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Letter to the editor: Life supporters must work to make our world a better place


It is very interesting that all those who oppose a woman’s absolute right to choose – those who insinuate that these women are doing something immoral and against life – seem to be the very people who agree destroy our democracy. They seem to be the ones who don’t want to move at a much faster pace to improve our environment for the life of this child – in fact, for all future generations.

They obviously haven’t looked at the oil and banking industries, whose leaders have known for decades about the consequences of their actions on climate change and the destructive use of their products (for profit). They haven’t looked at the industrial growth of factory farms and what the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers has done to soil health, beneficial insects like pollinators and our drinking water and our seas. They fail to see how these profit-driven practices have led to the devastating decline not only in the health of the environment and its creatures, but also in human health worldwide.

Give me a break, “right to lifers”! Open your minds and hearts to what this really means to all of us and stop this madness. Let us focus right now on the needs of this planet, which we all have in common. Let us immediately focus on acknowledging and correcting the real “right to life” issues, for the good of all life on this planet.

We are adults now. Let’s pretend.

Priscilla Skerry
naturopathic doctor

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