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LumaFusion, the best video editing app for iPhone, finally comes to Android


With DaVinci Resolution – our choice for best free video editing software – coming to iPad, mobile video editors have never looked so good. And things got even better, as LumaFusion, an iOS exclusive, finally made its way to Android.

Since its launch in 2016, the video editing app has won millions of fans (and numerous awards) for its advanced toolkit, which rivals some of the best video editing software for professional editing on the go.

Now, a beta version of the app is available for the first time on Google Play and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Luma Fusion for Android

Specifically designed for touchscreen devices, users can expect multitrack editing, color correction and grading tools, and audio editor tools. The advance version even contains a multitude of VFX software features, such as chroma key and time-lapse effects.

Elsewhere, LumaFusion on Android introduces a versatile media library with online storage stand – ideal when working on large projects, or several at once.

“LumaFusion is equipped with all the professional features you need to complete your project and share your story, from multiple aspect ratios and frame rates, to track overlaying, cropping, audio mixing , custom titling, and multi-layer effects with keyframes,” said LumaTouch, the developer behind the tool.

In other words, while LumaFusion will be fine for cutting videos here and there, its main purpose is to offer a complete professional editing suite on mobile devices.

Users can get the Android video editor for a one-time cost, which is likely to tempt those looking for a subscription-free subscription. alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. The early-release version is priced at $20 / £18 – a 30% discount that’s expected to drop to $30 / £26 once the full version launches.

For publishers looking for additional assets, stock images, stock videos, and royalty-free music and SFX samples will be offered through in-app purchases.

Devices running LumaFusion require Android 11 and above. Samsung has confirmed its Galaxy Tab 8 is compatible, although we suspect it won’t be tablet exclusive.

LumaFusion can be downloaded from google play and the Samsung Galaxy Store (opens in a new tab) now.