues with the country. In 2019, China asked a list of multinational companies, including airlines, to relabel Taiwan on their public drop-down menus as part of the Chinese province. According to analysts, the latest installment of FIFA is a similar case.

FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

It is pertinent to note that the upcoming World Cup in Qatar will be the first to be held in an Arab country. This will be only the second tournament in Asia after the 2002 finals in South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, in the run up to the tournament, Qatar has launched the Hayya card, which serves as an entry visa for ticket holders to the sporting event. The 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup kicks off on November 23 in Qatar, with the clash at the top set to be held on December 19.

Image: AP

SpaceX fires some people behind letter criticizing Elon Musk


SpaceX has fired some of the employees involved in writing and distributing a letter within the company criticizing the behavior of founder and CEO Elon Musk, according to media reports.

The letter was published on an internal site SpaceX Microsoft Teams channel that reaches more than 2,600 employees, The Verge reported yesterday (opens in a new tab) (June 16). He denounces Musk’s behavior on Twitter and in other public forums as “a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us, especially in recent weeks.”

The letter got a lot of attention, including, apparently, inside SpaceX’s executive offices: Yesterday afternoon, the company had already fired some of the people responsible for writing and sending it, The New York Times reported today (opens in a new tab) (June 17).

Elon Musk: Revolutionary Private Space Entrepreneur

The Times cited conversations with three SpaceX employees who wished to remain anonymous and an email to the staff of the company’s president and chief operating officer, Gwynne Shotwell, which the newspaper obtained. In that email, Shotwell wrote that SpaceX had “terminated a number of employees involved” with the letter, according to the Times.

“The letter, the solicitations and the general process made employees feel uncomfortable, intimidated and intimidated and/or angry because the letter caused them to sign something that did not reflect their point of view,” said added Shotwell, according to the Times. “We have too much critical work to do and we don’t need this kind of excessive activism.”

The Times said it was unclear how many employees were fired for their involvement in the letter. Reuters reported today (opens in a new tab) that at least five people have been fired, citing “two people familiar with the matter”. SpaceX has not yet responded to requests for comment on the letter and the reported layoffs, the two outlets said.

Musk is very active on Twitter, which he is currently buy for 44 billion dollars. The richest man in the world, he posts frequently on the site, sometimes using it to make rude jokes (opens in a new tab)Express controversial views on public health (opens in a new tab) and insult people with whom he argues (opens in a new tab).

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3 TSX stocks trade near record highs as markets hit new lows


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It has been a busy week. Rising rates and growing recession worries weighed on markets this week, pushing stocks to 52-week lows. However, some Canadian stocks are defying these pressures and are still trading near their all-time highs.

Many energy stocks on the TSX are trading near their record highs. However, they have a strong correlation with oil and gas prices. However, the stocks discussed below have little to no correlation with the broader markets. Thus, they are well positioned for a possible economic downturn.

So is it time to place your bets on these winners amid the market correction? Let’s see.


The stock of Canadian discount retailers Dollarama (TSX:DOL) is 8% off its record highs. The stock has gained 15% this year and has shown immense resilience throughout. Notably, DOL stocks also outperformed broader markets during the pandemic crash.

Dollarama has a massive presence in Canada and operates 1,431 stores. This gives it a significant competitive edge over its peers as well as scale. Additionally, consumers prefer value in inflationary environments, where Dollarama offers an unmatched proposition.

Its healthy long-term financial growth indicates resilience in almost all economic cycles. So its safe-haven appeal will likely continue to drive the stock higher, even if the economy gets uglier from here.

Intact Financial

Canada’s Largest P&C Insurer Intact Financial (TSX:IFC) is another stock that has held up against the recent market correction. This year, he has gained 5% and is 8% off his records. In comparison, the TSX Compound Index fell 15% from its all-time highs.

Intact has a 21% market share in P&C insurance in Canada. Its scale gives it a natural competitive advantage over its peers. In addition, it has experienced above-average financial growth over the past few years thanks to its strong expertise in underwriting and claims settlement.

IFC shares also pay stable dividends which currently yield 2.3%. Although not among the juiciest returns, Intact has increased shareholder payouts since 2005, indicating earnings stability.

Stocks like Intact may not offer strong growth opportunities, but they do provide stability during tough times.

Canadian public services

Investors perceive Canadian public services (TSX: CU) as boring due to its slow nature. However, CU stock has outperformed in the recent market turmoil. So far, CU stocks have gained 5%, while TSX stocks as a whole have lost 11% in 2022.

Canadian utilities have good revenue visibility due to the regulated nature of their operations. As a result, it has grown steadily even during recessions and economic booms. That’s why it has consistently increased shareholder dividends every year for the past five decades.

It yields almost 5%, higher than its peers. These juicy dividends will be more valuable in a declining market environment.

CU is not the kind of action that will make you rich overnight. However, for those looking for stable returns with relatively low risk, CU is a suitable bet.

The IRS issued my plan a 90-day pre-review letter. Now what?


The IRS launched a new pilot program this month that will greatly benefit benefit plan sponsors if they act quickly. The new 90-Day Pre-Review Compliance Pilot Program not only gives plan sponsors the opportunity to correct plan errors before an IRS review, but may also reduce IRS penalties or reduce the scope of an IRS review. However, this program is only beneficial if you are aware of the program and are able to respond within 90 days.

Prior to the June announcement, plan sponsors who received notice of an upcoming IRS review could not correct plan errors through the EPCRS Self-Correction Program (“SCP”) or submit a new claim through the through the EPCRS Voluntary Correction Program (“VCP”). The only remaining available remediation option is the EPCRS Audit Closure Agreement Program (“Audit CAP”). The audit CAP allows the plan sponsor to enter into a closure agreement with the IRS regarding plan failure instead of facing disqualification from the plan, but this came with an unpredictable sanction from the CAP of auditing. The IRS bases Audit CAP penalties on relevant facts and circumstances, such as the number and type of employees affected by the failure, the period during which the failure occurred, the reason for the failure, etc., but the penalties were often significant. .

The new pilot program offers several benefits to plan sponsors. Plan sponsors now have a 90-day window to review their plan’s document and operations if they receive a letter that their pension plan has been selected for an upcoming review. Any errors discovered during the review can still be corrected via SCP if corrected within the 90 day window. If the error cannot be corrected by SCP, the plan sponsor may request a termination agreement. Instead of the uncertain audit CAP penalty, the VCP fee structure will be used to determine the penalty amount (based on plan size and capped at a maximum of $3,500).

Plan sponsors correcting under the pilot program must respond to the screening letter with the required documentation to support the correction. The IRS will review the correction and issue a closure letter or conduct a limited or full review. The IRS hasn’t disclosed its procedures for determining when a closure letter or review will be issued after the corrections, but any chance of receiving a successful full review is a chance to save time and money. money to the plan sponsor.

The benefits of the pilot program are great for plan sponsors, but only if they act quickly. If you receive the 90-day pre-review letter, you must contact one of our benefits attorneys to begin a review of your plan document and operations. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in IRS audits. We know the common qualification errors that occur during an IRS examination, so we can help you uncover any potential errors and resolve those errors before the 90-day window ends.

We also provide this service even if you do not receive a letter. An error is almost always less costly the sooner it is discovered, so please contact us if you would like us to proactively check your plan for compliance. Although large plans are subject to an annual independent audit of their finances, the audit focuses on finances and is not intended to catch all operational errors.

The pilot program does not have a stated end date, but the IRS will review the program’s effectiveness and determine whether it will continue on a permanent basis as part of its overall compliance strategy.

Cardiff firefighters benefit from support from the Start Up Loans scheme

Two firefighters started a company providing fire and water services to special effects companies and art departments operating in the television and film industries.

Cardiff-based Ryan Godfrey and Andrew Hearne, who have over 30 years of combined fire service experience, set up Dragon Fire and Water Services in late 2021, with the aim of using their extensive knowledge of firefighting urban and rural fires to change the lane services are provided for special effects requiring rain, downpours and fire blanket for television and film productions.

Using their fleet of specialized water carriers, booms and pumping equipment, Andrew, Ryan and their growing team provide their services to studios and venues when there is a need for extra security or water for special effects.

Additionally, they also provide in-shot services where their teams deliver live action and action sequences in firefighting scenes, or other incidents that require emergency services assistance, like cut cars in traffic accident scenes, so that everything on screen looks and feels as authentic as possible.

The duo run Dragon Fire & Water Services from their location on Penarth Road in Cardiff, a short distance from some of Wales’ biggest studios. The services they offer are unique in Wales, as previously all film and television projects requiring similar services had to hire specialists from England.

Dragon Fire & Water Services is a supplier to Disney Lucasfilm and the BBC, and works with special effects companies such as AnyFX and RealSFX. To date, Andrew and Ryan have worked on a number of major ongoing projects in Wales, including providing support to RealSFX on an upcoming Disney Plus series, which was filmed at Dragon Studios Bridgend, and a number other large-scale productions that are still in progress. the pre-launch phase.

“The Welsh creative sector has exploded in recent years and it’s amazing to be a part of it,” says Andrew. “It’s an exciting time, the industry is clearly getting better and better and there are so many companies and people we’ve drawn inspiration from, many of whom we haven’t met yet, but consider to be real success stories.

“You only have to look at some of the award-winning companies like Wolf Studios, Dragon Studios, RealSFX, ADF and Panalux to see that Welsh companies can be at the forefront of this industry and be true industry leaders.

“Working with Disney Lucasfilm was a huge opportunity for us, given the status of everyone involved and the project being so iconic, and after that we worked hard to be at the center of any project based in or coming to the Land of Wales.”

Andrew and Ryan raised capital to launch their new business through the British Business Bank’s Start-Up Loans scheme, receiving £50,000.

The money has been used to grow their equipment fleet and supplies, as well as working capital as they scale at a tremendous pace due to the many opportunities available to them in the Welsh creative sector .

The British Business Bank’s Start-up Loan Scheme offers government-backed loans of up to £25,000 per individual, up to a maximum of £100,000 per business, facilitated by delivery partners in Wales like Business in Focus based in Bridgend. In addition to funding, successful applicants receive 12 months of free mentorship and advice.

The Start Up Loans scheme has provided over 4,000 individual loans to entrepreneurs in Wales over the past nine years, worth over £40m.

“When we were looking for funding, there didn’t seem to be a bank or funding program that would support a business idea and plan like ours,” says Andrew, “we tried but there were always so many But the British Business Bank was different, our adviser Steve, whom we met through Business in Focus, who works with the British Business Bank in Wales, was amazing and without him we wouldn’t be where we are are now.

“Starting a business is a scary time, but having the right support made all the difference and having someone’s cell phone number added a dimension that I think is missing in the modern banking world – a call never went unanswered and we are very grateful for that.”

Beth Bannister, Senior Manager for Wales at the British Business Bank, said: “Andrew and Ryan exemplify the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that our start-up loan program is designed to support.

“The Welsh creative sector is one of the Welsh Government’s flagship priority sectors, with a huge focus on developing opportunities for businesses operating in creative supply chains so that Wales becomes a major player on the international film and television scene.

“The fact that Andrew and Ryan have tapped into this growing market and are already working with some of the biggest names in entertainment in the world is truly a testament to their vision and work ethic and we are delighted to have supported them in their journey.”

State Juvenile Jail Workers Earn $50,000 Bonus – The Ukiah Daily Journal


Gov. Gavin Newsom and six unions have reached a deal to award up to $50,000 in bonuses to keep juvenile prison workers on the job, as CalMatters first reported in March.

By next year, California taxpayers will pay about $54.5 million for incentive payments, according to Treasury Department estimates.

The contracts represent one of the largest retention bonuses the state has ever offered to employees.

A Department of Finance spokesperson said the agreements estimate that 1,019 direct care employees and 211 non-direct care employees will meet the criteria for a certain bonus amount.

The Juvenile Justice Division, which is overseen by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, hopes the payments will help avert the worker shortages that have plagued the agency since Newsom announced the division’s dismantling. All California youth prisons are scheduled to close by June 30, 2023, sending young offenders to county detention centers. The division works to place juvenile justice employees in other state jobs within the department.

“The stipends … are part of a thoughtful and targeted process to ensure consistency and public safety throughout the transition,” Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Services spokeswoman Vicky Waters told CalMatters in a E-mail.

The working agreements “will support (the division’s) operations and the delivery of youth programs and treatment…,” Erika Li, deputy director of the finance department, wrote in a letter to state lawmakers.

Taxable bonuses have been in the works for months.

The money will be split on a pro-rata basis and split between those who work directly with imprisoned youth and those who work primarily for the headquarters in Sacramento. Direct care workers — youth prison guards, plumbers, teachers and chaplains — could receive the full $50,000 if they continue to work for the division until scheduled closures. Non-direct care employees — assistant directors, executive assistants and nursing consultants, for example — could receive up to $25,000.

The Juvenile Justice Division has four facilities set to close, with most staff working in Stockton and Camarillo. In Stockton, where the median household income is $58,393, about 400 prison workers are eligible for the cash injection for themselves and the local economy.

By law, if the deal exceeds $1 million in net costs per bargaining unit, the Legislative Assembly would have to approve it. The contracts are divided by fiscal year and the first payment cannot go up to $5,000 per person.

However, next year the bonuses will total $52 million, requiring legislative approval.

“Some of the $5,000 stipends are already being paid to eligible personnel,” Waters said. “They will continue in the months to come.”

All unions representing youth corrections employees in bonus negotiations donated to stop Newsom’s recall last year. The biggest contributor was the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, which gave $1.75 million, according to the secretary of state’s website.

In a letter to the Department of Finance, Nancy Skinner, chair of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, said the new budget would require the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to release reports to the committee on the number of employees eligible for payments. for each payment period. , vacancy rates and costs.

UBS Stock: Trading at a Discount on Market Volatility (NYSE:UBS)


simarts/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

A lot has happened since my last post on April 20. The bank published excellent results, which caused the stock to rebound somewhat. However, subsequently, the financial markets were quite stressed due to the Fed’s hawkish rhetoric and the ECB’s decision to raise interest rates. This caused the financial markets to explode. Although higher interest rates generally mean higher profits for the financial sector, banking stocks are more sensitive than the broader market. In other words, banks are very cyclical and do not do well during recessions. At the same time, UBS (NYSE: UBS) is an undervalued profitable bank and its stock should eventually recover. Let me explain this in more detail.

The bank’s financial results

Between 2012 and 2018, the bank’s quarterly results did not show stable growth. However, between 2018 and 2022, the bank posted solid growth in earnings per share (EPS), but the share price did not follow. As the chart below shows, the start of 2020 was the perfect time to buy stocks.


The same goes for the latest financial results, published at the end of April.

Many financial indicators reported for the first quarter of 2022 were really good. For example, the CET 1 capital ratio for 1Q2022 was 14.3%, while the requirement is 10%. The return on CET1 capital was 19%, which is quite solid considering the bank’s high CET1.

Net profit history

Presentation of the bank’s results, slide 10

But the biggest development for 1Q2022 was the net profit figure of $2.1 billion. By itself, that may not mean as much, but if we look at the net profit history for the last four years, we will see that there has been substantial growth. Net income increased from $1.8 billion in 1Q2021 to $2.1 billion in 2Q2022, an increase of almost 17%. This is quite impressive, given the bank’s conservative profile.

Earnings history

Presentation of UBS results

Suppose the bank reports exactly the same profit for each of the following three quarters. So $2.1 billion multiplied by 4 gives us $8.4 billion. The current market capitalization is around $60 billion. If we divide the current market capitalization by $8.4 billion, we will get a price/earnings ratio (P/E) of 7.14, which is not high at all.


In fact, if we look at the chart above, the bank’s P/E ratio is now near 3-year lows. The current indicator is only slightly above the spring 2020 low of around 6.5. The latter made sense at the time since the global pandemic has crippled the economies of many countries. So the stock markets crashed. At present, there is also a reason for the decline in stock prices, namely the monetary policy of central banks.

The monetary policies of central banks

The Fed, the ECB and even the Swiss National Bank are sounding the alarm – inflation indicators are near multi-year highs. The ECB and the Fed have already started raising interest rates. The Swiss National Bank has also decided to raise interest rates. This has not happened for years since in Switzerland the inflation rate is traditionally very low or even negative.

Monetary tightening is generally bearish for the global economy since it usually causes recessions. The banking sector is also very cyclical and is affected by macroeconomic conditions. However, we can also say with certainty that, provided there is no recession, rising interest rates should increase the interest income of the financial sector – the profits from borrowing and lending. So it really depends on the direction the economy takes. Nevertheless, UBS is not a very standard bank, in this sense.

UBS as a bank

As a bank, UBS would not lose much even in a severe recession. Here, I am not even referring to the fact that the Swiss government came to the rescue of UBS during the crisis of 2008-2009, which also affected Switzerland. After the crisis, UBS changed its risk profile and became more conservative than before. This makes sense since UBS is a bank for the rich. In other words, he doesn’t rely too much on lending money to highly indebted individuals and businesses.

This is a great advantage for UBS – in other words, it would not suffer from client bankruptcies as much as its peers, since it has no risky clients.

While I’m not sure exactly when this correction will end and if there will be a recession soon, in my opinion buying UBS at a discount would make perfect sense since it is “recession resistant”.

Technical analysis

Of course, technical analysis is only secondary to fundamental analysis. However, I decided to perform an analysis using Bollinger Bands.

In other words, the stock price of the bank moves within certain bands or lines. It is in a certain trend. Right now, the 5-year trend seems to be up. There is some volatility and information noise along the way, but overall the trend remains intact.

UBS share price


On the graph above since 2020, there is an upward movement in the bank’s share price. Provided there was no recession in the next few months or any other significant financial distress, UBS stock price would continue to rise and investors would do well if they bought when the going was tough. “blood in the streets”.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to invest when the stock market indices are at their all-time highs and the financial media advocates active investing. Exactly the opposite is true – it’s better to buy stocks of healthy companies after they correct when everything else is crashing. UBS hasn’t faced any major scandals in the past few years, posted excellent profits, but its stock has corrected somewhat during the market sell-off.


UBS is a highly profitable bank for the wealthy operating in a cyclical industry. Its stock has become cheaper mainly due to information noise. Provided there is no recession in the next few months, the stock has great upside potential in the near future. Technical analysis suggests a strong uptrend. It is better to invest in profitable banks when everything is selling at a discount.

Global Payday Loans Market Report 2022-2026 – Increased Adoption of Advanced Technologies Among Payday Lenders – ResearchAndMarkets.com

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Payday Loans Market 2022-2026” report has been added to from ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

The payday loan market is poised to grow by $8.4 billion over the period 2022-2026, accelerating at a CAGR of 4.34%

The market is driven by a growing awareness of payday lending among young people, an increase in the adoption of advanced technologies by payday lenders and the basic eligibility criteria are lower than other services and financial institutions.

This study identifies the growing number of payday lenders as one of the major reasons for the growth of the payday loan market over the next few years. Moreover, the growing adoption of online payment methods and increased spending on luxury goods among the adult population will lead to significant demand in the market.

The report provides holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers and challenges, and vendor analysis covering approximately 25 vendors. The report offers an up-to-date analysis of the current global market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The payday loans market analysis includes type segment and geographical landscape.

The publisher’s robust vendor analysis is designed to help clients improve their position in the market, and in line with that, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading vendors in the Payday Loans market. In addition, the Payday Loans Market analysis report includes insights into upcoming trends and challenges that will influence the growth of the market. It’s about helping businesses strategize and take advantage of all the growth opportunities ahead.

The study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information, including contributions from key industry participants. The report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to an analysis of major vendors.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

1.1 Market Overview

2 Market landscape

2.1 Market ecosystem

3 Market sizing

3.1 Market definition

3.2 Market Segment Analysis

3.3 Market Size 2021

3.4 Market Outlook: Forecast 2021-2026

4 Five forces analysis

4.1 Summary of the five forces

4.2 Bargaining power of buyers

4.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.4 Threat of new entrants

4.5 Threat of Substitutes

4.6 Threat of rivalry

4.7 Market Status

5 Market Segmentation by Type

5.1 Market Segments

5.2 Comparison by type

5.3 Storefront Payday Loans – Market Size and Forecast 2021-2026

5.4 Online Payday Loans – Market Size and Forecast 2021-2026

5.5 Market Opportunity by Type

6 Customer Landscape

6.1 Customer landscape overview

7.1 Geographic segmentation

7.2 Geographic comparison

8 drivers, challenges and trends

8.1 Market Drivers

8.2 Market Challenges

8.3 Impact of factors and challenges

8.4 Market trends

9 Supplier landscape

9.1 Overview

9.2 Supplier Landscape

9.3 Landscape disturbance

9.4 Industrial risks

10 Vendor Analysis

10.1 Suppliers Covered

10.2 Supplier Market Positioning


  • Axis Bank Ltd.

  • Citigroup Inc.

  • Creditstar Group AS


  • DJS UK Ltd.

  • Enova International Inc.

  • FloatMe Corp.

  • Credit GAIN inc.

  • GC DataTech Ltd.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

  • KrazyBee Services Pvt. ltd.

  • Max U

For more information on this report, visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/jjlk4v

Meet the nonprofit owner who developed an app to help people with criminal backgrounds find jobs and housing


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Sterling Braden takes on one of Ohio’s toughest jobs: helping those convicted of crimes start over.

For four years, Braden has worked to connect convicted felons with jobs and housing through his nonprofit organization, Friend a felon. Earlier this year, he developed a mobile app from scratch by watching YouTube videos. It now serves nearly 1,000 people seeking help.

Braden knows the problems and difficulties faced by criminals. He grew up in East Cleveland, and like so many men who find themselves caught up in the prison industrial complex, he fell weak in the face of peer pressure and the environment around him. Convicted himself, he said it took years to find stability for himself and his 4-year-old daughter, Quin.

“I was convicted of a crime when I was 18 and never went to jail, but I felt the effects as soon as I was charged,” Braden said. “I am now 28 years old. [I am] a convicted criminal [who] I still can’t find a job, I still can’t have a house in my name, I still can’t support myself and protect myself and my family without fear of going back to prison, and I’m not just one of millions.

“We are released with nothing and they expect us to change our lives. How it works?”

In Ohio, one in five felons sent to prison returns within three years after committing a new crime, according to a 2021 study by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. When parole violations are caught taking into account, the figures climb to around one in three criminals returning to prison.

Charles R. See pioneered rehabilitation programs and criminal justice initiatives while working for more than 44 years at the Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry in Cleveland. He retired in 2017. He said while good has been done to help returning criminals, many barriers to reintegration remain. In fact, Policy Matters Ohio reported that there are more than 850 laws and penalties that limit employment opportunities for Ohioans with felony convictions.

“While a lot has changed, there is still a stigma associated with having a criminal record,” See said.

He said several issues hamper people with criminal records: some struggle to obtain professional licenses, while others cannot receive services such as scholarships and decent wages from their employers.

He cited some programs and laws that have come into effect to facilitate the reinstatement process, such as “Ban the Box,” a law passed by Ohio lawmakers in 2015 that prohibits public employers from asking questions about the conviction of a person for a crime.

“But there are still a number of hurdles that someone with a criminal record faces,” See said.

Braden said he hopes his app will help more criminals across the state find jobs and housing, two meaningful ways to keep them from returning to courtrooms and jail cells.

When he started the nonprofit in 2018, he initially just wanted to help people get their records cleared and find jobs. But he was looking for more. He wanted a comprehensive helpline that criminals could turn to when they ran into trouble.

He just lacked the funds to do it.

So he built the mobile app from scratch, watching videos on YouTube explaining how to make it. He said it was the first of its kind, allowing users to connect with employers and property owners who post ads and can create matches in seconds.

Braden said he doesn’t consider himself a comeback expert, but he stressed that a strong support system with a plan moving forward is key.

“Being convicted of a crime doesn’t have to define your future,” he said. “We are committed to helping criminals overcome these circumstances by making them aware of the opportunities they didn’t know were available to them.”

Braden said more needed to be done. He wants to build offices to house his nonprofit and lobby for local offices in cities.

“It’s about me being the change I want to see,” he said.

OkCupid’s inclusive culture is key to the app’s new product innovation

  • OkCupid gave LGBTQ communities more options years before other dating apps.
  • Marcus Lofthouse, its product manager, explains how he promotes inclusive innovation.
  • The key is to foster safe spaces for employees and to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • This article is part of a series called “Culture of Innovation” exploring how companies are setting the stage for innovation, transformation and growth.

In the early 2000s, Marcus Lofthouse used Craigslist to find dates with other men. Lofthouse, which hadn’t come out as gay until 2008, was looking for a queer community online and could only find it alongside furniture ads and odd jobs.

But when OkCupid launched in 2004, it became the underdog of online dating. It offered inclusive options for LGBTQ singles. The app also offered specific questions for queer, trans and non-binary users – a novelty at the time.

It took years for other apps to offer similar options. It was only in 2010, after settling a lawsuit by gay and lesbian users that eHarmony added dating options for LGBTQ users, such as “men looking for men”. In 2014, OkCupid expanded its possibilities of sexuality to include options such as “asexual, demisexual and heteroflexible”, and it added more gender options beyond “male” and “female” to include options such as “gender, androgynous, trans male and female cis”. It wasn’t until 2019 that Tinder added similar options.

Lofthouse started using OkCupid and loved it because of the dating options it offered. He started working as OkCupid’s chief product officer in 2019. He now leads product creation at one of the world’s most popular dating apps.

Executives at OkCupid, a stalwart of the online dating landscape, tell Insider they prioritize innovation in the business. They work with a range of partners, including non-profit organization GLAAD and queer diversity, equity and inclusion consultants, to ensure the company’s products include people of all walks of life and are at the forefront of new conversations about inclusion. Lofthouse said Match Group, OkCupid’s parent company, has copied its products and applied them to other apps it owns, including Hinge, Match.com and Tinder. In an interview with Insider, Lofthouse discussed how other companies can ensure new products are transformational and inclusive.

