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Letter: Western countries unable to control pandemic | Letters


When there is no self-reflection, there is no correction. As humans endowed with the capacity to think and have a conscience, the least one can do is study the facts and thus not be misled by false news and vicious propaganda.

A prime example is how each country has emerged from the pandemic over the past two years. A fact check immediately shows that most Western countries have recorded the most deaths from COVID. The total number should always be placed in proportion to the total population of the country. When that is done, the United States came out on top as the country with the most deaths and remains in that position for two out of three years. And why is that?

Rather than focusing on protecting the lives of its citizens from the devastating effects of the pandemic, our nation’s leaders have pledged to blame others for their own incompetence and carelessness. The mainstream media are using their massive influence to echo this propaganda, while over 820,000 of our people out of a total population of over 300 million people have died needlessly.

Facts have also shown that most socialist countries have the fewest deaths from the pandemic. China, with a population of 1.2 billion, has fewer than 6,000 deaths from COVID. For the uninformed or those who choose to ignore the facts, yell your red bait epithets as much as you want, they won’t change the numbers.

The struggle of people refusing vaccinations or masking shows a rupture in our social system, when the “freedoms” of individuals outweigh the general good of the public, and sufficient justifications for such selfishness are supported by those who do not. lack the moral courage to face the truth.

This is the time when we should demand that our decimated public health system be rebuilt and health care for all. The government’s utter contempt for us should be pretty obvious by now, as year after year inflated military budgets pass through Congress while pro-people bills like Build Back Better are blocked.

If the government does not serve the interests of its people, then it is everyone’s patriotic duty to criticize such an administration. Isn’t accountability at its best? In fact, that is democracy. Why elect people who allow more than 820,000 citizens to die needlessly?