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Mr. Lanner’s letter “Republican Betrayal” is nothing more than his usual mixture of misinformation and name calling.

First, he says Republicans would turn “red in the face” when the United States was described as a democracy and insisted it was a republic. Well, Mr. Lanner, educated people know that America IS a republic.

He says Republicans have never accepted majority rule. If he had been educated he would know that long before the Republican Party existed, in revolutionary times our government was put in place as it was because the rest of the colonies / states did not want to be ruled by New York. They did not overthrow one tyrant just to be ruled by another. This is where the Constitution and the rights of states come from. It would also appear that Mr Lanner is unaware that those revolutionary days also predate the Democratic Party.

Then Mr Lanner goes on to say that Republicans opposed the massively popular WWII and must have covered their tracks. Anyone familiar with history knows that opposition to entering the war before Pearl Harbor was bipartisan, with public support never exceeding 25%.

Next, Mr. Lanner switches to the tried and true leftist tactic of painting all those who disagree with them, the neo-Nazis. He says Republicans attack constitutional values ​​while ignoring the left’s relentless attacks on the Second Amendment. Next, Mr. Lanner attacks those who make money by essentially taking a page from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which says everyone according to their abilities to each according to their needs. This fails when the first gets tired of supporting the second.

He ends by saying that Republicans support riots and betrayal. What did he call all those riots, looting, arson, lawless self-governing areas in Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee and so on? Anarchy that was not even mentioned in the Democrats’ convention. You won’t be taken seriously about things like riots and lawlessness, Mr. Lanner, until you lose the hypocrisy and look in both eyes.


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