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Letter to the editor – October 20, 2021


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On Tuesday evening, October 5, at the Montrose Community Center, there was a town hall turned into a campaign rally with Mr. Tom Emmer. I am inspired to inform the representative that some of the people present were people who disagree and we do not support him. He doesn’t represent me.

I attended the first town hall since the pandemic in the hope of hearing Emmer’s policies and positions on topics that concern me: climate change, Big Money in politics, women’s rights, human rights. voting, immigration… .. I was hoping for political ideas.

The representative made no opening statement. We went straight to questions and heard a lot of ranting from people who needed to blow off steam, more than questions that wanted answered.

However, he was asked how he would propose to find a fast track to citizenship for immigrants and his acceptance of Dreamers’ status as citizens. I couldn’t decipher an answer, only a reference to the laws already in place. And the criticism of the Mexican border debacle.

When the high school student present asked him, very politely and eloquently, what he thought about the climate crisis and what, if anything, he proposed to do about it, Mr. start. opinion, WHERE DO WE START IN OUR LIFE if we don’t start with what we believe about the world and the people who live in it. And then, I haven’t heard an answer for a possible solution to the looming crisis that awaits us, only criticism of the efforts to find an application.

When Mr. Emmer spoke, I heard disdain, not respect for many with whom he has to rule. How will this attitude facilitate conciliation in Washington DC? In the tone of his voice, I heard stubbornness and impatience, not an invitation to talk. I was intimidated by the rejection of the facts proposed that night and little or no correction of the erroneous information spat out by some people making comments.

I didn’t get up to ask my question.

Ardis Nelson, Annandale


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