“We have a historic legacy of openness,” Lofthouse said. “We set the tone on things like LGBTQIA+ products and offers. Other apps are looking to us.”

Normalize queer experiences

While dating apps designed specifically for LGBTQ communities offer a range of gender and orientation options, apps for straight and cis singles have often overlooked this kind of intersectionality.

This year for Pride Month, OkCupid is adding a range of LGBTQ-centric questions for all users in an effort to include and normalize a range of experiences. For example, all users are now prompted: “What does Pride mean to you?” “Do you defend LGBTQ+ rights? “Is it important to you that your date cares about transgender rights?” »

OkCupid Product Rollout for Pride 2022

OkCupid launched queer-inclusive options for users years before other apps.


The latest product rollout follows a number of innovative features launched by the company.

Earlier this year, OkCupid added definitions to its gender and orientation options to better serve LGBTQ singles and help educate allies. In 2020, the company rolled out the feature to all users to specify their pronouns, following a 2018 feature that gave LGBTQ users pronoun options. Also in 2020, OkCupid began allowing users to search not only for “men” or “women”, but also for “non-binary” daters. Hinge added this option a year later, and Bumble just added this option.

Many of these features at OkCupid have resulted either from listening to consumer feedback or employee insight. Having a diverse set of employees, as well as creating safe spaces for people to voice their opinions, is crucial for innovation, Lofthouse said.

“We hire the most qualified people and make sure to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds,” he said. “But I think it’s fundamental that we have a number of openly diverse people, specifically from the LGBTQ+ space. We’ve normalized the conversations. We’re creating psychological safety.”

Lofthouse said OkCupid leaders model psychological safety by speaking openly about their personal experiences and holding team members accountable when something goes wrong. For example, someone can interrupt a meeting, point out that a comment was problematic and discuss it, instead of letting it slide.


Like any other historically marginalized group, LGBTQ communities are not a monolith. To ensure the company creates products that represent members from all walks of life, OkCupid executives partner with nonprofits such as GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign and have commissioned DEI consultants and queer discussion groups.

“There’s a danger of sometimes having a representative of a group and then the assumption is, ‘Well, we checked in with a gay person. Let’s go with their ideas,'” Lofthouse said.

Portrait of Marcus Lofthouse

Marcus Lofthouse, chief product officer of OkCupid, said the first step to developing more inclusive products is simply to intend to seek input from people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Marcus Loft

Companies must avoid the tendency to consult with a member of an underrepresented group and then “check a box,” the executive said. For example, the experience of an affluent cisgender lesbian white woman is different from the experience of a black lesbian trans woman.

“Start with the intention to be more inclusive,” Lofthouse said. “There are usually always partners who can help you, or someone who can take customer feedback. There are always feedback who can help you think of something a little bigger.”

Frankie Bashana queer dating coach and matchmaker, said big business has a responsibility to use their platforms to advance human rights.

“It is their responsibility to engender and create an inclusive environment, even if it pushes them out of their comfort zone,” Bashan said. “We can’t know everything on our own. So you hire an expert who does.”

The dating coach reviewed some of OkCupid’s features and agreed that it’s at the forefront of offering inclusive products.

“They’re sort of disruptors,” she said. “They were in the lead.”

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Hinge did not have the ability to search for non-binary users.

Three vying for Scott County Council GOP sign


WINCHESTER – Three people are running for a position to represent the Republican Party as a candidate for Scott County Council.

John Simmons, 60, has never held public office but is Winchester’s director of public works and has held that position for 22 years.

One of his goals if elected is to help aid the county’s economy.

“I’d like to see what we can do to attract new businesses to Scott County, keep our current departments properly funded, and possibly seek better benefits for county employees,” Simmons said. “Today’s economy is of great concern to all of us, and prices continue to rise. I think it’s very important to budget and ensure that all of our current county departments have the resources they need. to function sufficiently.”

In addition to his work as director of public works, Simmons also serves as the county’s ordinances administrator and zoning administrator.

He said he believes the skills he has learned in his job will benefit the board.

“I have years of leadership as a manager or supervisor in my current position and my early years in retail,” Simmons said. “From my experiences, I have worked with the budgeting process, long-term goals and planning, while making the necessary financial decisions.”

He is married to Kathy and has three additional sons, two stepdaughters, two grandchildren and several pets.

Danny R. Hatcher, 71, will run to retain his position on the board. He was Commissioner for six years, Mayor of Glasgow for 12 to 15 years, a member of the Glasgow Board of Trustees and a member of the Winchester School Board for four years.

Hatcher said one of the biggest issues facing the county is money and finding the right balance between need and budget.

With demands from Winchester EMS, Bluffs Ambulance and Fire District, and all county maintenance strained resources.

“The business side is the problem in Scott County,” Hatcher said. “I would like to see more business in the community, but it’s hard to attract business when you don’t have anything to offer. It’s just about money. A lot of unanswered things take time and , above all, money.”

Hatcher said he wanted to help support the local EMS service and attract new business.

He said that as commissioner for the past six years, he feels he knows what is happening in the community and what is and is not being done.

“I know a lot about what’s going on and what needs to happen,” Hatcher said. “It takes time and you have to think about what you’re doing before you start spending money. I’m not above making mistakes. I drove people crazy, but I did this which is good.”

Hatcher had been in the trucking business for over 30 years. He graduated in 1968 from Winchester High School.

He is the husband of Genise and the father of Angie, Eric and the late Chris.

Steven D. Grubb, 60, is president of the Scott, Morgan, Greene Water Cooperative.

He said if elected he hopes to help provide services to the community.

“[My goals are] to maintain services such as EMS, fire and law enforcement in the county,” Grubb said. “Maintain services, while keeping taxes in line.

Grubb worked for 26 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and was promoted to lieutenant.

He is the husband of Amy Grubb.

What is the fair value of Bitcoin?


The descent of Bitcoin (BTC) towards $20,000 does not surprise me. As you may or may not know, I am one of the naïve dinosaurs who still believes that a cryptocurrency can never become money unless it is centrally backed by a sovereign entity. With year-to-date volatility well over 50%, the market has clearly come to the same conclusion.

So what is Bitcoin’s “fair value”?

Well, if you were to ask JP Morgan, their Bitcoin “strategist” Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou said in May that Bitcoin’s fair value was US$38,000 – a call that now seems to be taken terribly wrong. ““Last month’s crypto market correction looks more like a capitulation from last January/February, and looking forward, we see an upside for Bitcoin and crypto markets more generally” he said on May 29, 2022.

A little ironic, given that JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has always ranked Bitcoin as “worthless” (October 11, 2021). “I am not a bitcoin fan. I don’t care about bitcoin. It doesn’t interest me,” he said last year. “On the other hand, customers are interested and I don’t tell them what to do.”

Last week, the bank said that “Bitcoin’s recent fall has left the digital token well below its fair price, giving the cryptocurrency a significant advantage.”

JP Morgan therefore seems to apply a prediction of the future “fair value” of Bitcoin.

Fair value, in the context of investing, refers to the price at which a buyer and a seller arrive for the transaction value of the asset in question.

Fair value is therefore the price at which the asset is trading at a given time.

Purely from this perspective, the price at which Bitcoin is trading is fair value.

But what about fair value in the accounting context?

According to the definition of fair value as described in Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), “Fair value is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in a normal transaction between market participants at the measurement date.

Ah! The definition is the same. Thus, the fair value price of Bitcoin is the price at which it trades.

Can Bitcoin go to zero?

So under what circumstances, assuming major financial institutions are unable to design a support floor under the first and most valuable crypto, could Bitcoin drop to zero?

Well, consider that the value destruction of this year’s price crash alone from $68,000 to (now) below $24,000, there’s going to be a very sudden surge in bitcoin regulation that could have a profound chilling effect on speculators’ willingness to bet on crypto.

Additionally, given that central bank digital currencies are imminent, it is inconceivable that centrally managed (and more importantly, backed) sovereign currencies could be considered superior to any crypto, given that none of them are backed by anything.

Even so-called “stablecoins” like Tether and Terra have now been shown to be largely fraudulent in their depictions of being backed by US dollars.

So what if Bitcoin is considered a security and new rules to protect investors from the massive losses suffered today dictate that Bitcoin is not allowed to be used as legal tender?

What would be the point of holding it at all?

History will remember Bitcoin as an ambitious experiment that proved, unequivocally, that no currency can survive unless it is both centrally managed and financially backed by a sovereign currency.

The Sri Lankan rupee was little changed amid boring trading


ECONOMYNEXT – Commercial banks in Sri Lanka quoted the rupee at 367 against telegraphs on Monday (13) while the central bank’s interbank spot trade was at 359.83 below a daily guidance rate, little changed from to 359.8o on Friday.

The quotation of the commercial banks rupee against wire transfers was 367 against the US dollar on June 10.

The central bank’s guidance margin is fixed at plus 1.00 or minus 4.00 rupees.

“We don’t see much improvement in the currency market. Exporters in need of rupees are selling a minimum amount of dollars while importers of mostly essential goods are trying to buy maximum dollars,” a forex trader said. at EconomyNext.

The central bank stopped quoting overnight rates on January 23 when the rupiah floated with an interest rate correction after the soft peg collapsed amid a war. In 2021, the central bank also started to apply a rate inconsistent with the policy rate at around 203 per US dollar.

The secondary market was lackluster on Monday, a special holiday, as the public sector went into a long weekend as part of a government decision to cut costs, dealers said.

Three-month bills were quoted at around 22.00/22.50% in midday trade, down from 22.00/22.15% on Thursday.

A bond maturing on 01.06.2025 was trading around 20.15/30% on Monday, down from 19.90/20.20% at its last close on Friday.

A bond maturing on 15.01.2028 was trading around 20.10/20%, down from 20.00/20.10% at its last close on Friday.

(Colombo/Jun 13/2022)

Turkey doubles transaction tax on consumer loans to 10%

Turkey raised the tax on consumer loans amid soaring inflation and as authorities stepped up measures to strengthen the lira.

The rate of tax on banking and insurance transactions on consumer loans has been raised to 10% from 5%, according to a press release published in the Official Journal on Saturday.

The move follows a series of measures announced recently to support the lira, which has fallen 23% this year amid soaring prices and is the worst performing emerging market currency.

On Thursday, the banking regulator, also known as BDDK, slashed consumer debt repayment times, while increasing the minimum required monthly payment on credit cards.

Turkish inflation soared to 73.5% in May, its highest level in 24 years.

The Turkish lira weakened to 17.24 to the dollar on Friday, from 17.2 on Thursday. The lira is heading for the record low of 18.4 it hit on December 20 during a currency crisis triggered by a series of unorthodox interest rate cuts.

The Turkish government has said it will keep the benchmark interest rate at 14% despite soaring inflation. Inflation soared to 73.5% in May last year.

“Turkey’s inflation is expected to be at 48-49 percent by the end of this year,” Turkish Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said.

Turkey’s trade deficit jumped 157% year-on-year in May to $10.68 billion, the Commerce Ministry said on Thursday, as soaring energy import costs continue to widen the deficit.

Stocks to buy: Kunal Bothra’s 2 trading picks for next week

“There are two calls I want to suggest for the coming week. One of them is a buy call on and the other is a sell call on Ltd,” said Kunal Bothra of kunalbothra.co.in

In the past week, some sectors have performed well. One of them was the auto pack. Going forward, what kind of strength can this particular sector show? What will your choices also be?
We are seeing a very interesting trend for auto stocks. It’s not just the past few days or weeks that we’ve seen auto stocks come to life. This process has been going on for three months.

Compared to February 2022 lows, these stocks have performed remarkably well. I think Mahindra & Mahindra was almost at 727.40 about three or four months ago and the stock is now in the four digits plus mark at a time when all markets and indices have had a very sharp correction in a huge phase of volatility.

thus has done remarkably well in this period of time. has done reasonably well and stocks like , have also done reasonably well. So it’s not just limited to one or two stocks. It’s the sector as a whole that’s doing quite well, or the majority of stocks in the sector that’s doing exceptionally well.

This is a sign that this strength should continue for the sector in the short to medium term. My choices remain M&M as well as Maruti. I think traders might consider buying on the dips in these two stocks.

Back to recommendation stories

There are two calls I want to suggest for the coming week. One of them is a buy call on BPCL. We could start to enter a strong recovery mode. On Thursday, BPCL showed a remarkable candlestick pattern, it was a strong indication of a breakout in terms of price, volumes as well as a strong change in terms of indicators for BPCL. I would expect this stock to start entering an outperformance mode and would recommend a buy on BPCL. The targets should be held at Rs 350 with a stop loss at Rs 317. The second would be a sell call on HDFC Ltd. Friday’s title experienced a very strong repression from the opening. It opened down 1.5%, but throughout the day the stock saw constant selling pressure. I feel it has to do with the bigger institutional hands selling the stock and with that selling pressure HDFC has opened one more leg down and could probably move into another corrective mode suggesting a sell off with the target of Rs 2,125 stop loss at Rs 2,225.

Oklahoma official seeks execution dates for 25 inmates – The Journal


Oklahoma’s attorney general has asked the state’s highest appeals court to set execution dates for 25 death row inmates following a federal judge’s rejection of their challenge to the method of execution. state lethal injection.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma’s attorney general has asked the state’s highest appeals court to set execution dates for 25 death row inmates following a federal judge’s dismissal of their challenging the state’s method of lethal injection.

In 25 similar filings with the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals on Friday, Attorney General John O’Connor wrote that federal court stays of execution were no longer in place and that there therefore had more legal obstacles to the execution of the detainees, who exhausted their appeals.

The state Department of Corrections has requested that the first execution be scheduled for no earlier than August 25, O’Connor wrote. He requested that the dates be set four weeks apart due to the time required for a clemency hearing for each inmate before an execution, and that the DOC requested that executions be set at least 35 days after the order. of the court.

“For the sake of the families of the victims, many of whom have waited for decades – as many executions as possible are spaced four weeks apart,” O’Connor wrote.

O’Connor has suggested that the first inmate who should be put to death is James Coddington, whose March 10 execution was postponed after US District Judge Stephen Friot allowed him to join the trial which ultimately failed .

A phone call to a Coddington attorney’s office went unanswered on Saturday. Defense attorneys previously said Coddington suffered from mental illness.

Coddington was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1997 Choctaw hammerhead murder of co-worker Albert Hale, who prosecutors say refused to loan Coddington $50 to buy drugs.

Second on the list, who the filing said was offered based on when each inmate’s appeals were exhausted, would be Richard Glossip, the lead plaintiff in the federal lawsuit. He was hours away from his execution in September 2015 when prison officials realized they had been given the deadly wrong drug.

It was later learned that the same bad drug had previously been used to execute an inmate, and executions in the state were suspended.

Glossip, who was twice convicted and sentenced to death for killing Barry Van Treese, the owner of the motel where Glossip worked, maintained his innocence.

Don Knight, Glossip’s attorney, noted that a group of Republican lawmakers who question Glossip’s guilt have called for a reconsideration of the case.

“These findings may reveal exculpatory information not previously known,” Knight said in a statement. “Until everyone has a chance to review the final report, the Attorney General has a moral duty to delay the execution of Richard Glossip.”

Executions in Oklahoma resumed in October with John Grant, who convulsed on the stretcher and vomited before being pronounced dead. Since then, three other executions have taken place without notable complications, the latest being inmate Gilbert Ray Postelle, who was put to death on February 17.

Federal public defender Jennifer Moreno, one of the attorneys who represented the detainees in the failed federal trial, said an appeal of Friot’s decision is being considered.

She did not immediately respond to messages on Saturday seeking comment.

FILE – This Feb. 5, 2021, photo provided by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections shows James Coddington. In a motion filed Friday, June 10, 2022, Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor is asking the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to set execution dates for 25 death row inmates, including Coddington . (Oklahoma Department of Corrections via AP, file)

FILE – Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor speaks to reporters following a campaign event, Tuesday, May 31, 2022, in Oklahoma City. O’Connor is asking the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to set execution dates for 25 death row inmates, including Coddington. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

Food Network ‘Cupcake Lady’ used identity of dead ‘Baby Brie’ to get loans, tuition and over $1 million in Covid relief – Crime Online

A woman whose bakery was once featured on the Food Network is said to have stolen the identity of a dead baby for nearly two decades and now faces up to 30 years behind bars in connection with the ruse, WSYX-TV reports.

On Friday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio announced charges against Ava Misseldine, 49, accused of using the baby’s identity to obtain a passport, student pilot’s license, work as a stewardess, gaining admission to The Ohio State University, and pandemic relief assistance.

Prosecutors charged Misseldine with passport fraud, social security number fraud, aggravated identity theft and fraud in connection with an emergency, according to the Department of Justice.
The government alleges that Misseldine stole the identity of a baby who died in 1979, first using the baby’s identity in 2003 to obtain an Ohio ID card under the name “Brie Bourgeois” and then driver’s license and social security card.

Misseldine began using the baby “Brie” identity three years after he was released from prison for forgery, theft and escape, according to the Daily Beast.

In 2007, Misseldine allegedly used the stolen identity to obtain a passport and a student pilot certificate. To get the passport, she claimed she had to travel overseas for her job as a flight attendant, where she was employed under the stolen identity.

Misseldine would continue the scam for the next 13 years, using both her real and stolen identities at different times, according to the DOJ.

It was during this time that Misseldine owned and operated Koko Tea Salon & Bakery near Columbus, Ohio. The Food Network previously featured the restaurant in “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” for the bakery’s red velvet cupcakes, which were made with beet juice instead of food coloring, according to Columbus Monthly.

But federal investigators began examining Misseldine last year when she attempted to renew her passport. Misseldine also received about $1.5 million in what the government calls fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program loans under both identities. She submitted false documents to support loan applications and allegedly used the money to buy a $647,000 home near Zion National Park in Utah and a $327,000 home in Michigan. WBNS-TV reports.

In September 2021, Misseldine also applied for and received Utah driver’s licenses under both names, according to prosecutors.

Misseldine faces a minimum of two years in prison but could face up to 30 years behind bars if convicted.

The real Brie Bourgeois’ mother, Paula Bourgeois, told The Daily Beast she was shocked that someone had been using her daughter’s identity for decades.

“Brie died so young, she didn’t have a social security number,” Paula Bourgeois told the outlet. “She was only four and a half months old when she died. . . I’m really flabbergasted.

Milwaukee Muslim Surgeon’s Clinic Reflects Pillars of Islam


The Yomi® robotic system is the first robot-assisted dental implant surgery machine. In addition to providing a detailed plan of your teeth and jawbones, Yomi® also works to guide Dr. Khader as she places the implant with precision and allows for immediate and precise adjustments during your implant placement surgery. .

Khader taught dental students at Tufts and later at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. She has worked at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Froedtert Hospital of Wisconsin and continues to see patients at Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center several days a week.

She is certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and has been a board graduate since 2013.

Currently, she serves as the Board Director of the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation and is the Past President of the Wisconsin Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

It seems like everything has prepared her for her biggest project yet: her own clinic.

The Community Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward is modern, high-tech, and equipped with specialized robotic equipment to assist with surgeries. Services range from dental extractions to more advanced surgeries such as the correction of jaw abnormalities.

The clinic is the only office in Wisconsin to offer Yomi® robot-assisted dental implant surgery. The staff includes an experienced nurse and all team members are well trained to handle emergencies.

The things that make Khader different go beyond his exceptional surgical skills and medical knowledge. Her practice is an extension of the life she hopes to live as a contemporary Muslim woman, mother and wife.

One of the best things about Islam is Zakat, says Khader. “If people really respect this, there will be no poverty anywhere.”

This doctor is committed to working with patients that other surgeons turn away due to low insurance coverage or other financial issues.

The clinic’s mission includes a commitment to serving patients with compassion and fairness. Khader also wants to innovate with more advanced technologies to further improve patient outcomes. Finally, in three to five years, she hopes to convert her business into an employee-owned clinic.

Khader strongly believes in empowering people. By helping her team become financially secure and empowering them to contribute to the governance of the clinic, the clinic will operate at the highest level and provide exceptional care.

LETTER: Board Members Not Correcting Meeting Minutes


For the editor,

During my comments during the March [School] At the board meeting, Grady Hunt and Dwayne Smith were disruptive. Smith said he would “talk” with me outside, called me an idiot, and told me to sit down and shut up. It starts at 2:44 a.m. I was asked to leave, but Dwayne Smith and Grady Hunt were not and suffered no consequences. More than 20,000 people watched this circus.

Minutes on the PSRC website state the following: “Mr. Douglas McBroom was escorted off the premises by a police officer for his disruptive behavior at the school board meeting of March 8, 2022 on the recommendation of the superintendent Freddie Williamson.

Everyone knows I didn’t cause the disturbance. There is no mention of Hunt or Smith and neither was asked to leave for their disruptive behavior. They want to put it on me.

Anyone who has witnessed this knows that is not accurate. Policy 2210 states that Williamson shall “ensure that minutes of board meetings are promptly and accurately recorded…”

What he put in the record was false, a lie by omission.

The minutes are given to the members of the Council in advance and are approved. Members have confessed to me that they did not read them out of negligence. What’s worse is that Mike Smith said he read the court record but shamefully did nothing, knowing it was untrue.

Any legal government document must be accurate and errors must be corrected immediately. I asked them to fix it before the May board meeting. Nothing. I have since contacted Mike Smith and got nothing. Williamson even refuses to answer after several requests. We know that if the minutes had stated that a certain Council member violated the law, such as accepting bribes, this would be corrected immediately.

I think they defamed me and maybe made a case to ban me from meetings. I have said many times that it is wrong when these “leaders” use policies and tools as weapons against the people.

I ask people who have watched the video to contact PSRC and demand the correction. I don’t want any excuses because it will never happen. The Robesonian should investigate. News organizations should be a government watchdog. Don’t “take my side”, just be prepared to investigate and report the truth. Just my opinion.

Doug McBroom

Red springs

Why You Should Be Careful Trading Terra’s LUNA 2.0 Price

  • Terra’s price drops massively as external pressures increase on its price action.
  • LUNA price is expected to drop towards $2.00 in a quick correction.
  • Expect a possible full pairing towards pennies, as the question remains what to do with stablecoins in the future.

Terra (LUNA) price action is poised for a massive correction after the rules of the game changed Thursday after the ECB massively dropped the ball. The fallout from this miscommunication from the central bank has triggered a massive move in the dollar that will not only weigh on the LUNA/USD spot price, but also put the screw on Terra maintaining its peg against the dollar. With several headlines Thursday out of Congress with questions about a regulatory crackdown on stablecoins, the last days of this second release for LUNA seem to be numbered.

Last Trading Days LUNA Price Countdown

Terra’s price might suffer a bit as two significant external factors could cause a massive headwind, or rather even a massive hurricane, for that matter. On Thursday, the ECB dropped the ball by committing to the smallest rate hike in global markets, while other major central banks are committing to longer, wider and faster rate hikes for controlling inflation. The most significant side effect of this mishap was that the euro collapsed massively and in turn made the dollar more expensive across the board.

LUNA’s price has yet to reassess its own intrinsic value against this stronger dollar, and there is still the problem of its peg to the strong dollar, which will force Terra’s hand to buy more assets to support this attachment, and which can prove difficult with shares that are losing value. As more headlines emerge regarding the regulatory crackdown, LUNA’s price looks set to bow to pressure and is set to fall back to $2.00, a 35% drop. If the dollar strengthens further and hits new lows, expect to see further decline towards perhaps just pennies as investors turn their backs on the stablecoin for good.

LUNA/USD 4H-chart

A jump up, towards $3.80 or $4.00, on the other hand, could occur if, later this afternoon, the US inflation figures surprise on the downside. This would mean that the FED has inflation under control and less severe action is needed. This would in turn trigger a jump in stocks, creating a double tailwind for the price of LUNA with both stock risk and dollar weakness as the driving forces. A rally to $6.00 could be possible, but markets should then rise in price.

Gold’s relative performance is a red flag


Since the start of 2022, gold has shown resilience against other asset classes, indicating that its historical hedge against financial instability remains intact. Back in 2014, I said gold wouldn’t see a big move until cannabis and crypto run their course. With the latter up for the award as the year’s biggest investor value killer, it looks like gold now has the perfect storm to hit new highs.

Basically, there has never been a worse time for the markets, or a better time for gold. The crypto community is now proving with increasing frequency why a decentralized, non-sovereignty backed monetary wannabe can never achieve currency status.

The “war” in Ukraine is beginning to resemble modern Vietnam by proxy, and sovereign debt levels are such that many countries are technically insolvent. Including the United States.

With interest rates now above 6% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, real estate has already entered the biggest correction in its existence since 2008.

In fact, 2008 was the start of what would have been another Great Depression, but the shock of quantitative easing and the scare tactics deployed after the collapse of Lehman Brothers had pushed that financial meltdown into the future.

But that future is now, and QE’s ability to influence sentiment has diminished, and the abundant liquidity that still exists in the system has run out of synthetic assets to chase, which is now pushing commodities higher.

We know that G7 governments are extremely sensitive to continued weakness in stock markets, but we also know that the Fed et al are in agreement in perceiving more stimulus as the only thing worse than doing nothing. Will they try to lower rates in the face of a tsunami of foreclosures? Will they throw caution to the wind and try to blow minds with monthly stimuli measured in the trillions?

At this time, nothing is excluded for central bankers, who are required to do what governments ask of them.

Which brings us back to the question of gold.

