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Letter to the editor: La Poste must solve its personnel problems | Letters


A beautiful red fox entertains the residents of our neighborhood as she dutifully sets out on the hunt daily, returning with her catch of the day to feed her hatchlings.

Too bad the fox can’t be trained to use his instincts, dedication, and reliability in delivering US Postal Service mail.

Mail delivery is a long-standing, widespread, and ignored problem for a myriad of reasons.

This is particularly infuriating for residents served by the Gansevoort Hamlet office. By my calculations, our neighborhood received mail four times in 18 working days, including today! (July, 1st). One delivery was made after 9 p.m., another on a Sunday.

There is no doubt that the pending mail is missing. All I received today was three ‘junk’ mailings and a prescription drug. Post customers, especially advertisers, must be happy to spend money for nothing. It’s infuriating that the Postal Service delivers contracted overnight packages to Amazon every day but doesn’t bother to deliver regular mail at the same time.

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Although they are unaware of the politics and inner workings of the Postal Service, it is high time for its bureaucrats to solve the personnel crisis through creative recruitment or be replaced.

Provide employment for returning service members and veterans who have difficulty finding employment. Work with school districts and colleges to provide bus drivers, teachers and age-appropriate students with summer jobs. Use employment agencies to find qualified employees. Participate in job and job fairs.

Hire retired postal workers on a daily basis that does not affect their pensions. Recruit retired police officers, firefighters and corrections officers who are often looking for employment after completing 20 or more years of service.

It may be time to contract with UPS and FedEx to deliver mail on rural routes that require vehicles. Between package deliveries, drivers could stop at roadside mailboxes where a second employee delivered the mail.

“No snow, no rain, no heat, no darkness…”. Oh whatever!