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Letter to the editor: Towards a better future | Letters to the Editor


For the editor,

wow! Can you believe how crazy our travels have been this past year? Now…crazy isn’t all bad. I’m sure we can all identify some crazy positive moments in the plethora of invasions that have negatively impacted our lives over the past year. But the thing is… 2021 has been a very troubling year! There were so many times when we felt alone, abandoned or betrayed. Many of those in whom we have placed our trust and voted have let us down.

But continuing to look back and complain gets us nowhere. It’s a new year…a new beginning. Thus, it is incumbent on us to identify the elements that require adjustments and corrections and to move forward. When leaders fail us again and again and leave us on a limb ignoring our cries for help and help, we must consider that leaders who stay in power for too many years tend to less perform well. So, in order to move forward in these kinds of situations, we not only have to say it’s a new year… but also that it’s time for new leadership.

And one more thing must be added to this formula for a better future… a new vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18. Defective vision is just as destructive as the absence of vision. A leader with defective vision sees things as they are, not as they should be. Could it be where we are today as a nation…as a state…as a county? Going in the same negative direction with the same worn vision has taken us to places most of us never imagined.

The citizens of Isanti County are not stupid. Our opinions, ideas, desires and needs should no longer be minimized as they fall on deaf and indifferent ears. “We the people,” have repeatedly implored the commissioners to schedule public hearings on contentious issues, such as stripping our County Recorder franchise, for a more publicly accessible time. They continually do the opposite. Coming together in community is how healing happens…whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, fiscally, legally, territorially or governmentally.

And so, it’s time to face a bright new year with fresh new management that has a new vision for a collaborative business where every voice is heard, respected and honored.

Gary Lantz