Among critics of the monetary system who clearly apprehend the stimulus and ZIRP to be the equivalent of slamming fentanyl into the veins of a heroin addict, the consensus is that for years the price of gold n hasn’t reflected the fair value of gold, thanks in large part to poor, opaque regulation of the futures market.

Thus, there is a decade of upward compression in the price of gold that only needs a huge abdication of confidence in the markets to uncork it. Many believe that the price of uncompressed gold is around $5,000 an ounce.

Regardless of what you think, from a technical standpoint, gold seems to be the big winner of 2022, given that it’s up against every other asset class.

Asset Cumulative performance since the beginning of the year
Gold +1.15%
NASDAQ -31.6%
S&P500 -21.8%
DJI -16.6%
Bitcoin -54%
Immovable (SIXRE) -23.9%
Goods (DJCI) +27.41%

With QE cut plans still rolling, and with interest rates now climbing, and with inflation entrenched above 8%, there is mathematically no choice but recession. and maybe depression.

This will be the moment when history teaches us that, albeit with human ingenuity and self-deception, the inevitable can be postponed, but never undone.

Letter: A Peace Dividend, But Not As McNamara Envisioned


John Paul Rathbone’s assessment in “The West’s Peace Dividend Falls Victim to Russian Hostility” (Report, June 8) is misleading and overly pessimistic.

Misleading, because although in the 1990s military spending fell in absolute and relative terms, for much of the next two decades there was never a peace dividend.

The phrase refers to the economic and social benefits of reduced military spending. But using the same SIPRI data as Rathbone, we see that Western military spending has “doubled” since 2000 in constant US dollars (ie after adjusting for inflation). Global military spending increased by 2.6% in 2020 despite the Covid-19 recession. Western defense spending was already at historically high levels before the war in Ukraine ($753 billion was spent in the United States alone in 2021).

The peace dividend envisioned by former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and others in 1989 ended with US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, not Russia’s in Ukraine.

With the war in Ukraine, it has become very clear that military spending does not guarantee peace or stability – in 2021 NATO was already spending 15 times more than Russia.

With climate, food and health crises threatening the future of humanity, the pressure to redirect military spending to more productive uses will only increase. Many personalities (including 54 Nobel laureates and the presidents of five major academies of sciences) and more than 60,000 citizens of the world have endorsed a concrete proposal to negotiate a reduction in global military spending by 2% each year. The peace dividend has not yet started, but I am convinced that it will.

Matteo Smerlak
President, The Global Peace Dividend Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland

Review of possible financing installment loans 2022 – Forbes Advisor

Although Possible Finance can quickly offer small loans to borrowers with bad credit (or no credit), it charges higher APRs than some other personal lenders. Here’s how Possible Finance’s installment loans stack up against competitors.

Possible financing against upgrade

Upgrade offers personal loans starting at $1,000, so it might be a better option than Possible Finance if you need to borrow more than $500. In fact, you can borrow up to $50,000 with the upgrade and APRs start around 6% and go up to 36%. Since Upgrade’s rates are much more competitive than those of Possible Finance, it may be worth checking to see if you qualify for one of its personal loans before borrowing a Possible installment loan.

The upgrade requires a minimum credit score of 580 to qualify, making it a viable option for potential borrowers with damaged credit.

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Possible financing against SoFi

Possible Finance offers small loans up to $500, but SoFi funds personal loans between $5,000 and $100,000. SoFi’s competitive APRs start around 6%, but you’ll need to pass a credit check to qualify. SoFi requires a minimum credit score of 650. If you cannot qualify on your own, you may consider applying with a co-borrower, such as a spouse or trusted friend.

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Possible financing against LightStream

Similar to SoFi, LightStream also offers personal loans from $5,000 to $100,000, depending on the purpose of the loan, with competitive APRs starting in the low single digits. While Possible Finance finances short-term loans, LightStream allows you to repay your loans over two to 20 years. You must have a minimum credit score of 660 to qualify for a LightStream personal loan.

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Federally Endangered Orchid Rediscovered in Vermont Thanks to Smartphone App

A small whorled pogonia blooms on protected land in the Winooski Valley Park District. Vermont Fish & Wildlife photo courtesy of John Gange

Lesser Whorled Pogonia has been widely believed to be extinct in the state for over a century, that is, until a Vermonter stumbled across a mysterious plant and posted it on an app.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department botanists have confirmed the presence of nine small whorled pogonias on May 25 in the multi-city district of Winooski Valley Park in Chittenden County. The species is globally rare and is now one of only three federally threatened or endangered plants confirmed to occur in Vermont.

This species is the only one of the three that is historical, meaning it has been extinct in Vermont for over 25 years – or in this case, for 120.

“The last time this plant was seen was in 1902, it was actually a photograph of a plant in a flowerpot,” said Aaron Marcus, assistant botanist with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. “I haven’t found any literature that really tells the full story of why the plant was in a flowerpot.”

This 1902 sighting took place in a part of Chittenden County that has since become urbanized. Now, more than a century later, the plant is confirmed to have returned to Vermont landscapes, thanks to a retired greenhouse manager and ornithologist and his use of a popular identification app. Plant.

Tom Doubleday had used iNaturalist, a community science app, to ask for help identifying an unknown wildflower in July 2021.

Eleanor Ray was the first person to identify the sighting as a small whorled pogonia, and community botanist John Gange was the first to bring it to the attention of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Gange often goes to iNaturalist to confirm and correct sightings of orchid species, he said.

“When I first saw this listing without seeing the photo, I assumed it was misidentified,” Gange said. “When I clicked on the image, even though there was no flower, it was clearly Isotria medeoloides. I would say my jaw dropped to the ground. It was amazing.”

Gange, Doubleday and Marcus returned to the site this spring, alongside the department’s chief botanist, Bob Popp, to confirm the regional rediscovery of the orchid while the plants were in bloom.

“To see them in Vermont, and to see so many with two flowers, which is quite unusual, was truly a privilege,” Gange said. “I wish I could have stayed there a little longer.”

Both Ray and Gange are plant conservation volunteers through a non-profit organization called the Native Plant Trust, which is the country’s first plant conservation organization and the only one that focuses solely on native plants. of New England.

“This network is really valuable and important and we would have much less understanding of the status of endangered plants in the state if it weren’t for all of our volunteers because we don’t have the staff to be able to monitor these plants on our own,” Marcus said.

Lesser Whorled Pogonia is historically found in the eastern United States and Ontario. Unlike many flowers, it is self-pollinating, and unlike many orchids, it photosynthesizes independently of fungi. It is, however, likely to depend on fungi for other functions.

Little is known about the habitat requirements of lesser whorled pogonia, although it can be seen growing in Maine and New Hampshire in areas with partial sun, such as forest edges and openings.

“Orchids are some of our most charismatic plants in Vermont. They evoke a lot of excitement and imagination, which is truly wonderful. I think something that really excites us about orchids is how mysterious they are,” Marcus said. “What little we understand of orchids is actually, I think, part of their plot.”

Still, the North American Orchid Conservation Center is working to cultivate all fungi associated with orchid roots in different states and ecological regions across the continent to learn more about the growing needs of orchids.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has collaborated with the organization in the past on researching other Vermont orchid species.

Marcus isn’t the only botanist involved in discovery to find orchids so mysteriously intriguing. Gange said his particular interest in orchids was “a bit of a mystery” even to himself.

“There’s something about them that enchanted me, really. It’s really hard to put your finger on what that quality is, and I think other people who are passionate about different subjects probably know it too,” Gange said. “There’s just kind of an attachment really, and just a need to know more about it.”

Gange’s expertise in orchid botany is largely self-taught with no formal training, he said, although he worked with an orchid research mentor, who has since died.

In addition to its many unique properties as a species, the small population of whorled pogonia recently discovered in Vermont is one of the northernmost populations in its entire global range, Marcus said. This is particularly important in observing evolution through climate change.

Prior to the discovery of this population, there had been unsuccessful searches for the species in Vermont. Popp had made some effort personally, as had Gange on another occasion.

Lauren Chicote, operations manager for the Winooski Valley Park District, said the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife notified her organization of the rare orchid’s presence about a week ago. The two organizations have collaborated on similar conservation projects in the past.

“It kind of reiterates why we exist and why the Park District does what we do,” Chicote said. “It’s always just a really nice and exciting thing that really reminds us that we’re doing really important work.”

Rare orchids are at high risk from illegal picking, accidental trampling and other disturbances. The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife keeps the exact location of known plants private for protection.

“It’s always a balance, with managing our parks for recreation and public access, but also for conservation,” Chicote said. “We will ensure there are no trails nearby, so there is no accidental trampling and we will continue to follow Fish & Wildlife’s advice to conceal the actual location.”

The Vermont Center for Ecostudies runs the Vermont Atlas of Life, a Vermont-based project within iNaturalist that has coordinated passionate community scientists to share observations since 2013, often leading to rediscoveries of plants similar to that of the small whorled pogonia.

“We have a lot of users now and it’s really amazing, we’ve discovered all kinds of things,” said Kent McFarland, creator and director of Vermont Atlas of Life. “Not something like this usually, but it’s pretty crazy.”

Vermont Atlas of Life uses iNaturalist software for a mechanism that automatically hides the location of threatened and sensitive plant species on iNaturalist, which may be at risk of trampling or poaching.

Doubleday also manually removed contact information from its iNaturalist post using the app’s privacy settings, just to be safe.

Marcus recommends people recreate responsibly across the state, especially in sensitive habitats. They advise Vermonters against picking slow-growing flower species, such as orchids or trilliums, which are susceptible and vulnerable to decline.

“I don’t mean, ‘Don’t go dandelions picking,'” they said. “Vermont has an incredible diversity of plant ecosystems and all the creatures that live there and it’s truly amazing. I want to encourage people to come out – you never know what you might find.

Fixed: The location where the orchid was found has been clarified.

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Day trading at NSE accounts for 2% of market activity

Capital markets

Day trading at NSE accounts for 2% of market activity

Nairobi Stock Exchange trading room. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Day trading, in which people buy and sell stocks several times a day, now accounts for 2% of market activity according to the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

The service was introduced in November last year to allow investors and speculators to make multiple trades in one day with the ability to profit from price changes.

Previously, shares bought could not be sold on the same day and you had to wait for the transaction to be validated. The introduction of day trading aims to give more options to traders and investors in addition to increasing market liquidity.

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It’s getting off to a slow start, in part because most market participants have longer investment holding times. Many retail investors, who are the primary target of the service, are also unfamiliar with the risks and opportunities presented by day trading.

“Day trading has so far contributed around 2% of market activity on average,” the stock trader said in its latest annual report.

The phenomenon of buying and selling stocks several times a day without tying up your capital has become a success in the United States in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The trend has been attributed to increased gamification of investing in addition to a sharp drop in trading commissions, with some brokers eliminating fees altogether and opting to generate revenue from market makers.

In Kenya, day traders face substantial transaction costs despite receiving a small discount on standard fees.

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“To make day trading more attractive, the NSE Board of Directors has approved a 5% discount on the closing trade, which is charged at 0.114% from 0.12%. This discount directly benefits the investor.

The performance of day traders in the local market is not known. In the United States, dozens of individuals became dollar millionaires as day traders collectively finally lost the gains they had made during the recent market correction.

[email protected]

CropSize photo resizing and editing app for iOS gets essential version 4.0.0 update


The update includes significant improvements in photo processing and sharing, as well as many minor tweaks and fixes.

It is expected that most mobile applications will be more limited and less powerful equivalents of PC and Mac software, I developed CropSize to counter this assertion.

— Aliaksei Khutarshchykau

WARSAW, POLAND, June 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CropSize is a photo resizing and editing app that allows iOS users to precisely crop, resize and edit any photo or set of photos stored on their device or in iCloud. Along with its comprehensive cropping and resizing tools, CropSize offers a number of beautiful photo filters and effects, all of which can be applied to selected photos simultaneously. The app also provides tools to view, manage, and add metadata to a photo or a batch of photos. A combination of edits, filters and settings during a single editing session can also be saved as a program (**) to be applied later to any photo or group of photos.

The new version 4.0.0 introduces a new single photo processing screen, a new batch processing screen, redesigned processing and sharing logic, and many minor fixes and improvements. All should make processing and sharing, such an important part of any photo editing cycle, more intuitive, quick and enjoyable.

The new pop-up screen for processing and sharing a single photo contains settings such as image format with compression quality, metadata profile, filename and estimated file size.

The new pop-up screen for batch processing and sharing contains settings such as batch size settings, image format with compression quality, metadata profile and filename, and allows previewing. any photo in the batch, change its initial orientation, exclude from processing and sharing, and more. It also provides tools to fully control the entire batch processing flow.

“Since most mobile apps should be more limited and less powerful equivalents of PC and Mac software, I developed CropSize to counter this claim,” explained Aliaksei Khutarshchykau, developer of CropSize. “The app is designed around three core principles. First, to provide the user with as much power, control, and information as possible. Second, to make the editing process easy and intuitive. Finally, to provide users with a range of automation tools that can significantly speed up their tasks.”

As an implementation of these principles, CropSize offers many features including the following:
* Real-time info on image size, edit frame and position, file size, file format, full photo metadata, estimated file size and more Again
* Preview and full size preview at almost every stage of editing
* Ability to select the main measurement units (pixels, inches, centimeters)
* Resize in 3 modes to any size up to maximum size depending on device hardware
* 360 degree free crop rotation
* One pixel fix
to change frame and position
* Keyboard input for almost all photo editing parameters (size, edit frame and position, rotation angle, dpi, IPTC metadata, etc.)
* Batch processing, batch size settings, schedules (**), editable crop and size presets
* Photo metadata manager, IPTC metadata creator

* PNG, JPEG, TIFF, HEIC, auto formats with compression quality

One Pixel Correction is a unique tool in CropSize that allows the user to move or resize an editing frame in any direction by one pixel for each user click or tick while the button is pressed.
(**) The program is a unique tool of CropSize which allows the user to save the entire editing session to the application storage and then use it anytime to apply all the saved changes to a new photo or a batch of photos
Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 12.0 or later

* Universal app
* 20 MB

Price and availability:
CropSize 4.0.0 costs $2.99 ​​(or equivalent in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. Revision codes are available upon request.
Aliaksei Khutarshchykau
[email protected]
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Sticky Scholarship is here to save you from your student loans

Thanks to inflation, the minimum wage in the United States has essentially gone down every year since 1968. Meanwhile, tuition fees have jumped 1200% since 1980. So it’s no surprise that prospective students are all considering the possible means of paying their university fees.

Although student loans are still a popular way to fund further education, they come with a long-term repayment commitment that has been roundly criticized, even though no real change is on the horizon. Many more students have turned to scholarships to pay for their education without going into debt.

There are all kinds of scholarship opportunities available for students these days – and not all of them are tied to academic achievement.

According to Education Data Initiative, the U.S. Department of Education pays out approximately $46 billion in scholarships each year. The average scholarship is around $7,400. With plenty of scholarships up for grabs, any high schooler can apply and hopefully forget about — or at least minimize — student loans.

A particular scholarship that students can use pay for collegeenters the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Competition.

Duck Brand Prom Scholarship Contest

The annual Duck Brand Scholarship is a $25,000 award that focuses on an important high school event that every senior looks forward to: Prom. Two grand prize winners will be named – a dress and a tuxedo – to win a $10,000 cash prize, and eight runners-up will receive $500 prize money. All high school or home students can participate in the contest.

To win, entrants must submit a photo or video of their creative and original design of their finished Duck Tape dress or tuxedo to Stuck at the ball. This scholarship is an opportunity for students who wish to show their artistic abilities and imagination.

The annual Duck Brand Fellowship has been around for a while, and this is the 22nd. Last year, in 2021, two talented crafty teenagers won over the judges by creating a remarkable design. Larissa Leon won the grand prize for the dress and Ryan Bekic won the grand prize for the tuxedo. It took them about 160 hours to complete their design.

So if you’re a desperate teenager with no savings for college, this is a chance for you to take home a huge amount of money. What better way to save money for college that?

How to participate

The first stage of the contest is the entry period, where contestants will create an original dress or tuxedo from duct tape and upload a photo or video of themselves to Duck Brand StuckAtProm gate.

The second step is to submit your registration form and information. Finally, the last and most fun step is to vote. The ten best candidates are chosen by a panel of judges based on these important criteria: color, originality, accessories, craftsmanship and concept.

Once the top ten have been chosen, the judges choose the top two winners and the remaining eight are runners-up.

Dates to remember:

  • Registration period: March – June 8, 2022
  • Judge Selection Period: June 15 – June 22, 2022
  • Public voting period for finalists: June 29 – July 13, 2022
  • Announcement of the big winners: the week of July 20, 2022


To participate in the contest and do your best to get this scholarship, here are the requirements:

  • Entrants must live in the United States, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and all United States territories except North Dakota, Vermont, Maryland, Colorado, Nebraska, Tennessee and Vermont. It also does not apply to the province of Quebec but to the rest of Canada.
  • A participant must be 14 years of age or older to participate.
  • For the 2021/2022 school year, participants must be enrolled in a high school or enrolled in a home school association within a high school.
  • Previous year’s scholarship finalists, directors, spouses, household members and designers are not eligible to apply.

Save yourself student loans

Most students graduating from a four-year college may have up to thousands of dollars in debt. It can take years to pay off your student loans. Rather than getting student loans, most students want to save money for other things. Based on American Newshere is a detailed list:

  • Private college: $38,185
  • Public, out of state: $22,698
  • Public, in-state: $10,338

Going to college can be expensive, especially if you don’t have a steady family income or a high-paying job to help pay for it. The median household in the United States is around $67,000.

If you think about the cost of basic needs, tuition, student loans, and emergency funds, that’s a lot of money that even $67,000 can’t save you. Scholarships like the Duck Brand Contest, on the other hand, give a ray of hope to those who need it most.

The scholarship can partially or fully pay for your tuition depending on the college you plan to attend. Receiving a scholarship that covers all of your tuition or half of your tuition feels like a dream come true.

The scholarship money can leave you extra money for other things like rent, utilities, restaurants, side shovesinvestments, etc

The Duck Brand Contest Scholarship has opened doors for many students who desperately dream of going to college. It is up to them to act or not!

Are you ready to use your creative and innovative ideas to outshine other contestants and win the grand prize? It’s time to shine bright and put your skills to the test. Will you be the winner and take home the prize money, or will you be the one who takes out student loans?

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Image credit: Pexels

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LETTER: It’s time to try new ideas in the fight against crime


They say STUPID does the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

They tried this “non-sense commission” how long ago? It didn’t work then. What makes them “think” this will be the case now?

We are in the midst of an increase in crime not just in New York, but across the state. Drugs are rampant. And these political hacks want to close more prisons? Again, they do the same old stupid thing. And it doesn’t work.

You don’t end crime by wishing it away. When Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York, they implemented a “broken windows” policy. By this, they came out to clean up the neighborhoods with the “little problems” and some how the big problems took care of themselves. Do you know it worked?

Governor Kathy Hochul is doing the same nonsense that has been tried and failed miserably. She became the tail wagging the dog? Our state prisons are run by a man who has never worked a day with inmates and who has been the “acting” commissioner of corrections for 25 years. He and the Democrats alone have made state prisons the most violent in the country. Our correctional officers are attacked daily. Special accommodations for inmates who commit serious offenses are a laughing stock.

And yet they keep doing the same thing. When will they get the idea to try something “different”?

—Walter E. Beverly III, Rome

Asbury Park shooting under investigation

June 07, 2022

Asbury Park shooting under investigation

A shooting incident that led to a police car chase that resulted in an arrest and the recovery of two handguns remains under active investigation, the county’s acting prosecutor said Tuesday. of Monmouth, Lori Linskey.

Shortly after 7:15 p.m. on Sunday June 5, Asbury Park Police Department patrol units responding to gunfire from the 10 block of Atkins Avenue spotted a vehicle leaving the area and attempted to call a stop Traffic. The vehicle then crashed less than a mile away, in the area of ​​Washington Avenue and Myrtle Avenue in nearby Neptune Township.

Two occupants of the crashed vehicle, a 15-year-old man and Justin Mayes-Wiggs, 33, of Neptune Township, attempted to leave the scene on foot but were quickly located. The other two occupants of the vehicle were seriously injured and transported to a local hospital; one has since been pronounced dead, while the other remains in critical condition. The minor was also taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries, and his involvement is still under investigation.

Mayes-Wiggs has since been criminally charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a second-degree handgun, second-degree certain persons not possessing weapons and obstructing justice, an offense for disorderly, after which he was incarcerated in Monmouth County. Correctional Facility (MCCI) pending a first appearance in Monmouth County Superior Court.

The circumstances of the police car chase are being investigated by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office. The investigation into the shooting, along with the investigation into the recovery of the two handguns, is being led by the Asbury Park Police Department and the Monmouth County District Attorney’s Office.

Anyone with information on either of the latter two topics is asked to contact MCPO Detective Christopher Guy at 800-533-7443 or Asbury Park Police Department Detective Dillon Gourley at 732- 774-1300.

This case was assigned to Monmouth County Assistant District Attorney Caitlin J. Sidley. Information about the legal representation of the accused Mayes-Wiggs was not immediately available.

Despite these charges, each defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at the conclusion of a trial in which the defendants enjoy all rights to a trial guaranteed by the US Constitution and state law.

STEPN App Bombarded by Another Round of DDoS Attacks


STEPN, the first-of-its-kind mobile lifestyle app launched in 2021, faced massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Find Satoshi Lab, creator of STEPN, advised its users to take a short break:

“We recommend that you rest during the maintenance, otherwise the workouts may not be recorded correctly. Our engineers are working hard to resolve the issues.

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Following the breach, STEPN tokens have also dropped in value (ICO Drops). 

Network congestion and 25 million DDoS attacks

This tweet aims to reassure users that their developers are fixing the issue. The servers are currently secure and the recovery period could be between 1 and 12 hours, according to the developers.

STEPN is a popular crypto game with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements that encourage users to move, walk or run and be rewarded with Green Satoshi Token (GST) and Green Metaverse Token (GMT). Players buy NFT sneakers to play and earn tokens when walking or running outdoors.

Users have also been told that the game is facing “network congestion” challenges following the rapid 25 million DDosS attacks.

A DDoS attack occurs when hackers try to hammer a website by bombarding it with unwanted traffic. These attacks are quite common, especially in the crypto space

STEPN deploys anti-cheat measures

Hackers seem to be very persistent in bringing down STEPN. They have been taking the hits since April and then in May. Hackers desperately want to cripple the popular app by overloading it with DDoS attacks.

STEPN has also implemented an anti-cheat design in the app to prevent malicious and intentional tampering by users.

To playThe “to-earn” business models seem to have many security and sustainability issues, mainly due to the increase in the number of STEPN users.

BTC total market cap at $563 billion on the daily chart | Source: TradingView.com

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Some STEPN players have used GPS spoofing and bots to cheat and increase tokens while using the app.

There were a lot of runners identified not as humans but as bots. As a result, some users were banned from the platform.

Following the attack, STEPN tokens also lost value. The tokens suffered a significant drop of 6% in the last 24 hours and a drop in trading volume of 20.56%. GMT and GST lead the bearish path after the correction.

There was also a significant increase in selling pressure. The social dominance of the GMT has also collapsed by 70%; social volume also fell by 92%.

On the other hand, GST does exceptionally well in Social Domination. Its value increased by 261%, but the social volume decreased by 97%.

Featured image from DevDojo, chart from TradingView.com

City Union Bank eyes non-gold loans to spur growth

In Q4, nearly two-thirds of activity came from non-gold lending (₹1,935 crore)

In Q4, nearly two-thirds of activity came from non-gold lending (₹1,935 crore)

City Union Bank (CUB) Ltd. is considering non-gold lending to drive future growth, though it plans to roll out its own credit card in the coming weeks.

The private sector lender – which is looking beyond gold lending and the Emergency Credit Limit Guarantee System (ECLGS) for businesses – said it hoped to post low double-digit growth to average for fiscal year 23, compared to 11% in the last fiscal year.

“Going forward, the proportion of non-gold loans in overall credit growth in FY23 will be higher than anything we saw in FY22,” said N. Kamakodi, MD and CEO.

In the fourth quarter ending March, nearly two-thirds of activity came from non-gold lending (₹1,935 crore).

“As we’ve come out of the COVID mindset…we’re going to grow and the opportunities on non-gold lending look higher than anything we’ve seen in the past,” he stressed.

Also on the anvil is the introduction of the bank’s own credit card ahead of the first quarter earnings announcement. He said he received a proposal from “42CS”, which handles cards from various banks across geographies.

The company would be the third-party service provider for technology and operational services on a profit-sharing basis.

“We will slowly and steadily begin to cover our existing customers. Final details are being worked out. Soon, we will also link portable devices to the credit card so that customers will want to use it more by enjoying all the benefits of the credit card,” Mr. Kamakodi said.

According to him, the credit card is the only product missing from the bank’s offer. Although the bank has partnered with SBI Cards to offer a co-branded card to its customers, it said it is now preparing to have its own credit card.

“We think it’s time to launch our own credit card,” he said. “The general consensus is that the ratio of debit cards to bank-issued credit cards is [in the range of] 3:1. We currently have 26 lakhs worth of debit cards which means our customers should have about nine lakhs worth of credit cards,” he explained.

Credit growth for FY23 “is expected to be in the low to mid-double digits,” he said. In the December quarter, the net non-performing asset ratio was 3.44%, compared to 1.47% a year earlier. Mr Kamakodi said the bank aimed to gradually reduce it to 2%

Transition to triumph | News, Sports, Jobs

COLUMBIANA – The Way Station is expanding its existing programs to help veterans and ex-offenders reintegrate into their communities. Transitioning to Triumph (Triple T) is for veterans and incarcerated veterans as well as those currently required to perform community service. This innovative program provides realistic life skills training that helps participants meet the challenges of reintegrating into the community in a positive and productive way.

