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Letter to the Editor: Easton Ratings Gone Terribly Wrong | Letters


I hear there are a lot of disgruntled landlords and a lot of people paying vastly increased taxes. My story may not be unique but seems so unfair. Let me explain.

Undervalued before, I agree, but a data error has now grossly overvalued my property.

My house is about 1,947 square feet, built in 1990. The tax roll has always correctly reflected the square footage. During the reappraisal, the square footage of my house was increased to 2,906. Why this was done and randomly accepted is the perplexing question and it had a profound impact. My school taxes went from $4,711 to $8,900.

I never received the letter from GAR that my rating had increased, so I never had the opportunity to challenge the rating in the spring of 2022.

I don’t know why this falls under a grievance and not just a correction and recalculation of data points. At the current price per square foot of $157, my assessment is down $150,000 and my school taxes are only up $6,200. I’m happy to pay my fair taxes, but now I’m paying an extra $2,000 for incorrect data used in the assessment and I still have to fight next year. PS: I will also have to pay property taxes in January based on the incorrect square footage.

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GAR blamed Easton for not having good property records, drone use, and cathedral ceilings, but none of that is acceptable. Everyone is friendly and admits it’s wrong but I have no choice but to pay. I will never be reimbursed for the error. Am I crazy or is this very wrong?

Regina Salerno, Greenwich