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MacG means letter of request for ‘defamatory’ tweet calling him ‘transphobic’


Podcaster MacG landed in hot water after making transphobic and homophobic remarks on his popular Podcast and relaxation earlier this year. MacG has since apologized and made an effort to learn about the LGBTQI + community.

While reporting on MacG’s podcast taking a break from television, entertainment commentator Musa Khawula called MacG a “transphobic” and the podcaster hit back, reportedly serving Khawula with a letter of demand.

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Tina Mokwena’s lawyers acted on behalf of their client MacG to serve Musa Khawulaa’s letter of demand for calling MacG a “transphobic”. They called Khawula’s tweet “libelous.”

Khawula’s tweet read: “Channel O announces MacG’s transphobic podcast and Cold Celebrity Edition is on hiatus from production until further notice.”


Part of the letter sent to Khawula read:

“Our instructions are that this statement / tweet, in particular labeling our client ‘transphobic’, is false and malicious, it is further considered to be defamatory in nature as it; clearly identified our client, was made on a public platform, it is false and false.

“The defamatory comments reached your 14,600 followers and attracted retweets, comments and likes from different people who now consider our client to be a ‘transphobe’. Our client’s reputation as a public figure in South Africa has been seriously compromised by your false statement / tweet.

“As our client is a public figure, his good reputation is closely linked to his innate worth and dignity as an individual as well as to the value and dignity of his company. Our client relies on his good reputation and reputation to generate income for himself and his business.

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Ending the letter of formal notice, Tina Mokwena’s attorneys asked Khawula to issue a full retraction and “correction” of her defamatory statement. They also asked him to delete the tweet and put in writing that he would not post any false statements on the podcaster until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19.

Khawula has made it clear that he has no intention of apologizing for the tweet.

“First of all you don’t get any apologies from me and if your memory is short check out the next tweet for a good reminder of the transphobic statement from all of you.”


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