“Many of our participants struggle with barriers to employment and face obstacles related to family disconnections, or need services for mental health and addictions issues. We want to foster positive relationships for people because we realize that those who lack support can be the biggest contributor to recidivism and failure,” said executive director Chaney Nezbeth. These two populations have much in common when it comes to the transfer of job skills in today’s marketplace, having had their most basic needs met for many years as well as working and living under a very strict.

The free program will provide assistance in all phases of reintegration, including pre-release, transition and long-term post-release. It is an opportunity for participants to take responsibility for future plans and actions by setting, keeping and achieving realistic goals. The Way Station offers a year or more of mentorship, walking alongside each participant to ensure they meet their goals and offering financial incentives if needed.

“When you don’t know a community, beyond whom you’ve been incarcerated for decades or served with in the military, and then return to your community or even a new one, it’s hard to fill gaps in social services and adapting to a less restrictive way of life”said Mark Blackburn, Triple T program director.

According to the Ohio Department of Corrections (ODC) 2021 Recidivism Report, the number of people returning to prison in Ohio within three years is 32.69%. Columbiana County specifically sees over 150 offenders return to our communities each year, with a three-year recidivism rate of 19.8%. There is evidence that offenders who are released into a post-release monitoring program are more likely to establish needed community connections and less likely to commit new crimes. While the mission and vision of ODC is to reduce recidivism among those they touch and reduce crime in Ohio, the mission and vision of Transitioning into Triumph works to restore the individual while by helping him to build the necessary resources to live well. .

For anyone interested in enrolling in the next Triple T course, contact Mark Blackburn at 330-853-2724 or [email protected]

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Why do we allow large capacity semi-automatic pistols?

By Orin Seybert

Updated: 22 hours ago Published: 1 a day ago

I firmly believe in the right to bear arms, in accordance with our Constitution. I still have my WWII Springfield .30-06, with which I killed dozens of moose and caribou to feed my family.

But why should we allow high-capacity semi-automatic pistols like the AR-15 to be so readily available that an 18-year-old can just walk into a store and buy one? There should at least be a background check, I can’t think of a logical recreational use of such a weapon.

When we fly, the TSA checks everything. You can’t even bring more than three ounces of liquid through security. Isn’t this a violation of our rights?

Yes, there are irregularities in our government, and we should all work to eliminate them. Jay Hammond used to say “The American system of democratic government is the worst in the world, except for everything else.”

— Orin Seybert, Anchorage

Correction: An earlier version of this letter incorrectly described the AR-15 as an automatic pistol. The AR-15s available to civilians are generally considered semi-automatic weapons.

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Assess the direction of the Dogecoin price trend to identify trading opportunities

  • Dogecoin price is crossing a bullish descending triangle on a four-hour chart, suggesting an 18% breakout.
  • A decisive move above $0.087 will confirm a move that will likely propel DOGE to $0.10.
  • If the sellers produce a four-hour candle near $0.076, this will indicate a bearish breakout and lead to a crash at $0.062.

Dogecoin price is trading with the downtrend line of a triangle and horizontal support. This winding is likely to lead to a volatile breakout that will propel DOGE or lead to an abrupt correction. Thus, investors should be patient and wait for confirmation of the directional bias before leaning one way or the other.

Dogecoin price portends an explosive move

Dogecoin price has established four lower highs and three equal lows since May 12. Connecting these swing points describes a descending triangle that predicts an 18% move obtained by adding the distance between the first high and the low of the swing at the breakout point.

Triangles can break out either way, but assuming Dogecoin price follows Bitcoin, which is likely to experience a relief rally, the odds of a breakout are high. In this case, investors should wait for a decisive four-hour candlestick to close above $0.087 confirming that the buyers are back.

A reversal of the aforementioned level will lead Dogecoin price to retest the $0.10 hurdle. This move would constitute an 18% gain from the breakout point at $0.084 and 15% if measured from the $0.087 barrier.

DOGE/USDT 4-Hour Chart

While things look bullish for the price of Dogecoin, investors should understand that this optimism is derived from Bitcoin and its potential movement. Therefore, a sudden sell-off in Bitcoin price that pushes Dogecoin price to produce a close four-hour candlestick below $0.076 will reveal a bearish breakout and invalidate the bullish thesis.

This development will cause DOGE to crash another 18% to retest the $0.062 support floor.

Letter: Personal attacks | Rio Blanco Herald Times


Dear Editor:

In the May 12 issue of the Herald-Times, Niki Turner writes: “Someone said that when we go through hard times, instead of asking ‘why is this happening’, we should ask ‘what then? I learn from this experience? ” Someone also said: “when a person has been defeated and is oppressed, offer him grace, love and even forgiveness, even if he has hurt you personally”. Indeed, I learned this at church from Niki Turner many years ago.

So why display such subtle but clear partisanship and jubilation in your editorial? Even the photo shown on the front page is partisan. Surely you have a more flattering picture of Mr. Moyer in a folder somewhere. Your overall message goes against “kindness” (see point 1 of the said article). Gary Moyer and his family, now defeated, need grace and love, not further humiliation. They have been part of this community for many years. Even though his style was rough, we knew what we were seeing was what we were going to get. We knew he would be a pragmatic, outspoken and often rude commissioner. Anyone who remembers his father expected Gary Moyer to tell you how the “cow ate the cabbage.” When he campaigned, some of his rhetoric sounded like that of his tough, tough lumberjack father. We, the elders, who participated in his election, knew that the apple did not fall far from the tree. Sure enough, Gary was willing to make tough decisions, even when such decisions were frowned upon.

But no, instead of constructive criticism, Gary Moyer was personally attacked. And all the personal attacks didn’t stop there, they migrated to his family members. But you see, that’s where it always seems to go these days. Hit your opponent hard, be personal, mean and don’t let go, even after their defeat. Canceling someone rather than confronting them appropriately is the new normal and that’s cowardly. And just for the record, Mr. Moyer wasn’t always right; like all of us, he deserved to be confronted for offensive behavior.

Looking from afar, it seems a good deal of Gary Moyer’s unpopularity was based on sour grapes. Everyone who led the charge in recalling Mr. Moyer was, in one way or another, faced with questionable behavior, held accountable, not reappointed or simply not hired for a position they did not were not qualified to occupy. Yes, Mr Moyer may have been too blunt in the public forum and considered arrogant, but so are many of his critics. Right after the election of our last commissioner, I was in the office of a county department manager seeking information on a matter that needed resolution. I happened to ask how the new commissioner would be received by county employees. The response I received was somewhat shocking. Paraphrased, it was, “well let me put it this way, it’s a big waste of time when a new guy comes in because I have to train him on how to do his job” (expurgated expungements). This individual may well be a little above reproach if a correction from a county commissioner is needed. And of course…

Recalls are an unpleasant, costly and divisive “solution”. The Colorado statue says a recall should only be made for “malfeasance, dereliction of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, or because of a conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude.” This recall was not based on any of these factors; it was, plain and simple, driven by revenge and sadly, paid for by you and me.

So, in the future, how about the citizens of Rio Blanco County make a pact. Rather than drag him and his family through the mud, if the one who serves is not up to our standards, let us exercise the power we have and weed out the “rogues”! And, unlike those of us who don’t want to run for commissioner, let’s not forget that they put their heads on the line to serve us; hold them accountable, but be kind in doing so.

And Mr. Moyer, of at least 715 residents, thank you for serving as RBC Commissioner. As for the recall supporters, what’s done is done – you won, Mr. Moyer lost. There’s nothing to debate and I’m not looking for it, I’m just expressing my opinion.

Paul “Buckshot” Sheridan

Thoughts expressed on opinion pages are exclusively those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Herald Times. You are invited to submit signed letters on questions of local interest to [email protected], mail to PO Box 720, Meeker, CO 81641 or drop off at 304 4th St., Meeker. there are no fees.

Due to space constraints, please limit submissions to 500 words or less.

China again comes to Pakistan’s aid, agrees to refinance loans worth $2.3 billion

Despite asking Pakistan to contact the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last month to finance loans, China has once again come to the rescue of its cash-strapped neighbor by agreeing to refinance 2, $3 billion in funds.

Pakistani Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said the funds “will shore up Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves”.

“The terms and conditions for the refinancing of a 15 billion RMB deposit by Chinese banks (approximately $2.3 billion) have been agreed. The inflow is expected shortly after some routine approvals from both sides. This will help strengthen our foreign exchange reserves,” Ismail tweeted on Thursday.

The development comes as the State Bank Of Pakistan reports that the country’s foreign exchange reserves are under severe pressure and fell by $190 million to $10.308 billion in the first week of May.

Islamabad depends on foreign loans but they are not easily accessible.

Data from Pakistan’s Economic Affairs Ministry shows the country on the brink of economic crisis received just $248m in foreign loans in April, including $100m of oil on deferred payments from Saudi Arabia, reported the PTI news agency.

Pakistan is urging the IMF to reinstate an agreed $6 billion package in 2019.

The IMF gave half the money and asked the government introduced by new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to ban imports of luxury goods and Pakistan’s central bank raised borrowing costs so it could deal with the rest of the package.

Outgoing Prime Minister Imran Khan blocked the package when he cut and froze fuel prices.

Earlier, China and Saudi Arabia denied providing economic aid to Pakistan and urged them to meet with the IMF first.

“We went to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and talked to other countries – they are ready to give money, but all say we have to go to the IMF first,” Ismail said last month. , citing that even China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has denied them loans.

If Pakistan and China resolve their dispute, another $1 billion loan tranche from the IMF will be immediately cleared.

Pakistan needs $15 billion to close the trade deficit and is expected to pay $20-21 billion in the next fiscal year from July due to the money it has borrowed.

Read all the latest IPL 2022 news, breaking news and live updates here.

Zandezi asks, ‘Where is the justice?’ | First rank

This is the fundamental question in Zimbabwe Theater Academy Zandezi, now playing at the Carlo de Dell’Arte Theater in Blue Lake. What matters more to a man: whether he proves he was wrongfully convicted or benefits from an amnesty program? Whether he takes care of a sick cellmate or accepts that sufficient food has a price? That he patiently awaits justice or takes advantage of an opportunity to escape?

Dilemmas abound in this stripped-down, powerful and universally relevant play set in a prison in Zimbabwe and luring the audience through a judicious breach of the fourth wall. Conceived and interpreted by two exceptional actors, Cadrick (Khe Khe) Msongelwa and Ronald Sigeca. Msongelwa holds a Professional Physical Theater Training Program certificate from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater and Sigeca holds a Professional Physical Theater Certificate from the Zimbabwe Theater Academy. The academy is a one-year, full-time professional program founded by Dell’Arte International alumni, Lloyd Nyikadzino and Teddy Mangawa, in partnership with Dell’Arte International and the Pamberi Trust. On June 25, Msongelwa and Sigeca will receive the 31st annual Aesen Theater and Dell’Arte International Hope Award on behalf of the Zimbabwe Theater Academy Trust.

Directed by Lloyd Nyikadzino, Zandezi is the quintessence of physical theatre. With only minor adjustments to their prison uniform costumes and a large metal tub as their only prop, Msongelwa and Sigela convey the eternal struggle for justice and survival in a harsh but mundane, cruel but comradely environment through movement , music and carefully chosen words.

Zandezi revolves around Philani Dube, who has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit, simply because he bought a cell phone off the street that previously belonged to a real criminal. The only witness who could prove her innocence is missing and her attorney won’t be looking for her unless he paid a lot of money that Dube doesn’t have. Freedom costs money. After his incarceration, Dube learns that his wife Lucy has given birth to twins, but his pride prevents him from letting Lucy see how prison has changed him. The moment he came to terms with who he has become, the COVID pandemic has arrived, no visitors are allowed, one of his sons has died from the virus, and Dube cannot attend his funeral.

Along the way, Dube learns a lot about the realities and injustices of prison life, starting with the widely accepted presumption that “half the people here are innocent and half the people there are guilty.” He learns that he will be locked up from 3 p.m. until 6 a.m., and the rest of each day is an endless cycle of work (“Here, you’re a slave”), bad food, exercise, and entertainment. created by inmates “to keep our sanity.” It is a dance of power and control that begs the question: “Who depends on whom?” He learns that accused rapists will be raped and that it costs five cigarettes to use a working toilet. He also learns to present a document to the courts to ask for his freedom.

When he finally regains his freedom, Dube discovers that the world has changed. His wife married someone else. He cannot find work, noting, “It’s like you have leprosy – nobody wants you.” He resorts to breaking into houses and the cycle begins again. And is that justice? You are the judge.

Zandezi premiered in 2018 in Zimbabwe, where it won Best Production and Best Actor at the Bulawayo Arts Awards in 2019, Best Director at the National Arts Merit Awards in 2019, and Best Production at the Jika International Dance Theater Festival 2021. With the easing of pandemic restrictions, the Zimbabwe Theater Academy was able to tour the production in the United States, with performances at Georgetown University and in Seattle and Portland. The Blue Lake run will be followed by a special presentation at Pelican Bay State Prison thanks to Dell’Arte’s participation in California Arts in Corrections programming.

Performances of Zandezi will continue at the Carlo Theater on Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4 at 8 p.m., and Sunday June 5 at 2 p.m. Proof of COVID vaccination and masks required. Tickets are by donation, starting at $5. Call 668-5663 or visit www.dellarte.com.

Pat Bitton (her) is a Eureka-based freelance writer/editor who is nominally retired, but you know how it goes.

‘Vote Juan Pablo, fight Humboldt racism,’ urges letter to editor


Welcome to our letters to the editor/opinion section. To submit yours, please send it to [email protected] Please consider including an image to use, either a photo of yourself or something that literally applies. However, an image is not required for publication.

Please remember that the opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Redheaded Blackbelt and that we have not verified the accuracy of the letters.

Humboldt County – we have a problem. Racism. Institutionalized racism. How do we approach this? Change the people who make the decisions that govern these institutions. Representation is important. I can count on my hand (not even sure if I need the hand) the number of people of color who sit on our BOS and city councils. Does POC have no interest in racing? NOPE. Is it because it is difficult to navigate the bureaucratic nomination and campaign process? YES.

There is only one candidate for Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Electors who has the expertise, education, passion and lived experience to change that. Juan Pablo Cervantes. One of her top priorities is to improve candidate services by reaching out to underrepresented and marginalized communities in Humboldt. Improving candidate services and outreach can also address voter apathy. Basically, in the words of Cervantes on a recent radio broadcast, if your neighbor is running for office, you are more likely to be invested in the democratic process. Improving candidate services is how we can make it easier for your neighbor (or you!) to apply to change the wave of rulings that have perpetuated racism in our county. That’s just one reason to vote for Juan Pablo if you haven’t already. Our votes hold SO much power to change things, especially at the local level. A vote for Juan Pablo for Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Electors is a vote to fight racism and work for fair representation in Humboldt County.

-Dawn Wise, Eureka resident


Support for Denise Munger – Knox County VillageSoup


I write to support Denise Munger for Rockport Select Board. I have known and worked with Denise for over five years and know that she is a thoughtful, considerate and hardworking individual.

Denise is a “yes” person. When something needs to be done, she’s the first person to raise her hand and say, “I’m happy to help. Then she proceeds to make it. She also believes in finding solutions to complex issues by listening to differing opinions and through open and thoughtful dialogue. Her years as an environmental lawyer conducting complex negotiations resulting in compromises stand her in good stead as a board member. She is not quick to judge or rush into decision-making when issues are complex.

With all the challenges Rockport faces, Denise is the person we need on our Board of Directors. She respects the city’s previous votes showing the will of our people, she listens, she takes the time to dig deep into issues, and she works to find solutions through compromise.

Please vote for Denise Munger for Select Board.

Joan Welsh
Former State Representative for Camden, Rockport and Islesboro

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Letter of the day | Will the senseless killings ever stop? | Letters



With the exception of deaths that occur naturally or from natural disasters, we gradually become desensitized to the wanton, senseless, and frequent killings that surround us. It seems to be the order of the day that unless the media (print and electronic) is splashed with bloody scenes, police vehicles and crying parents, the news is not newsworthy.

We know the root causes of these murders – greed, hate, laziness, the get-rich-quick mentality – which were amplified by the scams and political games that had been played before the 1980s. Anyway, when will the killings stop? What are we doing about it?

An erroneous act, without correction, gradually becomes an accepted norm. Politicians promised us term after term that they would strengthen the police and defense forces, but instead we saw a significant increase in murders, not only in the metropolises but in every nook and cranny of our beautiful island.

The idea of ​​divine intervention advanced by former security minister Peter Bunting has been flouted – that God is too busy to meddle in the affairs of mere mortals. Some rather relish the idea of ​​a Wild West – where each man becomes his own, not farcical police, the lawyer, the judge and the executioner.

The Jamaica we imagined and immortalized is already etched in the minds of our people. Due to years of senseless practices, our lands will be saturated with foreigners and our rich heritage will be erased like words written in sand. The saying remains true, that ‘When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate.’ – Ibo proverb

Where are the wise village chiefs who will take our men and teach them to look with the eyes of love; where are the mothers of the village who will rock these cradles with love and skilfully guided; where are the brothers and sisters who will judge with truth and justice, not to expel but to reform and transform?

The senseless killings will end when the village elders start teaching the villagers good manners and not leaving them to the village fools!


Malaysian palm oil prices trade above 6,000 rgt in 2022 – state agency

The state agency, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), lowered its production outlook for the world’s second largest producer on Wednesday and set prices to stay above 6,000 ringgits (1,367.37 $) per tonne this year.

MPOC expects Malaysia’s production in 2022 to be 18.6 million tonnes, up from 18.1 million tonnes in 2021, as migrant workers are expected to enter and help ease the labor shortage in plantations.

The world will see increased demand for oils and fats in 2022, and global dependence on palm oil will continue to rise, said Mohd Izham Hassan, Deputy Director of MPOC.
“Exports of oils and fats in 2022 are likely to be close to 97

million metric tons and the share of palm oil could reach 60%,” he added.

World prices for vegetable oils, including palm oil, have hit record highs this year as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine disrupted sunflower oil shipments and export restrictions in the main producer, Indonesia, further reduced world supply.

“Lower than expected supply, higher demand, volatility in Brent crude oil prices and geopolitical tensions remain factors determining the direction of prices,” said Mohd Izham.

The MPOC estimated that Malaysia’s benchmark palm oil prices would remain between 6,500 and 6,800 ringgits until the end of July, and fall between 6,300 and 6,500 ringgits until September due to the recovery. of Indonesian exports, said Mohd Izham.

“A price correction for all vegetable oils should take place by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022, but palm oil will likely trade above 6,000 ringgit per metric ton,” he added. .
Source: Reuters

Flood loans now available – southburnett.com.au

Mark Ryan, Minister of Emergency Services

June 1, 2022

Low interest loans are now available for primary producers and small businesses in South Burnett affected by this year’s floods.

Aid comes from Joint Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) between the Commonwealth and the States.

Low-interest DRFA loans of up to $250,000 and transportation grants of up to $5,000 are available to eligible primary producers in 11 Council regions: South Burnett, Bundaberg, Gympie, Lockyer Valley , Moreton Bay, North Burnett, Scenic Rim, Somerset, Southern Downs, Toowoomba and Western Downs.

Low-interest DRFA loans of up to $250,000 are also available for small businesses in Gympie, Lockyer Valley, Southern Downs, Somerset and Western Downs.

DRFA assistance has also been extended to South Burnett, North Burnett, Gympie, Fraser Coast and Gladstone Regional Councils to assist with their repair efforts.

“Low-interest loans under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements will provide concessional loans of up to $250,000 and essential working capital loans of up to $100,000 to help kick-start the recovery of primary producers and small businesses affected,” said Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan.

“Primary producers can also access transportation grants of up to $5,000 for transporting livestock, feed, machinery, fuel, water, building materials and fencing.

“Furthermore, the communes that have been included in this extension can be assured that their costs associated with disaster relief operations and the repair of their essential flood-damaged public assets, such as local roads, will be covered by the DRFA.”

Letter to the editor: justification for delay in bridge replacement was inaccurate, misleading


The postponement of the bidding for the construction of the replacement of the Manning Avenue Bridge, since it was taken over by the SCDOT, has been delayed for one year from the date proposed by the transportation study of the Sumter region (SUATS). This delay has a significant negative impact on the community immediately surrounding said bridge.

There is evidence of the structural collapse of the Manning Avenue Bridge, down to its foundation. Its location above the CSX rail system, which has freight trains carrying hazardous materials, poses a significant hazard to the thousands of low-to-moderate income residents who live in close proximity to the bridge.

Replacement of other bridges such as the Shot Pouch, Turkey Creek, US 378, and US 15 bypass bridges took precedence over the Manning Avenue Bridge.

Those who suffer the most harm and devastation are those living near the Manning Avenue Bridge, most of whom are indigent African Americans.

The replacement of the Shot Pouch, Turkey Creek, US 378 and US 15 bypass bridges is significant for commercial and intermodal transportation. This cannot be disputed. However, the Manning Avenue Bridge is just as important for commercial and intermodal transportation. This too cannot be disputed.

The location of the Manning Avenue Bridge and its deteriorating condition, however, differ from the other bridges listed above in that its existence in South Sumter places significant burdens on low to moderate income people, most of whom are African Americans who live, own and operate businesses. and worship in South Sumter.

While inspecting a recent article in The Sumter Item newspaper on March 29, 2022, I, on behalf of The Family Unit Inc., discovered that the justification for the delay in replacing the Manning Avenue Bridge which was made public by a senior bridge engineering official closely associated with this project was inaccurate and misleading. This inaccuracy was acknowledged by the aforementioned engineer and subsequently he alerted SCDOT and others related to the project to the error and undertakes to immediately submit a correction of the matter to The Sumter Item newspaper.

The Family Unit Inc. and many Sumter residents understand that building and replacing bridges encompasses a very complex and detailed series of procedures, regulations and rules put in place by local, state and federal governments and must be carried out with the utmost precision, care and precision. We are fully aware of the intensity that is involved in ensuring that bridges and all roads are safe, secure and sustainable for years and years to come.

All citizens of Sumter City and Sumter County, South Carolina, and those passing through and/or visiting this community should be reassured that their safety and well-being is of the utmost importance. This is especially important for low to moderate income residents of this community who have been denied equal and fair rights which are guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution granting equal protection to all under the law. .


The Family Unit Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization

Box 3339


Despite Undercount, Illinois Population Not Changing

Governor JB Pritzker said he is asking President Joe Biden and the federal government to increase Illinois’ share of federal funding to reflect the results of a recent Census Bureau study showing the state was likely underestimated in the 2020 census.

“Updated census data indicates that Illinois has passed 13 million people for the first time in history,” he said. “Adjusted census results show an increase in Illinois’ population as people move into the state in search of economic and job opportunities.”

Meanwhile, the Illinois Democrats’ congressional delegation wrote directly to the Census Bureau asking how the survey data will be used, warning: “Any federal entity disregarding the revised estimate of Illinois population to determine these funding allocations could have serious consequences for those affected by such underfunding”.

While there’s nothing wrong with a state governor or congressman trying to maximize federal resources for their state – they do it all the time as part of their job – one thing should be clear: the official 2020 census figures released last August have not been changed.

They have not been “adjusted”, “updated” or “revised”.

Anyone who goes to the Census Bureau website to look up the population of Illinois in the 2020 census will find the number reported in August of about 12.8 million, not the 13 million and more that many people are now claiming. .

“Consistent with our past practice, we will not adjust census counts for apportionment or redistricting,” Census Bureau statistician Timothy Kennel said during a press briefing last week. “The post-census survey is a probability survey of approximately 161,000 housing units in approximately 10,000 blocks across the country which is independent of the census operation.”

But Pritzker and congressional Democrats are not trying to win back the US House seat that Illinois lost this year. They are concerned about Illinois’ share of about $1.5 trillion in federal funding that is disbursed to state and local governments based on formulas that use census data.

Pritzker’s claims, along with those of many others, are based on the release last week of Census Bureau post-census survey data, which showed the state could have earned as much as $250,000. inhabitants since the 2010 census.

This was newsworthy because the actual census showed a population loss of about 18,000, or 0.1%. And even that was a much smaller loss than many expected.

Based on data collected in this survey, Illinois was among six states that had “statistically significant” undercounts in the 2020 census, while eight states had statistically significant overcounts.

Without going into too much detail about the science of sampling and margins of error, let’s try to understand exactly what the Census Bureau did.

After each decennial census, office officials travel to the field to conduct a follow-up survey. This year, they randomly selected 161,000 households – out of approximately 127 million occupied dwellings in the country – and sent occupants a survey questionnaire, asking them essentially the same questions as those on the census form: names , ages and demographic profile of each. occupant of the household.

After subtracting all vacant structures, group dwellings and households that did not respond to the survey from the sample, they ended up with a sample of approximately 114,000 households nationwide. From there, they compared the information on the survey form with the information submitted during the actual 2020 count.

However, like any random sample survey, the postcensal survey is subject to a margin of sampling error.

In this case, the Illinois undercount was estimated at 1.97%. This would mean that the state’s population that was reported in the 2020 census was only 98.03% of what it should have been, based on the survey.

But statisticians like to express these kinds of numbers in terms of “confidence intervals.” In this case, that means they can say “with 90% confidence” that the undercount could have been as large as 3.43%, or as low as 0.51%.

So how could this have happened?

There are many possibilities and the postcensal survey does not even try to answer the question. Some people forget to fill in the census form or fill it in incorrectly. Some may not report everyone living in their household, and others may add people who are staying there temporarily while their current residence is being repaired.

