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Letter: We must recognize the wrongs to right the story


I believe John Balentine’s Here’s Something column on Pilgrims and American Pride is selectively narrow-minded and incomplete on many levels (Here’s Something: “Rekindle Pilgrims’ pride this Thanksgiving,” November 19).

Do not mistake yourself. As a Libra, I have the luxury of accepting both sides of an argument at the same time. So, I will tell you that all events are mostly right and true. They make our great United States what it is. We should be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished. Many times we have stood up for our freedom – and often the freedom of other countries around the world as well – but it doesn’t take away from us acknowledging the wrongs we have done, some horrendous, along the way.

Woke “is not a four letter word! It means filling in the blanks on the story to make a more complete, precise and fair story, a puzzle with all the pieces. It is not revisionism. It is a correction of the wrongs we have been taught. He is not there to make white people feel guilty. He is there to make us aware and more sensitive to the various needs of others. We must know Tulsa and Wounded Knee and the many other sins of our past How can we move forward in the future if we don’t?

Acknowledge our past mistakes. America is big enough to invite people of color, women, AfrAms, LatAms, NatAms and LGBTQA into the fold and together celebrate the things that make America, all of America E Pluribus Unum . They deserve to be here just as much. There must be freedom, liberty, justice, dignity, respect and opportunity for all.

Larry gray

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