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My TalaVadyam Carnatic Percussion Sequencer app receives a major


My TalaVadyam – Carnatic Percussion Sequencer


Mountain View, California, November 4, 2021 – Happy Deepavali! Upbeat Labs released its latest update of My TalaVadyam to the Apple App Store on this auspicious day. My TalaVadyam is an innovative one-of-a-kind Carnatic percussion sequencer app that takes traditional Mora / Korvai / Mridangam sequence notation and transforms it into a playable sequence that can be played back using naturally sampled Mridangam sounds, at no cost. any tempo and pitch, with a host of features for carnatic music enthusiasts. Unlike other Mridangam apps, it does not use pre-recorded loops but allows the user to create complex Mridangam sequences from scratch.

Users can transcribe any Mora, Korvai or sequence using Mridangam (Sollus) notes and phrases in a way they are familiar with, and can read them using Mridangam sounds naturally sampled at Tala and Specified tempo (including Kala) and in the desired pitch / shruti. The Tala / Sequence Viewer shows the progression of the Tala and Sequence, including the Mridangam phrase being played.

This allows Carnatic percussion teachers to create and share lesson plans with their students. So students know how the sequence is supposed to sound and can practice keeping the beat and perfecting transitions by having an assistant to play with, even if they are practicing at home away from the teacher’s advice. class. In today’s increasingly remote classroom scenario, this turns out to be an added benefit to the learning methodology.

Musicians can create and experiment with different Moras and Korvais and learn about the math and beauty of Carnatic percussion.

The app also includes a “Live” view with the Mridangam’s playable left and right heads for fun and experimenting, even when the real instrument is absent.

The idea for My TalaVadyam arose when Sridhar Rajagopal, the founder of Upbeat Labs, started Mridangam classes about 10 years ago. Using his skills as a software engineer, Sridhar created My TalaVadyam from scratch, focusing on the theory and structure of Carnatic percussion while infusing technology into this ancient art. A highly precise sound engine provides the solid foundation needed to meet the stringent time synchronization requirements of a professional music application.

With its latest version – version 4 ¬ – the My TalaVadyam sound engine has been further improved and updated to support dynamic pitch changes and separately controllable right and left head sound level adjustment and leveling. for the perfect sound of your preference. It supports playback of 1st, 2nd and 3rd speed sequences and different Talas, and the Tala / Sequence Visualizer gives visual feedback.

My TalaVadyam has been used by students, teachers and performers of Carnatic music and dance and has been received with enthusiasm! Here are some distinctions:
• “Feel truly blessed to have come across this app. I am a learner and my skills especially layams needed a lot of correction. Here are my main uses: 1) Practice the sample lessons, there are a lot of good lessons to keep me busy for a while. 2) Build and save the lessons taught by my guru. All note syllables are available for drag and drop. Put these buttons together and hit play and loop it. Wow !! high quality audio. 3) Previously, after oral recitation, I played. Now after the oral recitation I carefully listen to the sequence in this app. This allows my ears to get used to high quality notes and then I practice. This method is already doing wonders. 4) Keep looping the notes and play at different speeds. If I make a mistake I can recover and continue with this reliable co-player. 5) There are other features that I haven’t explored, and I was saving them for future wows !! Thanks to the creators, by honing the skills of the learners, you serve a greater purpose. ”
• “I just installed this app on my phone. It works wonderfully. don’t feel the skins … This definitely brings me back to my guru’s lessons … I can now practice wherever I am … Thanks to the author … ”
• “You get a very pleasant mridangam accompaniment. You can make rhythmic arrangements from simple to complicated korvais in professional quality with this app. Unbelievable”

In addition to My TalaVadyam, Upbeat Labs has also developed a complementary Carnatic Metronome app called Talanome. It includes a multitude of Carnatic Talas, such as Suladi Talas, 108 Ashtottara Sata Talas, Mukhi Talas of Dr. Balamuralikrishna, Chapu Talas, Hindustani Talas, Fusion Talas and more. It also has the ability to create any complex metronomic model to model any genre of music.

With more exciting applications currently in development in the Carnatic Music space, Upbeat Labs continues to innovate in its second decade by combining technology and tradition!

To find more information about My TalaVadyam and our other offers, please use the links below:
• http://www.upbeatlabs.com/my-talavadyam/
• https://apps.apple.com/us/app/my-talavadyam-carnatic-beats/id659575464
• https://www.youtube.com/upbeatlabs

SOURCE: Upbeat Labs LLC

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