Another possibility unique to 2020 is that students who were enrolled in out-of-state schools but were forced to return home when campuses were closed due to the pandemic were counted as living at home then that, in a normal year, they would have counted where they attended school.

Another important thing to note about census data is that the two operations – the actual census and the post-censal survey – are separate and independent of each other. The survey is not a complement or a correction of the census itself.

So why does the Census Bureau do it?

“These 2020 census coverage estimates help us understand the quality of the 2020 census and will inform our plans for the 2030 census,” Kennel said.

Indeed, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1999 that the Constitution and federal law prohibit the Census Bureau from using statistical sampling data to adjust Congressional allocation, although this decision says nothing about the allocation of federal funds.

But that could raise some tricky political issues, because if you urge the Biden administration to allocate funds based on population estimates from a survey, rather than the actual census, that would not only increase funding for states under -counted, but would also reduce funding for over-counted states.

World Bank to disburse $700m to Lanka and reallocate existing loans: report

The World Bank plans to disburse $700 million to crisis-stricken Sri Lanka by reallocating its existing loans, a move that will help the island nation grapple with a much-needed unprecedented economic crisis until a bailout with the IMF is being worked out, media reported on Monday.

Sri Lanka is on the verge of bankruptcy and suffers from severe shortages of basic commodities such as food, fuel, medicine and cooking gas.

For months citizens were forced to stand in long queues to buy the limited supplies.

World Bank Country Director Chiyo Kanda met with the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister last week and assured him that the agency would work with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Asian Investment Bank in infrastructure (AIIB) and the United Nations office to redirect their projects already underway. , reported the Colombo Gazette news portal.

Minister Peiris has requested assistance from the World Bank until long-term assistance materializes through the IMF, other international institutions and donor countries, the report says, citing a ministry statement Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs.

Therefore, Kanda assured Peiris that the global lender would disburse $700 million to Sri Lanka during these difficult times in the coming months, according to the report.

Earlier this month, the

Discussions at the technical level with Sri Lanka have started. They will continue in order to prepare the political discussions once a new government has been formed, the IMF said, quoted by the report.

During our virtual mission from May 9 to 23, discussions at the technical level have just started and have continued as planned in order to be fully prepared for political discussions once a new government is formed, the IMF said. in a press release.

The IMF also said it was following developments in Sri Lanka closely and was concerned about rising social tensions and violence.

In April, the two sides convened their first round of talks at IMF headquarters in Washington.

Sri Lanka is hoping for a Rapid Financing Facility (RFI) as well as an Extended Financing Facility (EFF) from the international financial body to help it deal with its foreign exchange shortages, which have triggered an economic crisis.

At the last meeting, the IMF assured to help the country with an amount of 300 to 600 million dollars.

On April 12, Sri Lanka suspended debt service for the first time in its history.

The island nation is facing its worst economic crisis since gaining independence from Britain in 1948.

The economic crisis has also sparked political unrest with a protest occupying the entrance to the president’s office demanding his resignation which has been going on for more than 50 days.

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digital editor

“App stores should screen developers and apps to prevent piracy” *TorrentFreak


Over the past decade, mobile apps have become the standard platform for most people to consume content online.

Whether it’s shopping, news, or entertainment, there’s a mobile app available for any type of content.

This evolution of consumption patterns is not limited to legal content; hacking has also gone mobile. In some cases pirate movies and streaming apps can be found in official app stores. Otherwise, they can be side-loaded on the devices.

For the general public, these applications are less visible than traditional pirate sites and services. They are not widely indexed by search engines, for example. Nevertheless, popular pirate apps can easily attract a million users.

Copyright holders aren’t happy with these “unauthorized” apps, a sentiment that was reiterated by the Copyright Alliance a few days ago. The public interest group, which has close ties to rights holders, sent a submission to the US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), calling for action.

Copyright Alliance Response to NTIA Investigation

The request is a response to a NTIA investigation in the current state of the mobile application ecosystem. In particular, the request for feedback is intended to identify challenges or barriers that limit application distribution or user adoption.

Piracy is not mentioned in the brief, but the Copyright Alliance believes this issue should also be considered.

“In order to promote legal competition in the mobile application ecosystem, the Copyright Alliance calls on the NTIA to examine the harm caused by infringing activities in the mobile application ecosystem to legitimate mobile application developers, third parties rights holders who allow their works to be used in legitimate mobile apps, and mobile app users who may be tricked into using infringing apps.”

The Alliance points out that app piracy is a growing problem that results in billions of dollars in lost revenue. Among other things, the submission cites 2018 data from Google, which indicated that takedown notices removed more than 14,000 items from the Play Store that year.

App and Developer Screening

Although piracy is difficult to eradicate completely, the Copyright Alliance believes that much progress can be made by carefully screening developers and apps before they enter the store.

“One of the most important steps that can be taken to mitigate this harm is for mobile app storefronts to engage in reasonable and enhanced screening of app developers and mobile apps before they are not offered. [sic] on the mobile app storefront and other best practices to deter infringing apps,” writes the Copyright Alliance.

The letter encourages NTIA to promote a set of best practices for the application ecosystem. This should include “enhanced verification” of developers, “screening” of apps for violations, and an effective notification and takedown system.

“This app filtering and removal helps competition by removing fraudulent and counterfeit apps that deprive legitimate app developers of customers,” the letter states.

Apple is a platform that already has strict restrictions and verification practices in place, so the recommendations seem to be primarily aimed at Google. That said, when it comes to challenges and obstacles, Apple also has a lot to say.

Apple weighs

The iOS platform is already closed to “unverified” apps and unlike Android, there is no standard option to sideload software on iOS devices. Some people see this as a competitive barrier aimed at maximizing control and profitability, but Apple presents it differently.

In its response to the NTIA investigation, Apple stresses that app filtering is crucial to keeping the App Store and iOS secure. In addition, the ban on sideloading also helps prevent hacking.

“[Sideloading] enables threats such as adware, ransomware, or malware, or scammers who exploit apps to trick users, attack mobile device security features, violate user privacy, and expose developers to hacking and to further harm,” Apple writes.

“The increased threat of sideloading would also erode user and developer confidence in the ecosystem, causing many users to download fewer apps from fewer developers and make fewer in-app purchases.”

Apple points out that this sideloading threat is recognized by the US Department of Homeland Security, European Cybersecurity Agency, Europol and other experts. However, not everyone agrees that side loading is a problem.

Cydia Apple Counters

Jay Freeman’s submission, also known as “saurik”, paints an entirely different picture. According to the creator of popular sideloading app Cydia, Apple’s closed ecosystem is a barrier that limits competition and harms the general public.

Freeman notes that current mobile platforms are doing everything they can to lock people in. The cost of switching to a different platform is “ridiculously high” and requires people to carefully rebuild their digital lives, which can be a lot of work.

“This circumstance grants the platform that manages to offer a user an almost unprecedented level of control over what content they are allowed to access and how their money is spent and directed through their ecosystem,” Freeman writes. .

Cydia’s creator doesn’t believe sideloading is more dangerous either, pointing out that the iOS store has its own scam and fraud problems too. Similarly, jailbreaking also does not lead to more hacking, he claims.

“The US Copyright Office itself – which I would dare say is one of the foremost experts on this specific subject – concluded that ‘the filing did not demonstrate a significant relationship between jailbreak and piracy’ “, writes Freeman.

The responses from the Copyright Alliance, Apple and Freeman show that the ‘challenges’ and ‘barriers’ can be viewed from different angles. Whether and how the NTIA will consider the hacking angle for its final recommendation remains to be seen.

Hall Settles Lawsuit, Admits Fabricating Gillespie Dispute Story |

It looks like the hand may have slipped from the plow, even slightly, for Fellowship Baptist Church pastor Jordan Hall as reports emerged that he was settling a libel lawsuit brought by transgender Native American lobbyist Adrian Jawort.

The Sidney, Montana minister publicly apologized to Jawort on his online blog, The Montana Daily Gazette, and admits he made up the story of a dispute between Jawort and Senator Butch Gillespie that prompted the senator to seek the protection of the Montana Senate sergeant. to arms.

The apology published in The Montana Daily Gazette states:

“I apologize to Adrian Jawort. The information I posted about Adrian was false. Adrian did not threaten or harass Senator Butch Gillespie. I regret the error and sincerely apologize to Adrian to have it published.

—Jordan Hall, publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette

According to a report by Montana Daily’s Darrell Ehrlick, the settlement and a potential $250,000 claim were reached as Hall goes through the bankruptcy process, seeking protection from a libel case, as well as a pay the attorney fees he accrued while fighting the defamation. .

As part of the settlement, the statement must remain on the Montana Daily Gazette’s website for seven days in a “prominent” location and cannot be removed from the site.

The libel case was filed following an anonymous article published in The Montana Daily Gazette titled “Who’s the Gothic Travestite Haunting the Halls of the Montana Capitol?”, published under Hall’s Gideon Knox group, claiming that Jawort had attacked Gillespie in the halls of the Capitol. Capitol. In the story, Hall said Jawort attacked Gillespie during a hearing on a controversial bill involving transgender athletes.

Hall now admits that his account of the incident was not true.

While Jawort will ask the state court to dismiss the defamation charges against Hall, the lobbyist will be able to seek a $250,000 judgment against Hall’s estate in bankruptcy court as part of the settlement. This case is still pending and it is unclear whether Jawort will be able to claim any of the judgments.

In a statement published on the Daily Montanan, Jawort said, “I am grateful that after a tumultuous year, Pastor Jordan Hall was finally able to admit to defamation and bearing false witness against me. At a time when trans people like me are targeted by political targets behind their backs, it was especially dangerous of him to falsely accuse me of bullying and harassing an elderly senator whom I had never met to the point where the arm-sergeant had to pull me away,” Jawort said. “There are people out there who would have hurt me physically, if they thought it was true and then saw me, to get revenge.”

Sen. Gillespie, a Toole County Republican, previously issued an affidavit in the lawsuit. On September 30, 2021, Gillespie said he was yelled at by someone he didn’t recognize.

“As I approached the main doors leading to the Senate floor, the person who had previously voiced his opposition to HB112 became very passionate, “The person started shouting that HB 112 was unfair and against humanity “, states Gillespie’s affidavit.

According to a statement, Jawort had never testified about the bill and was not even in Helena when the incident happened.

Court records show Jawort reached out within hours of Hall’s publication and demanded a retraction or correction for that part of the story, letting further inflammatory comments through.

When Hall refused, Jawort said there was no choice but to press charges.

“I knew this rhetoric would only get worse, and they will get worse,” Jawort said, adding that he was already falsely attacked as a pedophile or as a child care worker by some.

Jawort says it’s unclear if the event with Gillespie happened and was a case of mistaken identity, or if it was concocted to silence the LGBTQ community.

Regarding his attack on Jawort and others, Hall had proclaimed, “My lawyer asked me to fire. I can not do it. I can not stop. It is mandatory. Because it’s the Holy Spirit in our heart pushing us, pushing us, pushing us forward, with our hand on the plow, and we dare not take it away.

The pastor is on a three-month sabbatical after recently being charged with driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence. Hall has pleaded not guilty in the case and says fatigue and prescription drug use are the cause of the arrest.

Inova Health and other companies help workers repay student loans

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In a tight labor market, where competition for workers is fierce, companies are trying to attract and retain employees by offering to pay their student loans.

Take Inova Health Systems, which announced this spring that it will pay off student debt for employees who have been on the job for less than three years, $150 a month, and $250 a month for those who have been there longer.

“We know our team members have a lot of choices about where they work, where they want their careers to go,” said Wendy Jolly, Inova’s vice president of human resources. “We want them to feel like they have a competitive set of compensation and benefits packages that live up to the excellence that we expect.”

Employers are answer the call young workers to get help with their student debt and take advantage of new tax relief born out of the pandemic. Still, there are more companies considering the benefit than implementing it, a reluctance that experts say is rooted in uncertainty over federal debt cancellation and repayment policies. .

Would you like your employer to help you with your student loans? A proposed tax break might do the trick.

Before the pandemic, student loan repayment benefits were becoming one of the most popular perks in corporate America. The percentage of employers offering student loan repayment assistance doubled to 8% between 2016 and 2019, according to Society for Human Resource Management.

A 2021 investigation by the Employee Benefits Research Institute found that priorities had shifted in the wake of covid-19 as employers sought to offer workers immediate financial relief in the form of short-term loans or emergency aid. Craig Copeland, a senior research associate at the Institute, said the two-year pause on federal student loan payments has also put employer-sponsored programs on the back burner.

Companies are re-examining the benefit as the economy rebounds, demand for workers intensifies and job seekers become more selective.

Nearly half of the 250 large employers — those with more than 500 employees — surveyed by the Institute in 2021 offer or plan to offer student loan assistance as a benefit, up from 32% in 2018. Meanwhile, a third of 238 employers surveyed by consulting firm Willis Towers Watson said in 2021 it would offer direct student loan repayment.

In March, Inova rolled out its student loan assistance program to more than 20,000 employees at five hospitals and a network of healthcare facilities in Northern Virginia. So far, 1,600 workers have signed up, or about one in 10 employees, Jolly said.

The benefit is available to all employees and has a maximum of $10,000.

Inova partners with Edcor Data Services LLC, an educational assistance company, to administer the program. Employees provide their loan information to Edcor, which passes payments from Inova to the student loan manager.

A little-noticed provision of the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or Care Act, has also made it cheaper for businesses to help employees repay student loans. Companies can provide employees with up to $5,250 a year to pay off their debt without the contributions being taxed. Employees are also spared from being taxed on the money.

Before the tax break, if a company had paid $5,250 in student loan repayments, it would have cost the employer and employee about $400 in payroll taxes, according to the accounting firm Insogna CPA. An employee subject to a federal income tax rate of 22.6% should pay about $1,190 in federal income tax.

Companies that provide end-to-end support for student loan assistance programs are reporting an increase in companies setting aside more money for the benefit as a result of the tax relief.

Sofi at Work, which helps companies with employee benefits, saw an increase of more than 30 percent of contributions to loan repayment programs from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021. The number of payments made by employers more than doubled in the same period, said Barrett Scruggs, vice president of wellbeing finance, workforce and business lead at Sofi at Work.

After the tax change, Fidelity Investments increased the maximum benefit it offers employees to help pay off student debt to $15,000 from $10,000. Google launched a program in January that matches up to $2,500 in student loan payments per year for its employees.

The tax relief is comparable to existing tax benefits for tuition reimbursement, but it is only valid until 2025. And this sunset has some companies thinking about creating an aid program to student loans, Copeland said. Congress can extend the tax relief or make it permanent before it expires, but it’s unclear whether that will happen.

Copeland said companies are also waiting to see if the Senate will approve legislation allowing employers to match their loan repayments with retirement account contributions. The House passed the bill in March.

“There still isn’t a lot of certainty around the upside,” Copeland said. “Clarity on tax issues, a decision on canceling Biden administration debt and restarting repayment… will transform these maybes [from companies] yes, we offer this benefit.

Indiana Court of Appeals approves testimony from beyond the grave |

A Gary man convicted last year of attempted murder and criminal recklessness after shooting a woman four times in her Gary home and then shooting others inside the home, has received a fair trial, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled.

William D. Galloway Jr., 29, was sentenced to 57 years in prison in connection with the September 18, 2019, shooting at the home in the 2500 block of Pierce Street.

According to court records, the woman spent nearly a week in hospital after the shooting and then had to undergo additional surgery to remove a bullet that had become lodged in her leg.

Nonetheless, records show the woman and her son, Sean Baker, successfully identified Galloway as the shooter in a series of police photos, and Baker provided a statement to police describing how Galloway, an acquaintance, stepped up his request for gas and a phone late at night. call for a violent altercation.

Baker, 23, was later shot and killed in Gary. No charges have been filed for his homicide.

In his appeal, Galloway argued that the trial court erred in allowing a detective to tell the jury Baker’s statements to police about the shooting and Baker’s identification of Galloway as the shooter. .

Galloway claimed he was denied the right under the U.S. and Indiana constitutions to confront his accuser because Baker himself failed to speak, court records show. .

The trial court noted that there is an exception to the confrontation clause, known as forfeiture by wrongdoing, which applies where a defendant is responsible for the absence of a witness at trial.

In that case, the court said that a police investigation that found several people who identified Galloway as Baker’s killer, and Galloway’s alleged confessions to other inmates that he killed Baker, showed by a preponderance of evidence that Galloway caused Baker’s inability to testify.

The Court of Appeal accepted. He said in a 3-0 ruling that his independent review of the facts and circumstances linking Galloway to Baker’s death had found enough evidence to believe that Galloway had acted to prevent Baker from testifying against him, and Baker’s testimony was therefore admissible at trial.

“Simply put, when a defendant does an act intended to prevent a witness from testifying, he or she may not reap the benefits of that wrongdoing. To hold otherwise would certainly undermine the efficiency of the judicial process,” said court of Appeal. .

Galloway can still ask the Indiana Supreme Court to review his case. Otherwise, his earliest possible release date from prison is Feb. 25, 2061, according to the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Separately, Galloway is due to stand trial in Lake County in October on charges of murder and attempted murder for a shooting that killed 23-year-old Jonquell Golida and injured a second man Nov. 12, 2016, in Gary’s Glen Park section.

According to court records, Galloway was on bail and under electronic monitoring in this case when he committed the Pierce Street shooting.

Day Trading Guide: 2 action ideas for the next session

NEW DELHI: Markets rebounded smartly on Thursday after a weak morning session. The Nifty eventually gained 144.35 points or 0.9% to close at 16,170.15. Major equity indices like the BSE Mid Cap Index gained more, outperforming the Sensex/Nifty. The breadth of the market was positive for BSE/ESN.

Zooming in on the 15 minute chart, we see that the Nifty has found support around the 15,900 levels and rallied strongly from there. In the process, the index moved above the 20 and 50 period MA. This indicates near-term strength, said Subash Gangadharan, Principal Technical and Derivative Analyst,


The Nifty daily timeframe indicates that the index has formed a hammer pattern. This is considered a bullish reversal pattern after a correction. Traders will now need to watch if the Nifty can break through the immediate resistances at 16,263-16,415 for the bulls to take control, the analyst quoted above said. Supports are now at 16,006-15,903.

“We recommend a stock-specific approach and recommend buying stocks in sectors showing relative strength. While we remain open to a very short-term bounce, we must remember that the middle trend remains down. The bears would gain more control once the recent mid-low of 15,735 is breached,” Gangadharan said.

Here are two analyst recommendations for Friday:

Kotak Mahindra Bank

To buy Range: Rs 1,900 -1,920

stop loss: Rs 1,850

Targets: Rs 2,050/2,100

Strength index relative to confluence. Good roll with a better base. The IVs smooth out for the next set. This indicates the possibility of directional movement. Strike OTM CE at maximum congestion Rs 2000. Strike OTM PE at maximum concentration Rs 1800.

Analyst: Kruti Shah, Equirus

Navin Fluor

Sale Range: Rs 3,620 – 3,660

stop loss: Rs 3,800

Targets: Rs 3,200/3,100

On a monthly timeframe, the stock is trading near a repeating supply zone. It reacted strongly against the previous supply zone, forming several highs above Rs 3,800. The stock is weakening below 3,600, suggesting that the opportunity is creating a short position.

Analyst: Kruti Shah, Equirus

(Disclaimer: The recommendations, suggestions, views and opinions given by the experts belong to them. These do not represent the views of Economic Times)

JPMorgan Ditches Real Estate for Crypto; Bitcoin Trading at 30% discount

Cryptocurrency assets – and hedge funds – have replaced real estate as preferred asset classes, according to a group of strategists at US investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In an investment report, the strategists, led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, also said bitcoin (BTC) is trading at a discount of up to 30%.

“While public markets are already pricing in significant recessionary risks and digital assets have significantly repriced following the collapse of TerraUSD (UST), some alternative assets such as private equity, private debt and real estate seem to have lagged somewhat,” he said.

“We are thus replacing real estate with digital assets as the preferred alternative asset class.”

However, the bank’s strategists downgraded alternative investments – those types of assets other than stocks, bonds or cash – from “underweight” to “overweight”, citing ongoing macroeconomic difficulties.

JPMorgan expects returns on alternative assets such as cryptocurrency to hit 10% over the next year. This compares to a 12% return for traditional assets.

Bitcoin 30% undervalued, according to JPMorgan

Although the market is still reeling from the recent selloff, Panigirtzoglou and his team are confident that bitcoin will recover soon.

Strategists argued that the fair value of bitcoin is $38,000, based on its volatility ratio against gold. This means that at the current price of around $29,600, BTC is trading at a discount of almost 30%. They said:

“Last month’s crypto market correction looks more like a capitulation from last January/February, and looking ahead, we see an upside for bitcoin and crypto markets more generally.”

JPMorgan strategists seemed optimistic about the future of the crypto industry, as long as venture capital funding continued to flow. They stated that “the trajectory of venture capital funding would be crucial in helping the crypto market avoid the long winter of 2018/2019.”

In their view, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has announced that it will inject $4.5 billion into crypto startups to capitalize on the market downturn.

JPMorgan CEO Criticizes Crypto

JPMorgan has started offering crypto services to its clients despite CEO Jamie Dimon’s harsh criticism of bitcoin.

In 2017, Dimon attacked bitcoin, calling it a “fraud”. He doubled down on the review last October and said the digital asset was “worthless”. But he decided to let his clients make up their own mind because they were “adults”.

“So if they want access to buy bitcoin, we can’t keep it, but we can give them legitimate access, as clean as possible,” Dimon said at the time.


All information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action the reader takes on the information found on our website is strictly at their own risk.

Finance Minister: Maldives will not go bankrupt, can repay loans

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer said on Wednesday that the Maldives’ economic situation would not follow the path of that of Sri Lanka and that the country’s debt was fully manageable.

He said this in response to a statement made by the Governor of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), Ali Hashim, when questioned by the Parliament’s Economic Committee earlier in the week regarding proposed changes to the tourism law aimed at reducing resort rents. Hashim had said that a reduced resort rent, which would reduce the income generated from this source by 40%, could put the Maldives on the road to economic crisis, just like its neighbor Sri Lanka.

JPMorgan, one of the largest US investment banks, has also placed the Maldives among the most at risk countries with low reserves and loan defaults due to the Russian-Ukrainian war and difficulty obtaining loans.

Look at our reserve now. We have about 800 million [Rufiyaa]. Even if you look at our reserve, you can tell there is no chance of something like this happening: Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer

However, Finance Minister Ameer had said economic activity in the Maldives was doing well. He noted that tourist arrivals are quite similar to arrival levels in 2019.

He said there was no difficulty in repaying the Maldives’ debt and that it was being paid as stipulated in the state budget. Therefore, Ameer said there was no fear of an economic default.

“Our GDP growth will improve by 13-18%,” he told Dhivehi.

Commenting on the JP Morgan report, Ameer said the Maldives was different from other countries on their list, as the country’s economic activity clearly shows. He said the tax authority, the Maldives Revenue Authority (MIRA), would know about it as well as they would know about the US dollars the Maldives receives.

The Maldives has generated $316 million over the past four months through MIRA. The authority also received MVR 7.4 billion ($479 million) in revenue during the same period.

Ameer said there was no fear that the Maldives’ reserves would run out and the methods they used to manage the fund were also good.

MMA stats show the state reserve stood at $805 million at the end of 2021. The state reserve jumped to $865 million at the end of March. The Maldivian reserve has not fallen below $700 million in the first three months of this year.

“Look at our reserve now. We have about 800 million [Rufiyaa]. Even if you look at our stash, you can tell there’s no way something like this will happen,” Ameer said.

The JP Morgan report had said the Maldives’ reserves were feared to dwindle and they might be unable to repay existing loans.

Ameer noted that the economy of the Maldives is also facing obstacles due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. He said the price of fuel is rising all over the world and this will also affect the prices of goods in the Maldives.

MVR 340 million has been allocated in the state budget for oil subsidies. If the number quadruples, oil subsidies will reach MVR 1.3 billion.

Meta vs. Apple over gaming app restrictions


Facebook parent company Meta accuses Apple of hurting competition in the mobile app market through restrictions on iOS software surrounding game streaming and other related technologies, according to a new deposit with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration released Thursday.

“Despite having some of the most popular applications in the world, Meta’s ability to innovate its products and services and even reach its customers is determined, and in some cases significantly limited, by operating systems. most popular mobiles, such as Apple’s iOS.”, the filing reads.

Meta submitted the comment as part of a Study in progress the NTIA leads the U.S. Commerce Department’s White House Competition Council, which the Biden administration created last year as part of an executive order to study market competition in various sectors of the American economy.

Apple responded to the filing with a statement:

Apple believes in vibrant, competitive markets, and through the App Store, we’ve helped millions of developers around the world turn their brightest ideas into world-changing apps. The App Store is an unprecedented growth engine that drives competition and innovation for developers big and small. Today, third-party apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, are some of the most popular apps on the App Store. We have a vested interest in supporting a robust developer community, and we intend to stay that way.

Confidentiality has always been at the center of our convictions. At Apple, we believe that a user’s data belongs to them and they must decide if they want to share their data and with whom. App Tracking Transparency gives users the choice of whether or not to allow apps to track them by linking their information to third-party data for advertising purposes or sharing their information with data brokers. These rules apply equally to all developers, including Apple, and we’ve received strong support from regulators and privacy advocates for this feature.

Meta’s brief focuses on three areas: web browsing, regarding Apple’s restrictions on what web apps can do compared to native iOS software; games and the restrictions Apple places on developers who attempt to bundle HTML5 and cloud-based games into existing apps (like the Facebook app); and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency initiative, the privacy feature the company rolled out last year that Meta said will cost it about $10 billion in ad revenue this year.

“Taken together, Apple’s restrictions on third-party web browsers, its restrictions on third-party gaming apps, and its ATT framework significantly limit developers’ ability to create and consumers’ ability to enjoy cross-platform apps that could reduce barriers Apple’s move to Android and other devices,” the filing continues. “Apple’s self-serving tactics are preventing consumers from realizing the innovation and benefits of a vibrant and well-functioning mobile app ecosystem.”

Meta’s feud with Apple over App Store restrictions is by no means new, but it has intensified in recent years as Meta has increased its investment in the games business. The social media giant tried in 2020 to release a dedicated Facebook Gaming app on Apple’s App Store that would offer live streaming, similar to Amazon’s Twitch, as well as mobile games that can be played instantly with no download required. , either using HTML5 technology or streaming from the cloud.

Apple repeatedly rejected the application due to a series of cloud gaming restrictions, the iPhone maker has been have to update for clarity. Still, many restrictions remained after the update, resulting in a much-publicized back-and-forth between the two companies that only become more bitter like Apple targeted Meta with iOS privacy changes and Tim Cook took public photos of Mark Zuckerberg and his company’s business model.

Meta eventually removed the game components from the Facebook Gaming app to release it to the App Store. He then asked users to try a web version that bypasses Apple’s restrictions; Apple says web apps for cloud gaming and similar functionality are allowed on the iPhone, but it has strict rules about including those same features in apps unless the app is dedicated to something else. . (That’s why, for example, you can play HTML5 mini-games in Facebook’s main app, because by Apple’s logic it’s primarily a social networking platform and not of a game.)

Meta cites switching costs and ecosystem lockdown as reasons it can’t just rely on Google’s Android, which has fewer restrictions on what apps can and can’t do when it comes to gaming . “Apple’s restrictions on cross-platform games, web-based and ad-supported apps prevent them from lowering barriers to change and locking consumers into iOS devices,” the filing said. “Apple’s policies restricting cloud gaming and HTML5-based games have prevented Meta from introducing features that would allow developers to distribute and monetize, and iOS device users to enjoy a variety of games …These limitations have stunted Facebook Gaming’s growth and prevented it from emerging as a serious competitor to Apple in game discovery and delivery”.

Meta’s filing does not mention Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite which sued Apple and Google in 2020 over many of these same restrictions. The commentary makes many of the same arguments Epic does in these cases, however. Epic’s lawsuit against Apple is currently tied to appeals, and Google’s similar lawsuit has yet to get a court date.

“Apple’s restrictions serve to maintain the App Store as the primary place for users to discover and access games on iOS devices,” the filing concludes. “They also have the effect of maintaining high barriers to switching to an Android device, as users’ game data will often be stored in native iOS game apps and cannot be easily transferred outside of the Apple ecosystem. while instant games and cloud gaming services would enable a seamless transition between iOS and Android devices.”

Update 5/26, 2:08 p.m. ET: Added statement from Apple.

Letter: Free calls for prisoners an absurd idea | Letters to the Editor


For the editor:

I just finished reading the article about lawmakers asking for free prison calls. I think anyone who wants to make free phone calls with inmates should have their proverbial head examined.

I worked as a correctional officer out of state, in a prison that looked like a modern-day Alcatraz. It was one of only two federal detention centers in my state. We were given the toughest criminal in the whole world. Prisoners were still allowed to telephone, but they had to make collect calls. Whoever they were calling would foot the bill for that call. And all inmates were given time each day for free in-person visits, with restrictions.

Politicians and freephone advocates are expected to spend time behind bars as a trainee corrections officer for a week. Introduce them to prison life. I guarantee they will be a changed person in a day let alone a week.

Prisoners who complain wouldn’t do so if they hadn’t broken the law to begin with.

If you are going to play with fire then be prepared to pay the piper and do your time.

Enough of you people with your double standards. Prisons are not the place to enjoy life, so don’t break the laws and stay out of them. Go to work and pay taxes.

Bob Scimone


Today’s Trading Guide for Wednesday: 6 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today – May 25

Today’s trading guide for Wednesday: After a flat open on Tuesday, the Indian stock market ended in the red zone for the second consecutive session. The Nifty 50 index ended down 89 points at 16,125 while BSE Sensex lost 236 points and closed at 54,052 levels. The Nifty Bank Index added 42 points and closed at 34,290 levels. Larger markets underperformed, with small and mid cap indices falling more than the Nifty 50-stock index.

According to market experts, the Nifty daily calendar indicates that the index hit a double bottom around the 15,735 levels and rallied strongly last Friday. Nifty, however, failed to convincingly breach the recent swing high of 16,400 and corrected these levels over the past two sessions. They said many stocks were also correcting and failing to hold onto recent gains. This is a sign of weakness and caution is therefore called for. Traders should wait for strength to emerge before going aggressively long.

Daily trading guide for the stock market today

Speaking on the intraday trading strategy, Subash Gangadharan, Principal Technical and Derivatives Analyst at HDFC Securities, said: “While we remain open to further rallies in the very short term, we must remember that the intermediate trend remains at The bears would gain more control once the recent mid low of 15,735 is broken.”

Advising traders to remain cautious, Ruchit Jain, Lead Research, 5paisa.com said, “India VIX rose 10% on Tuesday which is a sign of caution and hence traders should keep an eye on the same. The IT space has continued its correction, validating our recent view that the correction phase is extending in this sector.Nifty Bank has shown relative strength over the past couple of sessions, but it does not “Hasn’t cleared its crucial hurdle yet. So, in case the Nifty resumes its correction in the near term, then the banking space will also follow suit.”

Day trading stocks

Share Intraday Stocks for Today, Stock Market Experts – Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking; Mehul Kothari, AVP — Technical Research at Anand Rathi; Anuj Gupta, Vice President – Research at IIFL Securities and Avinash Gorakshkar, Head of Research at Profitmart Securities – recommended 6 stocks to buy or sell today.

Sumeet Bagadia Intraday Stocks for Today

1]Tata Motors: Buy from CMP, objective 440 to 450, stop loss 410

2]HDFC Bank: Buy from CMP, target 1375 stop loss 1280

Anuj Gupta’s stock of the day

3]Zomato: Buy from CMP, target 75, stop loss 58

Mehul Kothari’s day trading

4]Kotak Mahindra Bank: Shop Around 1881 target 1930 stop-loss 1850

Avinash Gorakshkar shares to buy today

5]State Bank of India or SBI: Buy from CMP, objective 478, stop loss 454

6]LIC housing finance: buy from CMP, objective 400, stop loss 368.

Warning: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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What is Discord, the application used by the Buffalo shooter


Before killing 10 people in a Buffalo supermarket on May 14, the 18-year-old suspected shooter left a series of racist posts on the online forum Discord, a popular voice, video and text chat application.

As early as November, the teenager wrote posts on Discord documenting his plan to allegedly murder black people in a mass shooting, according to a compilation of posts reviewed by The Washington Post. Discord said since the messages were only visible to the suspect until he shared them with others on the day of the attack.

Along with WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, Discord has already been discussed in relation to racist violence. White supremacists who attended a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August 2017, in which several counter-protesters were injured or killed, also used private Discord chats to organize ahead of the event.

But the service is much bigger — and more complicated — than those dark times suggest. Discord developed a reputation as a haven for Gen Z and gamers after its launch in 2015. Today, many of its more than 150 million monthly active users don’t talk about games at all. And some say the Discord setup allows for healthier, more engaged online communities.

Claire Bourdon, a software developer in Indiana, joined the app after someone on Reddit mentioned a Discord ‘server’ or community chat, which helps people outside the tech industry learn to code .

Now she visits the server every day to help newbie developers. The age range is wide, she said — from high schoolers to people in their 60s — and a handful of moderating tools keep the vibes healthy, she said. (Bumblebee’s group has a “no foul language” policy, and she’s seen people get fired immediately for making offensive remarks, she said.)

“It’s the healthiest place I’ve been on the internet,” she said.

High Court approves new Amigo Loans business scheme

A High Court judge has accepted Amigo Loans’ proposed new business plan in a crucial step towards the company resuming lending.

Monday’s announcement marks a turnaround for the subprime lender, although it has yet to raise new capital and receive clearance from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Amigo, which offers loans based on someone else’s guarantee, stopped lending in November 2020, citing uncertainty caused by the pandemic. It has not been able to resume operations since due to a dispute over compensation for historic mis-selling.

The company has faced complaints from consumers who accused it of not checking whether their loans were affordable.

“A successful New Business Scheme will open the door to a new source of responsible and regulated finance for millions of people in this country who do not have access to traditional banking services,” Chief Executive Gary Jennison said.

A previous “scheme of arrangement” proposed by Amigo that would have limited compensation payments to a greater extent was rejected by the FCA, which said it unfairly benefited shareholders rather than customers.

The new scheme offers more compensation, in part due to better-than-expected loan repayments in 2021.

Under the new scheme, Amigo will pay compensation of at least £112 million on the condition that it can resume lending within 9 months of the scheme being approved and that it can complete a rights issue in 12 months after approval.

Over the past year, Amigo’s share price has fallen more than 66% despite rising a modest 6.6% since January.

The UK regulator has cracked down on so-called non-standard finance providers in recent years in response to concerns about rising consumer debt.

The number of active short-term high-cost lenders in the UK fell by almost a third between 2016 and the third quarter of 2020, according to FCA figures. Meanwhile, Wonga, once the UK’s biggest payday loan provider, filed for administration in 2018 after a flurry of customer complaints.

Others, like subprime lender Provident Financial, have stopped serving those with the worst credit ratings, leaving this group with a lack of options other than loan sharks and illegal money lending.

In March, Provident Financial chief executive Malcolm Le May told the Financial Times that many of those considered “high risk” for credit were turning to buy now and pay later, a form interest-free online credit available for retail purchases.

Jennison also warned that the UK was “sleepwalking into debt” following the buy it now, pay later.

Stocks are down – now what?

NEW YORK – May 23, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

If you’ve listened to the news or checked your portfolio, you know the stock market is having a tough year. But while investors may not be able to control the external factors that drive stock prices down, they can control their own investment strategies and how they decide to react to the situation. From researching alternative assets through a platform like Yieldstreet to investing in crypto when prices look attractive, investors have several options for reacting to a volatile market.

Here are some approaches to consider:

Do not panic – When stocks continue to fall, many investors struggle to control their emotional reactions to volatility. Frustration can gradually evolve into fear, which in turn can lead to outright panic. But while it’s only natural to be uncomfortable with your portfolio losing value, sometimes the best approach is to simply hold on and wait patiently for the market to recover. After all, the stock market is famous for its dramatic swings and selloffs during times of economic uncertainty, but it’s also famous for its ability to bounce back. If you have a long-term mindset and haven’t invested more than you’re willing to lose, it might be best to sit down and stick with your original plan.

Buy the dip – The phrase “buying the dip” becomes incredibly popular during periods of high volatility, and for good reason: when stocks are moving rapidly lower, many investors see it as an opportunity to buy assets at what they perceive to be reduced prices. While this strategy carries a certain degree of increased risk, it is also true that investors tend to overreact and give in to selling pressure when the market is falling, often leading to an upward correction. short term. If there is a company that you believe is undervalued or has considerable long-term growth potential, it may be a good idea to add to your position while the price is still relatively “cheap”.

Explore alternative investments – Investors need not limit themselves to the stock market and, in fact, one of the smartest decisions an investor can make is to diversify their portfolio by investing in alternative assets. Asset classes such as real estate, art, and even cryptocurrencies can behave differently from the stock market in times of high volatility, and online platforms like Yieldstreet have made it easier than ever to access investments. alternatives. Investors looking to add several alternative asset classes to their portfolio can start with Yieldstreet’s Prism Fund for as little as $500, or those looking for an introduction to cryptocurrency can add index-like exposure to leading digital assets by investing in the recently launched Enhanced Crypto. Funds. Whichever path you choose, alternative investments can be a great addition to your portfolio when the stock market continues to decline.

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Stocks are down – now what?

MSME lending back on track in FY22

Advances to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are increasing at a good pace as banks become liberal in granting loans.

Data for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2022 as well as FY22 show an increase in MSME advances compared to the previous year, which was hit by the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

An analysis of data from the last two years from the Reserve Bank of India shows a huge increase in lending to MSMEs. Micro and small loans outstanding in March 2022 increased by 21.5% to ₹4,95,281 crore from ₹4,07,675 crore in March 2021.

Advances to medium-sized companies were more phenomenal and amounted to ₹2,42,269 crore in March 2022 (₹1,41,339 crore in March 2021), registering a growth of 71.4%.

The growth in advances was quite significant if you look at the comparable figures for FY21 with those for FY20.

Micro and small business loans grew only 4% in March 2021. Growth in medium business loans, however, was 34%.

Although they cannot be classified as MSME loans, the disbursement of small business loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) has also picked up momentum in the current fiscal year.

Total loans

Total loans disbursed under the scheme stood at ₹3.31 lakh crore in FY22, compared to ₹3.11 lakh crore disbursed in the previous fiscal year.

“Apart from the general economic environment and pandemic relief, programs such as the 2% interest subsidy program for the Shishu category of Mudra loans are driving growth,” a Mudra official said.


A revision of the definition of MSMEs with effect from July 1, 2020 was also one of the drivers of lending to the sector, according to analysts.

Fourteen years after the entry into force of the MSME Development Act in 2006, a revision of the definition of MSMEs was announced in the Aatmanirbhar Bharat package.

In line with this announcement, the definition of micro manufacturing and service units was increased to ₹1 crore of investment and ₹5 crore of turnover.

Small unit investment limit was increased to ₹10 crore and ₹50 crore turnover. Similarly, the medium unit limit was increased to ₹50 crore and ₹250 crore turnover.

“The impact of this revision was noticed in FY22 with more companies falling under the MSME category, which obviously increased the amount of loans to these units,” an officer said. of land (advances) from the State Bank of India.

The general business environment has also improved over the past five months with the third relief from the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, he added. Quarterly advances data from major banks show a recovery in credit from November to December, which peaked in the fourth quarter of last fiscal year.

In May 2021, the RBI authorized lending institutions to restructure MSME loans and ordered lending institutions to put in place a Board-approved policy on the restructuring of MSME advances. It also relieved MSMEs as well as banks and had a positive impact on new loan demand and supply, according to bankers.

Another driver was the Emergency Line of Credit Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS), which was introduced as part of the Covid-19 relief scheme.

The Union budget 2021-2022 has also boosted the availability of credit. Budget allocation for the financial year 2021-22 for MSMEs more than doubled to ₹15,700 crore from ₹7,572 crore in 2020-21. Also, a corpus of ₹10,000 crore for providing collateral for borrowings relieved the sector.


While growth in MSME lending is obviously welcome, there are also some challenges. “Even though the outlook for credit growth also looks positive for FY23, current inflation trends could play a spoilsport role as rate hikes could have a dampening effect on credit demand just as the economy turns around the corner,’ said a recent research report by the State Bank of India.

The link between policy rates and credit growth is well established as RBI studies indicate that a 100 basis point increase in the policy rate results in a credit decline of 1.95% with a six-quarter lag. As RBI had already increased the repo by 40 basis points in May, this could have an impact on credit demand from MSMEs.

Another challenge is the issue of non-performing assets (NPA) in the segment. According to analyst reports, NPLs in the MSME portfolio declined from 8.6% in FY19 to 12.6% and 12.5% ​​in FY20 and 21, respectively. Data for fiscal year 22 is not yet available.

The growth of credit to MSMEs is vital as they contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the country by encouraging entrepreneurship and generating employment opportunities.

The relative importance of MSMEs can be assessed from the fact that the share of gross value added (GVA) of MSMEs in total GVA (current prices) for 2019-20 was 33.08%, according to the economic study 2021-22.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of MSMEs, out of a total of 6.34 crore units, 3.25 crore (51.25%) are in rural areas and the rest are in urban areas. Therefore, the flow of credit to these units is important for manufacturing growth and job creation. About 10 crore are employed in the sector.

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May 22, 2022

Landscape architects weighed in on Palm Beach’s native plant rule


Solely as a correction to last week’s letter to the editor (“Florida’s Native Plants Have Many Benefits,” Sunday, May 15): The recommendations we, as a group of the city’s leading landscape architects , made to the Mayor and City Council regarding the current Native Ordinance were landscape architects, not landscape designers.

I’ll let the other signatories respond, but SMI Landscape Architecture’s experience has been honored over the years as follows:

  • Florida Trust for Historic Preservation in 1995
  • The Palm Beach Garden Club in 1997, 2014, 2019
  • Arthur Ross Award in the Landscape Architecture category awarded by The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America (New York) in 2010, and others in 2014 and 2019
  • Palm Beach Chamber Award in 2012
  • Lesly S. Smith Landscape Award in 2013, 2016 and 2019
  • FNGLA Award of Excellence for Residential Garden in 2013
  • 2017 American Society of Landscape Architects Florida Chapter Award
  • Thomas N. Armstrong III Award (New York School of Interior Design) in 2018
  • Area Civic Improvement Award, The Garden Club of America in 2019
  • 2021 Civic Association City Beautification Award

These 16 distinctions designate our firm as an expert on plant subjects, including native ones.

Jorge Sanchez,

SMI landscape architecture

Former Ohio Prisons Chief Candidate to Lead America’s Prisons

DEVELOPMENT… The story will be updated as new information can be verified. Updated 4 times

WASHINGTON — The former director of the Ohio state prison system has emerged as a top contender for the leadership of the crisis-ridden Federal Bureau of Prisons, three people familiar with the Associated Press told The Associated Press. case.

Gary Mohr, who has also worked in the private prison industry, is among the top candidates to replace Bureau of Prisons Director Michael Carvajal, who tendered his resignation in January but said he would stay on until until a successor is named. , the people said on Friday.

A final decision has not been made and it is unclear when an announcement will be made, according to the people, who were not authorized to speak publicly and did so on condition of anonymity. After this story was published, Mohr responded to an email seeking comment that was sent to a consulting firm where he works. He said he was “shocked to see an article describing me as one of the top candidates” for the job and denied applying or being interviewed.

People familiar with the matter insisted on Saturday that Mohr remained among those being seriously considered for the job.

If chosen, Mohr would become the 11th person to lead the Bureau of Prisons since its founding more than 90 years ago, and only the second director with no previous experience at the agency, the Justice Department’s largest.

The leadership change came after reports by the AP that revealed widespread problems within the agency, including sexual abuse by corrections officers and critically low staffing levels that hampered emergency responses.

Mohr spent nearly 50 years working in corrections, beginning as a teacher at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, the agency he led from 2011 to 2018. After his retirement, he served as president of the American Correctional Association, a non-profit trade association. and accreditation body.

Mohr also served as a prison warden and, between stints in the Ohio system, served as a consultant and CEO of CoreCivic, formerly known as the Corrections Corporation of America, owner and operator of prisons and correctional facilities. private detention.

As head of Ohio’s prison system, Mohr oversaw more than 12,000 employees and nearly 50,000 inmates at 28 facilities. The Bureau of Prisons has a budget of approximately 37,500 staff, operates 122 facilities and has approximately 157,000 inmates.

In Ohio, Mohr made reducing the state’s prison population a priority and led efforts to reduce the number of nonviolent first-time offenders behind bars. He managed to reduce it by around 1,000 inmates during his tenure but, upon retirement, he said he was “extraordinarily discouraged” he could do no more.

Mohr also oversaw 15 executions and dealt with various crises, including the 2013 suicide in prison of notorious Cleveland woman kidnapper Ariel Castro; the brief 2014 escape of school shooter TJ Lane; and the 2017 killing of an inmate in a transport van by another prisoner.

The union representing Ohio state prison guards has frequently clashed with Mohr, criticizing him and the agency for not doing enough to protect correctional officers and reduce violence.

Carvajal, 54, was appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in February 2020 by then-Attorney General William Barr just before the COVID-19 pandemic began to rage in federal prisons across the country, leaving tens of thousands of inmates infected with the virus and resulting in 295 deaths.

An agency insider who started as a correctional officer and worked his way up, Carvajal had a tumultuous tenure as director. There was a failed response to the pandemic, widespread criminal activity among employees, extremely low staffing levels that hampered emergency responses, inmate deaths and dozens of escapes.

Carvajal also oversaw an unprecedented series of federal executions in the final months of the Trump presidency that were so mishandled they became virus-spreading events.

AP reports exposing these issues compelled Congress to investigate and prompted lawmakers to ask Carvajal to resign or be fired by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Carvajal “has failed to address the growing crises in our country’s federal prison system, including failing to fully implement the landmark First Step Act,” bipartisan criminal justice. measure adopted under the Trump administration that aimed to improve prison programs and reduce disparities in sentencing.

Garland assigned Assistant District Attorney Lisa Monaco to lead the search for Carvajal’s replacement. Officials have gone to great lengths to try to find candidates outside of the typical profile of former directors, even posting an ad on LinkedIn.

While many Bureau of Prisons officials applied for the job, the Biden administration was looking for someone focused on reforming an agency that had cultural issues for decades.

Monaco personally conducted interviews and met several of the candidates.

Biden administration officials have been in talks about whether to remove Carvajal in the spring of 2021, after the AP reported that numerous corrections officer vacancies were forcing prisons to expand the use of cooks, d teachers, nurses and other workers to guard the inmates.

The Bureau of Prisons is the only Department of Justice agency whose director is not subject to Senate confirmation. Currently, the Attorney General can simply appoint someone to the position.

A bill introduced in Congress days after Carvajal’s resignation would require Senate confirmation of future bureau chiefs – placing them under the same level of scrutiny as heads of the FBI and other federal agencies – but, until at present, the measure has not been taken for a vote.


Associated Press reporter Andrew Welsh-Huggins in Columbus, Ohio, contributed to this report. ___

On Twitter, follow Michael Balsamo at twitter.com/mikebalsamo1 and Michael Sisak at twitter.com/mikesisak. Learn more about AP’s reporting on federal prisons at apnews.com and send confidential tips by visiting https://www.ap.org/tips/

Walt Breitinger: Learning to Ride the Bear, Places of Wheat and Bean Trading | Local company

Our lungs, our tides and our markets cannot last by moving in one direction. Our bodies would perish, continents would flood, and economies would self-destruct if there were no corrections and cycles that created sustainability or relative stability. A massive move in one direction is eventually followed by a correction, which can be just as significant. For example, stock speculators in 1928, 1987, and 2008 discovered that an overbought market can become a house of cards and disappear overnight if the sell-off begins.

Economists, advisors, and IRA investors are questioning their buy-and-hold mentality and looking at bearish strategies, which can pay off when stocks decline. This is precipitated by recent talk of a sharp rise in interest rates, apocalyptic inflation in Britain, recession in the United States, invasion of Ukraine, economic slowdown in China due to COVID, and the devastating water shortages and fires in the United States. Shorting miniature stock index futures has suddenly become more popular as a way to make money as the Dow Jones, NASDAQ or S&P declines. As of 1 p.m. Friday, mini June stock index futures were down sharply, with the S&P at 3832, the Dow Jones at 30700 and the NASDAQ at 11566.

People also read…

Wheat and bean trading places

The two fastest growing American crops – wheat and soybeans – have reversed roles in a counterintuitive reversal. The wheat took the tree while the beans bounced up. However, wheat fundamentals appear to remain quite bullish, with data from the National Association of Wheat Growers tour indicating a dramatic decline in production due primarily to extremely dry weather in the Southwest Planes.

They expect the total number of bushels of wheat produced to be the worst in 12 years. Soybean acreage is expected to increase this year due to high fertilizer prices that prevent farmers from planting corn into beans that require pesticides but much less fertilizer. So, the wheat market has been on a strong rally against beans for months, but suddenly this week staged a major correction back to normal.

By Friday’s close, July Chicago wheat was trading at $11.70 a bushel, while July beans were trading at $17.04, up about 60 cents on the week. July corn, down a bit, returned $7.79 a bushel. The pigs continued on their way to a surge.

Opinions are solely those of the author. Walt Breitinger is a commodity futures broker in Valparaiso, Indiana. He can be reached at 800-411-3888 or www.indianafutures.com. This is not a solicitation of a market order to buy or sell.

Home economics: The reckoning has begun for those who have taken out home equity loans

Exploiting home equity becomes much more expensive

Personal finance columnist Dale Jackson claims that account started for borrowers who have tapped into their home equity. The rise in lending rates has mostly focused on how the added financial burden will affect regular mortgage payments, but as Jackson points out, interest rates for reverse mortgages and home equity lines of credit have reached “mind-blowing” levels.

Rethink subscriptions taken out during the pandemic

Some Canadians may have taken out delivery and entertainment subscriptions, such as streaming services and meal kits, during the height of the pandemic when they were stuck at home and spending on reaction were limited. Now that restrictions have largely been lifted, all those pandemic-era subscriptions could strain your wallet and cut into your savings.

Gas prices ‘hit consumers where it hurts’: BMO

Average gasoline prices in Canada exceeded $2 per liter for the first time in history. BMO Capital Markets Senior Economist Jennifer Lee warns that as gas prices continue to climb, the disposable income of Canadian consumers will come under increasing pressure. BNN Bloomberg’s Hilary Punchard has some tips to save a few dollars at the pump.

Think of emergency funds as pre-planned expenses to better prepare yourself: Advisor

Often, financial security comes down to being prepared for worst-case scenarios. Financial author Alyssa Davies told The Canadian Press that having an emergency fund can not only help you with unexpected financial burdens, but also help you stay on the right track for your financial goals.

Cash hoarding peaks in 2001 on stagflation fears

As stagflation fears mount and global growth prospects plummet, institutional fund managers are leave the money Some of their portfolios are accumulating at levels not seen since 2001. That’s according to a fund management survey from Bank of America, which described the results as “extremely bearish.”


“A recession is do not inevitable.”

– Investors are pricing in the growing likelihood of a recession, but some macro indicators suggest otherwise, according to Goldman Sachs strategists.

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SINGAPORE, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JERITEX has announced a comprehensive business plan for 2022 which includes, among other things, the highly anticipated launch of the JERITEX mobile trading app in April, JERITEX’s participation in the upcoming European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona in June, the launch of NFT Metaverse Marketplace in the fourth quarter, as well as a series of Airdrop programs throughout 2022 to incentivize investors who trade on the JERITEX exchange.

The new JERITEX mobile trading application works on IOS and Android operating systems. It has 2FA function and other security measures, elegant user interface and runs on a smart mobile platform. The app offers investors a full 360° experience, from advanced order types and detailed charts to complex options and a host of sophisticated trading tools for viewing portfolios and performing basic trades. The JERITEX mobile trading app offers busy investors a fast, secure, reliable and user-friendly tool to trade on the go. With the new app, investors can react instantly and take advantage of market conditions wherever and whenever they are.

The new JERITEX mobile trading app (PRNewsfoto/JERITEX Inc.)

Johnson QiuCEO of JERITEX Asia Pacific, said:

“Blockchain technology has grown beyond cryptocurrencies, with exciting innovations in smart contracts, NFTs, and the metaverse. At JERITEX, we believe that a long-term approach to community building is the key. key to success in fostering a healthy ecosystem, while providing the community with safe and useful tools for commerce is the ultimate way to connect and engage with the Community.”

The European Blockchain Convention 2022 is the most influential Blockchain event in Europe. It will take place from June 26 to 28 at the 5-star Hyatt Regency Barcelona. The event plans to host over 1,000 delegates and will feature over 100 speakers through a variety of panels, keynotes and workshops on Blockchain, DeFi, NFT and Web 3.

JERITEX is pleased to announce its participation in this world class event.


JERITEX is an ecosystem for NFT trading, investments and payment gateway via e-commerce, providing a suite of products, services and innovations to support the Community. JERITEX operates a fast, secure and cost-effective global digital asset exchange platform that combines CEX and DEX.


Sleepain.com launches wide range of effective pain relief products

In pursuit of its belief that everyone deserves a pain-free life, Sleepain has developed incredible products that build confidence and promote overall well-being.

With the way the world is right now, most people will definitely suffer. Statistics have shown that more than 80% of people will experience an unlucky accident at some point in their lives. For most people, back pain and neck pain are the most common problems that they cannot escape. Back pain, for example, is the sixth costliest condition in the world, affecting more than 540 million people. The inability to effectively treat this pain has robbed many people of a better quality of life. That’s why Sleepain.com comes in to help.

Sleepain.com is a health and wellness company passionate about developing the most effective solutions and tools to promote back health, posture correction, pain relief and prevention. Its products are the result of tireless research carried out with the sole aim of ensuring a pain-free existence for everyone.


Some of the highly sophisticated equipment that Sleepain has developed include:

– NeckStretcher™ – a cervical traction device to eliminate neck pain
– Lumbar Hero™ – an orthopedic back stretcher
– NeckCervical™ – a smart neck massager
– NeckReleaserPro™ – a safe and effective neck traction device
– FasciaBlade™ – a myofascial massager

There are even gears to deal with leg pain in addition to pillows that eliminate snoring during sleep. Sleepain also takes it a step further by incorporating yoga exercises that have been proven to relieve back pain. All Sleepain.com products are ergonomically designed to provide the most pain relief while simultaneously assisting with posture alignment.


Serene Lee, a satisfied Sleepain.com customer, says, “I have severe c1 and c2 issues. I saw an upper cervical chiropractor with some relief. However, Sleepain’s product helped me more than the chiropractor! It’s comfortable and the relief I feel is unlike anything I’ve tried before.

Since its inception, Sleepain.com has been featured in various reputable publications including Forbes, CNN, Women’s Health, GQ, Reader’s Digest among many others.

Please visit Sleepain.com to learn more about its products.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sleepain.com
Contact person: Eng Shank
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +18885797551
Country: United States
Website: https://www.sleepain.com

An NFT dating app shut down because it was overrun with men. Are you maybe dating?

Picture of the

Photo: Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images (Getty Images)

the crypto bros are extremely bad this month, and not at all in a romantic sense. First, the market bottomed out, crashing to an all-time high, and all those digital dollars they claimed to be hoarding in their digital treasure chests like cackling Mr. Krabs disappeared into thin air. Now this devastating news: it turns out that the assholes who wanted to sweep women based on their net worth and possessions failed to attract any women, instead producing a meat brigade of aporophobes.

The Lonely Ape Dating Club, a dating app that has been announcement in March of this year and was created exclusively for owners of NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), turned out to be a little lonelier than expected and has been “put on hold indefinitely” due to a “very unequal ratio of men and women who signed up to our waitlist.” For this I say: No fucking shit, you idiots.

The app was created by a “self-proclaimed motley crew of hackers and NFT collectors interested in how we can bring crypto and Web3 to the dating space,” or, in other words, a group of crypto depeople who got rich faster than their pubes grew and thought they’d been slapped on the body by a stroke of genius when they theorized, “Yoooo, we only date fucking female dogs.. .with NFTs!!!”

Sure, BAYC is not just any NFT: While originally value 0.8ETH ($192), before the market correction, the artwork was worth more than 100 ETH, or about $290,000. Some of the pieces have sold for over a million dollars, while others have been bought by Eminem, Kevin Hart and Seth Green. So when the app says it’s for NFT BAYC owners only, keep in mind that it’s also born from a community thatafter the accident, thought it was funny to pretend that they would all be strength to get jobs at McDonalds to pay the bills. Just say it: you hate poor people!!

Mentioned the aversion to the poor – you know, the same people who have been excluded from American financial systems and elite branches for centuries that crypto claims to embrace – is basically the point of this all meet application. You can get “potential matches’ attention” by sending them crypto tips! You can show how long you have “delivered diamonds” (or kept your NFTs) boasting of the value they have accumulated! You can even mark your profile with a nice little badge: the 7 Figure Club!!! I’ve never been more turned on than by a supposedly rich guy who refuses to show his face and thinks my affection can be bought with a tip.

For the darling morons of the Lonely Ape Dating Club, I would first like to offer a reimagining of the definition of “NFT” to more accurately reflect the collective attitude of women and non-binary people towards bill-throwing crypto bros: Not Fucking Talking to you! Also, I’d like to suggest you take your little sausage celebrate Twitter and date instead, because I promise you that no one is ever will love you as much as you love yourself and your monkey photos. You should be open-minded enough to start investigating that sexuality is a spectrum, that not all men in crypto identify as “straight”, and that just because crypto villains don’t want to mingle with zaddies doesn’t mean you have to close your app. Make it gay!!!

Even if the founders don’t care about us and the app closes for a totally different reason, the message sticks. Women do not feel safe in crypto, where they are often punched and repeatedly harassed both online in Discords and in person at conferences, and where their gender is the first and only interesting thing about them in the eyes of far too many assholes. Goodbye and good riddance to the dating app for small shits allowed.

Young voters want Biden to cancel student loans for everyone

New poll shows young voters want President Joe Biden to cancel student loans for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know.

Student loans

According to a new follow-up survey released Wednesday, a large bipartisan majority of young likely voters support student loan forgiveness for all student borrowers. The Student Borrower Protection Center, a nonprofit advocacy organization, and Data for Progress, a progressive think tank and polling firm, surveyed voters between the ages of 18 and 34. Here is the data:

  • 71% of respondents support large-scale student loan forgiveness;
  • 18% oppose large-scale student loan forgiveness;
  • 81% of student loans support blanket student loan forgiveness;
  • 66% without student loans support broad student loan relief;
  • 56% of Republicans, 66% of Independents and 84% of Democrats support partial or full student loan forgiveness for all student borrowers.

“Young voters put Joe Biden in the White House on the promise of broad relief from the crushing burden of student debt,” said Mike Pierce, executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center. “Like As the country recovers from a devastating pandemic and economic crisis, young voters from all political backgrounds have clear expectations of the Biden-Harris administration: building back better means canceling student debt for all borrowers.

Student Loan Cancellation: Closer Than Ever

Currently, Biden is considering canceling student loans for millions of student borrowers. Progressives in Congress have pressured Biden to forgive up to $50,000 in student loans. They argued that if Biden fails to cancel student loans through executive action, likely Democratic voters may be less likely to vote in November’s midterm elections. As a result, progressives warned Biden that Democrats could lose control of Congress. Biden has supported large-scale student loan forgiveness of up to $10,000 since his 2020 presidential campaign. As a candidate, Biden has campaigned on student loan forgiveness for all borrowers as well as the student loan relief for many student borrowers who attended community colleges, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and minority-serving institutions (MSIs). A coalition of more than 415 civil, social and professional organizations has urged Biden to act on large-scale student loan relief. In particular, proponents of student loan forgiveness want Biden to implement student loan forgiveness before the temporary student loan relief from the Covid-19 pandemic expires on August 31, 2022. (L cancellation of student loans could mean the end of student loan relief).

Biden could announce student loan cancellation within weeks

Biden is potentially weeks away from announcing one of the most important initiatives of his presidency. While there’s no guarantee that Biden will forgive student loans, Biden could weigh several factors to make a final decision. For example, Biden could weigh public sentiment, student loan forgiveness to date, the state of the economy, student loan disparities and other factors. While this data represents only a poll and a segment of the population, it could send a message to the president about what at least some young people think about student loan forgiveness. As the end of temporary student aid from the Covid-19 pandemic approaches, make sure you understand your best options for student loan repayment. That said, there is no guarantee that all or part of your student loans will be forgiven. Here are some smart ways to save money and free yourself from debt:

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Biden confirms he won’t forgive $50,000 in student loans – 5 key takeaways

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Student loan forgiveness: 5 key takeaways from a major announcement

How to get a fresh start with your student loans

ON1 Photo RAW editing app ready for major update


May 18, 2022

ON1 Photo RAW app will receive a major update (2022.5) in June 2022 with new features and support for recently released cameras such as OM OM-1 system, Nikon Z 9, Fujifilm X-T30 II , Leica M11, Panasonic LUMIX GH6 and Canon EOS R5C.

In addition to supporting these recently released cameras, new features that will be incorporated into Photo RAW 2022.5 include:

  • Fully integrated ON1 resizing AI
  • Improved NoNoise AI
  • LensMatch automatic lens correction
  • Improved Sky Swap AI with better masks
  • Photoshop plugin host
  • Export and Backup/Catalog
  • Liquify Tool
  • Advanced search
RAW image processing in ON1 Photo RAW

RAW image processing in ON1 Photo RAW

Streamline photo editing

ON1 is positioning the June Photo RAW update as a way to simplify and streamline the photo editing process, so photographers no longer have to switch between multiple apps in order to achieve the best results.

The company revealed, ‘Photo RAW gives photographers the ultimate image quality with the state-of-the-art raw engine, superior noise reduction with NoNoise AI, amazing filters and presets in effects, automated portrait retouching tools and now the best software photo enlargement software, ON1 Resize IA, fully integrated.’

In total, ON1 Photo RAW now supports over 800 cameras, as well as JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PNG and DNG image files.

ON1 has fully integrated its Resize AI plugin into the Photo RAW software. Resize AI is powered by what ON1 says is a state-of-the-art neural network that enlarges photos in realistic detail to produce exceptional results.

The company revealed, ‘Photo RAW gives photographers the ultimate image quality with the state-of-the-art raw engine, superior noise reduction with NoNoise AI, amazing filters and presets in effects, automated portrait retouching tools and now the best software photo enlargement software, ON1 Resize IA, fully integrated.’

Cloud sync across devices in ON1 Photo RAW

Cloud sync across devices in ON1 Photo RAW

Details of new features

Photo RAW will soon be able to open multiple photos at once and will be able to adjust and synchronize the settings of those multiple photos, scale them and export them to a specific destination – a feature that makes Photo RAW more in line with what is expected out of from Lightroom.

NoNoise AI will soon work better with non-RAW photos such as JPEG, TIFF or PSD files. ON1 says the results have been ‘Much improved’with a quality that closely matches what can be produced with RAW files.

The company said it is improving lens corrections with its new LensMatch system. LensMatch automatically detects and removes distortion when shooting RAW, which ON1 says eliminates the need for external lens profiles for many users.

Lens correction can also remember the user’s manual profile settings so that they can be used as the default for a lens in the future.

Photo RAW will also get better masks with Sky Swap AI, especially when it comes to trees and white in the sky.

Using Portrait AI Features in ON1 Photo RAW

Using Portrait AI Features in ON1 Photo RAW

Availability and prices

ON1 will officially launch the 2022.5 update during June 2022, but it is already available on ‘sale price with bonus’ if pre-ordered before May 31, 2022.

Software can be upgraded with bonuses for £63.93, full license and bonuses can be purchased for £79.91, or you can purchase a monthly subscription from £7.98 (200GB) or £15.97 (1TB).

To learn more about ON1 Photo RAW, visit ON1 Photo RAW 2022.

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Today’s Trading Guide for Wednesday: 6 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today – May 18

Trading Day Stocks for Wednesday: After opening higher on Tuesday, the Indian stock market continued its rally and closed the day in green territory. The Nifty 50 index climbed 417 points and closed at 16,259 while BSE Sensex soared 1344 points and closed at 54,318 levels. The Nifty Bank index jumped 704 points and closed at 34,301 levels. According to stock experts, it is still unclear if the markets have bottomed and started a new rally or if it is just a pullback. Thus, today’s close will be significant and therefore Tuesday’s rally should be viewed as a pullback.

Daily trading guide for the stock market today

Speaking today on the day trading guide for the stock market, Ruchit Jain, Lead Research at 5paisa.com, said: “For the past three trading sessions, Nifty has consolidated in a range around the supports The index was expected to break above the narrow range formed in the last three sessions for the next directional move and as the index gave a break above 16000 we saw a strong rally from there. hurdle was breached we saw short coverage in the derivatives segment and all sectors participated in the upside which added Now a big question regarding today’s move is whether the markets have bottomed out and started a new rally or is it just a pullback.”

“In our view, the index was trading around previous low supports and momentum readings were quite oversold, so the relief rally was much needed, which was seen today. For a change in trend, the market must confirm with a higher high lower structure which has not yet been seen and until then should be viewed as a pullback move Immediate resistance will be seen in the 16350-16400 range where the 38 retracement .2% of the recent correction coincides with the 89 hourly EMA. On the flip side, as the market rallied today, option sellers in the options segment went to hedge their positions while additions were seen in 16,000 puts, so 16,000 now becomes immediate short-term support,” added Ruchit Jain of 5paisa.com.

Day trading stocks

Sharing today’s intraday stocks, stock market experts – Mehul Kothari, AVP – Technical Research at Anand Rathi; Anuj Gupta, Vice President – Research at IIFL Securities and Avinash Gorakshkar, Head of Research at Profitmart Securities – recommended 6 stocks to buy today.

Mehul Kothari Intraday Stocks for Today

1]HCL Technologies: Buy between 1075 to 1085 target 1190 stop loss 1025

2]TCS: Buy between 3445 and 3455 target 3550, stop loss 3400

Anujn Gupta’s day trading stocks to buy today

3]State Bank of India SBI: Buy from CMP, objective 510, stop loss 448

4]GAIL: Buy from CMP, target 180, stop loss 144

Avinash Gorakshkar shares to buy today

5]Larsen & Toubro: Buy Momentum at CMP, target 1690, stop the loss 1560

6]Jindal Steel: Buy from CMP, target 520, stop loss 465.

Warning: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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Canadian Exploration Services Limited (CXS) now offers geological services

Founded on February 2, 2000, Canadian Exploration Services Limited (CXS) is a group of professionals covering the entire exploration process, initial site development and reclamation. They are a company in the region surrounding the whole process of exploration. They form a claim to staking advanced geophysics, providing a single point of contact and excellent levels of communication during your exploration program. Integration with our experience and expertise ensures that every project is completed correctly, on time and on budget, providing one point of contact and an unrivaled level of communication during your program.

Speaking about soil sampling, the CXS spokesperson said, “Soil sampling is the extraction of a small amount of soil for later analysis in analytical laboratories. The results measure the concentration of various metals in the soil, allowing for more targeted exploration programs. Soil samples are mainly collected and analyzed for various elements by mining exploration and environmental companies. Interpretations based on the results will direct an exploration company to the source of the soil anomaly in bedrock or may lead to the recommendation and implementation of a site restoration plan by an environmental company. In mineral exploration, “soil” samples are usually taken from a specific soil horizon (horizon-based sampling), such as a humus layer (H horizon), soil of B horizon or C horizon soil. The different layers allow a more targeted exploration of certain metals or serve as a scout for certain types of deposits.

If you’re wondering what channel sampling is in geology, CXS has you covered. Channel samples contain small rock chips taken from a specified linear interval. The objective is to excavate a linear channel through the vein or ore body for the most representative samples possible over the given interval. In most cases, chip channel samples are taken in succession along a pre-given sampling line with a tape measure designed to cross the area of ​​interest. Chip groove samples are often taken along surface trenches or from the floors or walls of various underground workings. Sampling intervals are kept at a specified width, between 1 and 20 feet, mostly 5 feet. This helps to find a representative sample because the sample is not biased.

The spokesperson added: “Differential GPS surveys are a correction method used to maintain the quality of location data accumulated using Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Differential correction can be performed in real time directly in the field or post-process the data in the office. Although both methods are based on the same underlying principles, each accesses different data sources and achieves different levels of accuracy.

CXS offers a range of geological services in Canada. First, prospecting is used to search for mineral deposits in a location. Prospecting is generally carried out by direct observation. This involves researching what has been historically noted in the field. Next, the prospector physically studies the soil and samples favorable rock types that may be encountered. Line cutting is usually the first physical exploration work on a claim. There is a baseline in the middle of the study area when cutting lines, with a series of grid lines or wings extending from the baseline at 90 degree angles. Wooden stakes with written coordinates are placed on the ground at regular intervals. These pegs give explorers a coordinate system that helps locate features on maps for further work.

About Canadian Exploration Services Limited (CXS)

This mining exploration company is dedicated to employee and environmental safety and is committed to ongoing training in tool operation, worker safety and health. Our approach has resulted in no lost time injuries in the past five years. In addition, our civil liability and industrial accident insurance prevents you from operating risks.

Contact information

Address: CP 219

Larder Lake, Ontario, P0K 1L0

Phone: 705.643.2345

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.cxsltd.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: Canadian Exploration Services Limited
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 705.643.2345
Address:14579 government road
City: pantry lake
State: Ontario, P0K 1L0
Country: Canada
Website: https://www.cxsltd.com/

6 Ways to Pay Off Student Loans Fast – Forbes Advisor

Editorial Note: We earn a commission on partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

Nobody likes paying off student loans. This can strain your budget and prevent you from reaching your full financial potential.

However, putting extra money into your student loans is not the best choice in all situations. See when paying off your loans faster might not be a good idea, and review some repayment strategies to pay off your debt sooner if you want.

Should you pay off your student loans sooner?

For some people, paying off student debt as quickly as possible is their primary financial goal. But there are times when you shouldn’t rush to eliminate your student loans.

For example, you might not want to sacrifice your future retirement for faster student loan repayment. If your employer matches 401(k) contributions, for example, it might make sense to contribute what’s needed to get the match instead of pouring more money into your student loan balance.

If you’re trying to buy a house, start a family, or start a business, you might want to increase your savings instead of spending extra money on your loans. If you don’t have an emergency fund, you should probably make it a priority instead of paying off your student loans.

Also, if you qualify for any type of loan forgiveness program, you may want to reconsider paying off your loans sooner. You might end up saving more by opting for loan forgiveness, even though you’re technically paying off your student loans over a longer period of time.

But if the above scenarios don’t apply to you, prepaying your student loans may be the right financial decision.

How to pay off your student loans quickly

Paying off your student loans quickly requires a smart and deliberate strategy. Consider the following proven methods:

1. Pay more than the minimum each month

The most obvious way to pay off your student loan sooner than expected is to pay more than the minimum each month. You can use a student loan calculator to see how extra payments might impact your student loans. Play around with different numbers to see how quickly you could get out of debt.

Unfortunately, making extra payments isn’t always as easy as it looks. Each loan servicer handles additional payments in their own way. Some lenders may apply your extra money to interest while others may apply it to your next month’s payment. However, it may make more sense to allocate the extra money to the principal balance of your loan or to the loan with the higher interest rate.

Decide how you want the additional payments applied and see if you can specify this on your lender’s website. If not, contact the lender and ask how to ensure that any additional payments are applied correctly.

2. Make payments every two weeks

Most people only repay their student loans once a month. But if you pay your student loans every two weeks, you’ll end up making an extra payment during the year.

Here’s how it works: Suppose you halve your monthly student loan payment and pay that amount every two weeks. If you make half a payment every two weeks, you will end up making 26 payments throughout the year. This equates to 13 full payments per year. If you pay once a month, you will only make 12 payments throughout the year.

By making 13 payments a year instead of 12, you could save on interest charges and pay off your loan sooner than expected. For example, suppose you have $20,000 in student debt at an interest rate of 6%. If you pay every two weeks on a 10-year loan term, you could save over $650 in interest and pay off your debt a year sooner.

3. Reconsider your repayment plan

If you want to pay off your student loans faster, switching to a shorter repayment term can help you do that. However, shorter repayment terms will generally result in a higher monthly payment. Make sure you can afford the new amount before switching.

Borrowers with federal loans have access to several types of repayment plans. Log in to your Federal Student Aid (FSA) account to see which plan you are currently enrolled in. The shortest repayment term is the standard or progressive 10-year plan. If you don’t participate in any of these plans and aren’t working on canceling your loan, you can change your repayment schedule. The official FSA Loan Simulator can show you how your payments would change on each plan.

If you have private student loans, you’re usually locked into your payment plan when you finalize the loan. If your lender is unwilling to adjust your repayment schedule, you may need to refinance your loans with a new lender. Most private lenders offer repayment terms between five and 20 years. Usually, shorter repayment terms will have lower interest rates than longer terms. Be sure to choose a repayment term with a monthly payment that you can comfortably afford.

4. Search found money

The concept of “found money” refers to money that is legally yours but has not been claimed. You may be eligible for unclaimed money from old bank accounts, government agencies, insurance policies or former employers. You can search found money via official government websites.

Be sure to search for silver found in every state you’ve lived in, no matter how long. If you are married, find money for yourself and your partner. If you inherited someone’s money, you may also be eligible to claim any money found in their name.

5. Use deals

If your main goal is to get out of debt quickly, consider diverting your windfall earnings to your student loans. Windfall gains include unexpected cash flow such as tax refunds, inheritances, and work bonuses. Every time you receive an amount of money that you weren’t counting on, it’s a godsend.

When you get a windfall, decide how much to allocate to your loans. The amount you choose depends on your other goals or expenses. Cover immediate necessities first or consider topping up your emergency fund if needed. Anything left over can be applied to your student loans as an additional payment.

6. Research refinancing options

If you have high-interest student loans, you may be able to pay them off faster by refinancing them. Refinancing your student loans means switching to a new lender that offers a lower interest rate or better terms.

You can use a refinance calculator to see how much refinancing could save you. Let’s say you owe $40,000 with a 10-year term and an interest rate of 7%. Your monthly payment is $465.

If you refinance on a 7-year term and an interest rate of 4%, your new monthly payment will be approximately $545, an increase of $80. However, you’ll pay off your loans three years earlier and save $9,800 in interest.

There is a downside to refinancing, especially if you have federal loans. When you refinance federal loans, they become private loans and lose all the benefits of federal loans, including income-based repayment plans, longer deferment and forbearance periods, and loan forgiveness programs. ready.

In addition, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has suspended the repayment of federal student loans and fixed interest rates at 0%. This same provision has not been extended to private loans.

If you have a combination of federal and private loans, you can refinance the private loans at a lower interest rate and keep the federal loans intact. It could give you the best of both worlds.

Candidates reject change in state leadership


I just read NBC Channel 5’s synopsis of the gubernatorial candidates. First, I have to say Governor Pritzker, and especially Dr. Izike, for their combined leadership during the pandemic – Dr. Arwady from Chicago as well. Plus, Treasurer Mendoza’s smart management of state money, paying bills on time, and positively correcting the state’s credit rating.

Back to the list NBC: None of these candidates have offered anything to require a leadership change in Illinois. They rely on weary guilt by association with Madigan, with nothing but innuendo, and profess great public service in military or private matters.

Some have even jumped on the police support bandwagon.

When it comes to business acumen, we’ve had our share of so-called great business minds at the state and federal level. No thanks. I don’t agree with all of the Democratic Party’s positions, but the opposition offers nothing but hot air and continued determination!

Michael Dunn


Investment ideas: Should we avoid trading or investing for the next few days? Chakri Lokapriya responds

Staying on the fringes of a volatile market like this and generally being in a slightly higher level of cash and being invested away from rate sensitive makes sense, says Chakri LokapriyaDSI and MD, TCG AMC

What exactly do you tell your customers? Is it too late now to take money off the table?
In the market, export-oriented companies will fare relatively better, especially companies that are service companies and are less impacted by the cost of raw materials. Thus, IT, pharmaceutical and chemical companies will suffer relatively less profit cuts and, in fact, may not suffer any profit cuts at all.

On the other hand, companies where the cost of inputs is very high, such as in automotive, valuations have deteriorated. Also companies like

will cope with the inlet pressure. Overall, this is how we approach the market, trying to explore areas where the impact on earnings is less.

What do you think of the overall valuations in the cement sector, as we are looking at an acquisition valued at around 81,361 crore rupees, or about $10.5 billion. This is the biggest acquisition ever by the Adanis and the biggest M&A deal ever in India. Do you think it will be a smooth transaction?
All the right boxes have been checked. It will be the biggest transaction ever in India and will create the second largest cement company. is still double the size of Ambuja plus after closing the transaction and the transaction price is very attractive. It is always likely to come up with what Ultratech is trading on. This leaves room for further reassessment of ACC and Ambuja.

Ambuja could depend on the structure of the agreement. Who will take on the debt would have some influence, but overall there will be greenfield or brownfield cement projects. The price of the deal is now around $170, which leaves plenty of room for upside as it now makes Adani the second largest player and also provides the group with a platform to go and acquire more. other much smaller regional cement plants. Overall, it is positive for both ACC and Ambuja.

What was so disappointing about earnings? Does he deserve the drop of about 5% he had on Friday?
Well, not really because their slippages were of little concern to the market, but that’s to be expected in a macro environment like this with rising inflation and the quarter also reflecting a certain amount of past lockdowns etc.

But SBI’s provision coverage ratio sits at over 90%, which is a phenomenally strong balance sheet. So there is no need to worry and SBI is extremely well placed and will do well as a stock and will probably hit the 600 mark in about a year.

There is no compulsion that says you have to trade or invest daily. In this type of market, should we ignore any type of trading or investment activity for the next few days?
I think you have raised a very valid point. Yes, because it is very difficult to change the outlook on individual stocks and sectors, stay on the sidelines in a market like this and generally be in a slightly higher level of cash and be invested away from rate sensitive makes sense.

For example, IT is still a very strong sector because the earnings growth was there, there is no debt and it is not interest rate sensitive. Global demand remains strong. We can stay put until some clarity is there and in between there will be a cement deal like this. This deal revalues ​​the entire cement sector as the price of the deal is lower than where UltraTech is trading and this leaves enough on the table for significant investment in this sector. Paying attention to these would also help.

Globally, metal prices have fallen, but demand has not been interrupted. Prices for iron ore, copper and zinc are down and these stocks are also down. Is it a good time to buy a , a or a?
The amount of debt each company carries makes a big difference, because in a rising interest rate environment, highly leveraged companies like each of these companies see their terminal value revised downward.

has reduced its debt by nearly $1.5 billion over the past two years; Tata Steel reduced its debt. On the other hand, Vedanta still has a very high level of debt. So with metals being aware of their interest coverage ratios will make a very big difference and from that perspective Tata Steel and Hindalco are better. Thus, companies with less leveraged balance sheets will be helpful.

Has the pessimism around FMCG and other consumer names reached a fever pitch? Would you now consider buying one of these?
Some of them clearly did. You have to be more specific because

for example, to start new activities – clothes, women’s handbags. Jewelry, of course, is still doing very well, with growth of almost 25% and that’s a pretty good number. All of these new ventures that the company kind of got into and they’ve identified all of the Tier II, Tier II, and Tier IV cities that they want to expand into. They will not commit capital to new areas. So this business is going to grow over the next three to four years and show pretty noticeable profit growth. We have to be selective about this.

Are the banks going to be the main beneficiaries of this recovery in capex?
In effect. Valuations are on the banks’ side. In all other high valuation sectors, valuations have deteriorated in the recent correction and over the last year, year and a half, two years, they have underperformed. From mid-sized banks to most large private banks, valuations have kind of stayed where they are and we will now have to see loan growth resume to justify their valuations.

Now they are not at a premium and as demand picks up that will translate into higher loan growth.

was talking about 10% to 12% loan growth, which is a very good number compared to the last three years. So, as this loan growth number accelerates due to capital expenditures, working capital as well as consumer demand, banks will start to perform well.

Christopher Wood has IT stocks in his portfolio and he thinks there is room for a downgrade. We’ve seen underperforming computer packs recently. Would you be okay with that?
IT has quite clearly underperformed. Stocks are down 20-30% in frontline names,

, , , all those names and even after all that revenue growth is around 13% to 15%. Now, if this trend continues as the estimates indicate, these companies will double in size in about three to four years.

Considering twice the size, the valuation will look much more attractive than it does today. The market therefore rewards growth. With the recent weakness, these stocks have come off and IT is a very important sector from an Indian perspective. If I was managing an emerging markets portfolio, I would buy different types of IT stocks, but if I was managing an Indian portfolio, then Indian IT services become very important. So, from the perspective of an Indian portfolio manager, IT is an important sector to continue to be exposed to.

Your Queries – Loans: Pay a Heavier EMI Instead of Waiting to Prepay a Lump Sum

By Chaitali Dutta

Home loan interest rates are rising now. I have a new 10 year loan. Should I double the EMI amount or accumulate a lump sum to pay off part of the principal?
—Dhiraj Kumar

In case you have excess funds monthly, increasing the EMI is an appropriate route at this time when interest rates will continue to trend higher. Interest is calculated on a daily declining balance of your home loan, so early repayments save you more interest.

What is the process I need to follow to take out a gold loan for a year as I need money for an emergency?

The first option would be to find out from your current bankers where you have your salary account or have most of your money. The chances of getting a better deal and better service would be higher. If your banker does not grant gold loans, you can approach certain financial institutions which are the market leaders in gold loans. It is advisable to go to known and reputable organizations for your gold loan, as you want to get your original gold ornaments/coins intact once you have paid off the loan. The process is similar for banks/FIs. Ornaments are first checked for purity of gold, weighed and approximated. You will be sanctioned with a loan based on gold valuations. The paperwork is then completed before the loan is disbursed into your account.

I am an elderly person and my retirement funds are in the term deposit schemes of a nationalized bank and earn a very low rate of interest. If I invest Rs 5 lakh each in private banks, will my money be safe?
— hidden name

DFs (or any deposit) that offer a higher yield have inherent capital risk. The inherent risks are liquidity risk and default risk. Under the DICGC guarantee, the deposit amount (including interest) up to 5 lacs per person per bank is covered. If you opt for interest payments, you can opt for Rs 5 lakh deposit. If you opt for cumulative deposit, the amount at maturity should not exceed Rs 5 lakh to be covered by DICGC.

The author is the founder, AZUKE Personal Finance Advisory (www.azukefinance.com).
Send your questions to [email protected]

Atwood serving in daily faith

May 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pastor Atwood serves in daily faith. He received his first of three ordinations in May 2005. He has been in the ministry since 2003. His ministry experience has included senior pastor, associate pastor, children’s pastor, director of men’s, children’s, and children’s ministries. young people, prisons, the homeless and men. The Atwood Elements of Easter 2022 ended with Ash Wednesday, Easter and the season of Lent changing each year. Easter is the time of the liturgical year. Easter represents the triumph of good, the physical body and is a parable to peace this year. Mark 10:8 with the newlyweds during the holidays with an Easter 2022 illustration with Pastor Atwood. Ministry as having a desire to improve someone’s life. We have a diverse congregation comprising people of all ages, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and core values ​​include an atmosphere in which one gains leadership, correction, self-confidence, self-esteem, identity and maturity .

Kimberly Atwood is an ordained pastor who has been in ministry since 2003. Her ministry experience has included children, youth, women, missions, worship and teaching. She received her first ordination in 2013. She has held the positions of Women’s Ministries Director, Sunday School Outreach Director and Manager of a local crisis planning where she started as a volunteer in 2012. In addition to facilitating Bible studies, planning and organizing activities, she also supported her husband in the positions of Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor and Children’s Pastor. Since Salvation, Pastor Kimberly’s activities include job training, halfway house, crisis planning and life skills are some of the areas that the women are passionate about. We share moments from the exemplification of Easter 2022. Alternatively, Easter is German for “is” from a Latin word for “dawn” and gifts are also an illustration of Easter 2022. Easter, its meaning, the history and symbols of the holiday are explained. Easter is a very important date in Christianity and is the foundation of daily life.

Christian Children’s Empowerment announces “Choose to Live Independently” where previously more than 73 entities from 2014 to present participate in activities of excellence around the world.

Business services include:
(1) results-based interactive planning
(2) Action plan based on client’s goals
(3) Access to development tools
(4) E-mail support between sessions
(5) Assessing momentum and achievement of goals.

For those seeking e-learning and to gain empowerment and payment for services:
Click here https://www.christianchildrensempowerment.com/
Extension sites
2 years and under

“Choose to Live Empowered” is founder Jacqui Wilson’s daily empowerment for generations of greatness. Jacqui Wilson is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who empowers people to pivot, serve, and pursue their dreams. This list gives some ideas on how teams and organizations can help you move forward. More options are available. Additionally, these options are available for group or classroom instruction at https://iamjacquiwilson.com/index.php/tag/yolonda-troupe-smith/. Consultation fees are also discussed.

Follow the Daily Development Monthly Newsletter and Christian Content 2014 to 2022 Press Release 24-7 All Rights Reserved.

About Atwood Serving Core Values
+1 865-386-7347
write to us here

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Decades of housing crisis in the making – Saanich News


LETTER: Decades of housing crisis are brewing

In response to “Densification responds to the concerns of the modern world”. Sidney shares land with North Saanich, so take that into account when you say intensification in Sidney is limited to downtown. Sidney had to restrict evictions so less wealthy baby boomers could stay in their apartment/condo, so it’s misleading to say the older generation is “wealthy”.

Not every retiree can afford $1,000 per square foot of living space in new construction, condominium fees of hundreds a month, and Sidney taxes exceeding all other municipalities on the peninsula. The affordability of service workers is a Canadian issue and it will take all three levels of government to address this overlooked issue.

“Climate change is impacting the way we live due to the government’s failure not to be proactive. Over the past few months there have been many published studies explaining what is causing our housing crisis and of the post-pandemic labor shortage. This is not a new problem, but decades of preparation, which is now reaching a critical level. Old methodologies may solve one but will create a new one.

BMO released a detailed report based on 20 years of data that Canada has 475 homes for every 1,000 citizens. The results show that one in six homes is held as an investment property, contributing to the growth of the housing bubble. Wages have not kept up with the cost of living for three decades, since the Wall Street bailout in 2008. The separation of the global economy and the real economy is a long way off where a correction would lead to a collapse of the world economy. As the US staved off a recession by bailing out $50 trillion on Wall Street, it set an unpredictable global economy in motion.

North America has a larger landmass compared to Europe. Europe had to use land efficiently for housing and transportation for centuries. Cars don’t just kill us; the world is overcrowded and weather-beaten, making migration a matter of survival. Developers can build up to the sky to let legislators provide clean water, sewage treatment, and land for waste (on an island). Can the problem be solved by public opinion or local government? It will take all levels of government, with a shared political will to resolve.

Jo-Anne Berezanski

Saanich North

The ProFrac and Actelis networks are open to negotiation. Here’s how they did it.

Text size

ProFrac sold 16 million shares at $18 each, which was below its price range of $21 to $24.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Two companies, oil service company

ProFrac Holding


Actélis networks

a telecommunications equipment company, listed its shares on Friday.

ProFrac stock (ticker: PFHC) closed at $18.11, up 11 cents from its offer price.

The Willow Park, Texas-based company achieved the biggest deal this week when it raised $288 million. ProFrac sold 16 million shares at $18 each, which was below its price range of $21 to $24.

JP Morgan, Piper Sandler and Morgan Stanley were lead underwriters to the deal.

Founded in 2016, ProFrac provides hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” services, as well as completions services to upstream oil and gas companies. Its operations focus on the West Texas, East Texas/Louisiana, South Texas, Oklahoma, Uinta and Appalachia regions, according to a prospectus.

Actelis (ASNS), meanwhile, ended its first day as a public company below its IPO price, making it a so-called broken IPO. Shares fell 40% to close at $2.40.

On Friday, Actelis increased the size of its IPO to 3.75 million shares sold at $4, according to a statement. The Fremont, Calif., company had planned to offer three million shares at $4 to $6 each. Boustead Securities was the underwriter of the transaction.

Actelis provides fiber-copper hybrid network solutions that enable high-speed connectivity for IOT networks and telecommunications, the prospectus states. The company has more than 300 customers. About half of Actelis’ $8.5 million revenue in 2021 came from existing telecom customers, according to its prospectus.

Profrac and Actelis trade on the Nasdaq.

Earlier this week, Hanover Bancorp (HNVR) went public on Wednesday. The Hannover IPO was the subject of an outlier trade that caused the stock to close Wednesday below its $21 offer price. On Thursday, the Nasdaq issued a correction that changed Hannover’s closing price on Wednesday to $21.10. On Friday, Hannover’s stock was trading at $21.53, up 53 cents from its offer price.

All three offerings come during a slow time in the IPO market. Only 40 companies went public using a traditional IPO as of May 11, raising $4 billion, according to Dealogic data. That compares to 144 deals, raising around $57 billion, for the same period in 2021.

Write to Luisa Beltran at [email protected]

aadhaar: How much does it cost to update Aadhaar details via mAadhaar app?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit identification number issued by UIDAI to all citizens of India. As it has become the most vital document for availing any form of financial services, you must have your Aadhaar with you at all times. To avoid misplacing your Aadhaar, you can download an Aadhaar online by registering on the UIDAI mAadhaar app.

maadhaar mobile app

Anyone using a smartphone in India can download and use the mAadhaar app. However, only a few services, such as Locate Registration Center, Verify Aadhaar and Scan QR Code, will be available to residents without a registered Aadhaar mobile number.

However, all other Aadhaar services, including Aadhaar profile services listed under My Aadhaar, require a registered mobile number.

According to a recent tweet from UIDAI, “Update your demographic information such as name (only minor edits allowed, twice), gender (once), date of birth (once), and address ( no limits) online via #mAadhaarApp”.

Demographic Update Fee

Any demographic update will cost Rs 50 per request, and multiple details can be updated at once, according to the tweet.

Where can m-Aadhaar be used?

mAadhaar app can be used anywhere in India anytime. mAadhaar is more than just a wallet card. On the one hand, airports and railways recognize the mAadhaar profile as valid proof of identity, while residents can use the features of the app to share their eKYC or QR code with service providers who require Aadhaar authentication of their clients before offering Aadhaar services.

Features/Benefits of M-Aadhaar App

According to UIDAI website, below are important features and benefits of maadhaar app.

mAadhaar is more than an Aadhaar card in a wallet. By using the mAadhaar application, the resident can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Get Aadhaar by downloading or recovering lost or forgotten Aadhaar
  • Show/Show Aadhaar in offline mode, especially when residents need to show their IDs
  • Update address to Aadhaar via document or without proof of document
  • Keep/manage Aadhaar of family members (up to 5 members) in mobile
  • Share paperless eKYC or QR code with service provider agencies
  • Secure Aadhaar by locking Aadhaar or biometrics
  • Generate or retrieve a VID that the user can use instead of Aadhaar to avail Aadhaar services (for those who have locked their Aadhaar or do not wish to share their Aadhaar)
  • Use Aadhaar SMS services in offline mode
  • Check Request Status Dashboard: After signing up for Aadhaar, ordering a reprint or updating Adhaar data, the resident can check the status of the service request in the app.
  • Help others who don’t have a smartphone to enjoy Aadhaar services using common services
  • Get update history and authentication records
  • Make an appointment to visit Aadhaar Seva Kendra
  • Aadhaar Sync feature allows residents to retrieve updated data in Aadhaar profile after successful update request
  • Time-based one-time password can be used instead of SMS-based OTP to avail Aadhaar online services available on UIDAI website
  • Locate Enrollment Center (EC) helps the user to find the nearest enrollment center
  • More section of app includes information about mAadhaar app, contact, usage guidelines, terms and conditions of app usage and other necessary information.
  • Apart from useful FAQs and the link to Chatbot, the More section also contains links to important documents from which residents can download the Aadhaar registration or Aadhaar update/correction forms.

Update Aadhaar details via mAadhaar app? Here’s how much it can cost | Personal finance news


New Delhi: The UIDAI issues all Indian citizens with an Aadhaar number, which is a 12-digit identification number. You must have your Aadhaar with you at all times as it has become the most important document for obtaining any kind of financial services. You can get Aadhaar online by registering on the UIDAI mAadhaar app to avoid losing your Aadhaar.

Anyone in India with a smartphone can download and use the mAadhaar app. Residents without a mobile number registered in Aadhaar will only be able to use a few services, such as Locate Registration Center, Verify Aadhaar and Scan QR Code.

A registered mobile number is required for all other Aadhaar services, including Aadhaar profile services listed under My Aadhaar.

“Update your demographic information such as name (only minor changes allowed, twice), gender (once), date of birth (once) and address (no limit) online via #mAadhaarApp “, according to a recent tweet from UIDAI.

According to the tweet, any demographic update would cost Rs 50 per request, and multiple pieces of information can be changed at once.

mAadhaar app can be used anytime and anywhere in India. The mAadhaar card is more than a wallet card. On the one hand, airlines and railways accept the mAadhaar profile as proof of identity, and residents can use the features of the app to share their eKYC or QR code with service providers who require identification. Aadhaar before providing Aadhaar services.

Here are the main features and benefits of the maadhaar app, according to the UIDAI website.

mAadhaar is more than just a wallet card. The resident can get the following benefits by using the mAadhaar app:

  • Aadhaar can be obtained by downloading or retrieving a lost or forgotten Aadhaar number.
  • View/view Aadhaar offline, especially when residents are required to produce ID proof.
  • Update your Aadhaar address with or without document.
  • Store/manage Aadhaar cards of all family members (up to five) in one mobile.
  • Provide service providers with a paperless eKYC or QR code.
  • Aadhaar can be secured by locking it or using biometrics.
  • Create or retrieve a VID which can be used instead of an Aadhaar number to access Aadhaar services (for those who have locked their Aadhaar or do not wish to share their Aadhaar).
  • Offline Aadhaar SMS services are available.
  • Residents can check the status of their service request in the app after signing up for Aadhaar, purchase reprints or edit their Aadhaar data.
  • Help people who do not have access to a smartphone to use common services to access Aadhaar services.
  • Get history of updates and authentication records.
  • To visit Aadhaar Seva Kendra, make an appointment.
  • After a successful update request, the Aadhaar Sync feature allows residents to retrieve updated data in their Aadhaar profile.
  • To use Aadhaar online services of UIDAI website, you can use time-based one-time password instead of SMS-based OTP.
  • The Locate Enrollment Center (EC) feature helps users locate the nearest enrollment center.
  • More section of app contains information about mAadhaar app along with contact, user guidelines, terms of use and other important details.
  • Along with helpful FAQs and a link to the chatbot, the More section also has links to vital documents, such as Aadhaar registration and update/correction forms, which residents can download.

Low-interest government loans available for Deep East Texans recovering from storms

CUSHING, Texas (KTRE) – The tornado hit the community of Cushing on March 21, damaging and destroying businesses and homes. SBA public information officer Barbara Nitis says there are low-interest loans for the uninsured and underinsured.

“For home loans, we offer up to $200,000,” Nitis said. “And that’s to repair or replace the physical damage. And also up to $40,000 for personal property. Anything inside the house, including your primary car and primary residence, cannot be a secondary residence. So for businesses, it’s $2 million, up to $2 million.

The SBA center is available to serve all those affected by the storm in Nacogdoches County and surrounding counties.

They cover deductibles and there are no closing costs on these loans. The center had already served five residents in its first hour of operation this morning, and Nitis says so far they were mostly homeowners.

“We have two ECSRs available for one-on-one assistance, any questions they want,” Nitis said. “The loan becomes an option at the end of the day. They don’t need to take a loan, that’s why I said see it, see what your options are, and for home loans as low as 1.43%, for businesses as low as 2.94% and for non-profit organizations it is 1.87%.

People can apply online, but the center is there to help them if they have any problems online. The Volunteer Fire Department’s SBA site will be open until May 26 and will operate from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Cushing resident Rhonda Camp was among those who came to the center to ask for a loan, and says the SBA’s convenience and hospitality for those affected by the storm in Cushing is a welcome resource.

“They’re afraid to ask,” Camp said. “A computer scares them, you know, and you’re all so helpful, and the lady who helped me was so caring. I think that’s wonderful, that’s a godsend.

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Q&A: House District 29, Republican Candidate Adelious d. Stith

Adelious d. Stith

NAME: Adelious d. Stith


OCCUPATION: Investment Advisor Representative and Insurance Agent


RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: International experience; trained facilitator/speaker/coach; company owner; veteran; restaurant manager and trainer; Executive assistant.

EDUCATION: BS in Management of Organizations; MA in International Relations

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: adelious4nm.com

1. New Mexico relies heavily on the petroleum and natural gas industries to generate revenue to fund state programs, as evidenced by the recent oil boom and bust cycles. What steps should the Legislative Assembly take to diversify the state’s economy and revenue base?

The state should consider all sources synonymous with New Mexico: oil, gas, wind, solar, and electric as a phase in proportion. Using all the elements together will reduce reliance on the federal government for budget measures by 36%.

2. During the last ordinary legislative session, efforts were made unsuccessfully to facilitate the retention of certain defendants behind bars until trial. Should New Mexico law be changed to make it easier to hold individuals charged with violent offenses such as murder and first-degree child abuse behind bars until trial?

Yes, hardened criminals don’t need ankle monitors. Separation is necessary to protect law-abiding citizens from their criminal activities. The amendments should be repealed to eliminate the shortcomings found in the current law. Public safety deals with the rights to personal safety. The current law deals with the rights of criminals rather than the public.

3. What steps should the Legislature take to address crime and public safety in the face of rising violent crime rates?

Put a referendum on the ballot to allow for the correction of previous amendments. The changes did not reduce criminal acts, but encouraged them. Criminals claim indigence where release is granted without prejudice. Repeal the loopholes, replace them with laws holding a criminal guilty. The cost of detaining a suspected criminal protects the public against further criminal acts.

4. What changes, if any, should New Mexico make to its gross receipts tax code?

Get rid of it and replace it with a flat tax. A fair tax applied to all on a purchase rather than a tiered tax structure based on level of government and/or municipalities. Our tax structure must reflect the encouragement of business income and consumer purchasing power.

5. New Mexico is currently the only state that does not pay its legislators a salary, although legislators receive per diems and are eligible for a statutory pension. Do you support or oppose a salaried legislature and, if so, how much should legislators be paid?

I don’t support legislators on payroll. The legislature should be an environment for new ideas, constantly evaluating policies and laws to ensure representation of citizens, not encroachment on laws. It should not become another place of employment, government attachment, or create a quid pro quo situation for those who are senior government employees.

6. What more, if anything, should the legislature do to respond to a court ruling that found that New Mexico does not provide sufficient education for all students, especially Native Americans and those who do not speak English as a first language?

US citizens have priority. Highly evaluate the processes used for Native Americans for effectiveness and measured results. With PED control, prevents local school boards from resolving issues at the lowest level. The current law does not address parental involvement. It is a local school board that must be allowed to take the necessary steps to address and correct the deficiencies.

7. What should be the priority as New Mexico seeks to strengthen its health care system?

Reduce and audit Medicaid. With 40% of New Mexico’s population dependent, it bogs down the system and overwhelms providers, reduces quality of care and increases costs. An audit would reveal these ineligible. Some have to resort to private insurance. Develop apprenticeship programs with local hospitals and young students.

8. In recent years, New Mexico has steadily increased spending on early childhood programs, such as home visiting, preschool, and child care assistance, and created a new early childhood trust. Do you support or oppose the constitutional amendment proposed in the November ballot that would take more money out of the state’s permanent school fund to increase funding for early childhood services and K-education? 12?

This will eventually diminish the fund and its purpose. The leaders of this state are responsible for adhering to the purpose and objectives of the fund. Having to dip into the fund now shows that our budget is not thoughtfully planned or executed. I don’t agree with looting the permanent fund.

9. In order to address climate change and air quality issues, do you support or oppose legislation that limits greenhouse gas emissions and requires the state to achieve net zero emissions? here 2050?

I’m not sure about this possibility. Working to achieve a goal like this requires all states to strive for achievable net zero emissions, not just New Mexico. I will not support anything that harms the survival of the family in the name of a political objective.

10. New Mexico recently became the 17th state to regulate and tax recreational cannabis sales? What changes, if any, do you think should be made to the current law?

I support the use of marijuana for medical purposes. I don’t believe that legalization took into account the effects on the family. Reliable data was available for review prior to legalization. If New Mexico’s resources were properly managed, this kind of extreme measure to capture revenue would not be necessary.

11. Do you believe that any changes should be made to the emergency powers held by a governor during a pandemic or other time of crisis. If so, do you think these powers should be expanded or reduced and in what specific ways?

Specifically, developing a work plan to prevent unilateral decisions requires the approval of the legislature, but protects the rights of the people. An emergency plan can be implemented on the understanding that it will be managed by the legislator, and not by a single person.

12. What changes, if any, should New Mexico make to its election laws and primary system?

Reducing early voting days, repealing the use of expired ID to request ballots, abandoning the idea of ​​monitoring venues, guaranteeing a one-person, one-vote system, and developing a real system of chain of custody to minimize fraud. I believe that each person should have a voice in deciding representation.

13. Would you support a merit-based evaluation system to determine how the state spends its capital expenditure funding?

This type of system can only be modified to fit a program. Public safety, maintenance schedules and safety protocols, along with previous budgeted items (using the funds for which they were allocated) should be the system for determining expenditure funding.

14. Do you support or oppose allowing an independent redistricting commission to perform the once-a-decade task of redrawing New Mexico’s political boundaries?

The ruling was determined that a single party in charge of government failed to properly line up the districts during the December 21 extraordinary session; thus, a more diverse group of thinkers without an agenda will be able to develop districts that are more aligned with voters in a particular district.

Personal history

1. Have you or your business, if you are a business owner, ever been subject to any state or federal tax liens?


2. Have you ever been involved in personal or commercial bankruptcy proceedings?


3. Have you ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of a DUI, misdemeanor, or felony in New Mexico or any other state? If yes, explain.