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Letter: The real overcoming

Through Allen Jorgenson

Update: 6 hours ago Published: 6 hours ago

As our congressional delegation continues to confront the evil forces of the “federal overrun,” I have yet to hear a plan for their legislation that would fix this doozy: we now know, thanks to the January 6 committee, that it there were elaborate written plans. by the Trump White House and his sycophants for the US military to seize state voting machines, and another plan for the Department of Homeland Security to seize them, and yet another plan for the Department of Justice seize them. about 84 people in seven states signing up and sending fraudulent “voters.”

Currently, Republicans will have no share of Democrats offering federal guidelines that would prevent states from playing their voting processes in individual banana republics. The Republicans’ excuse is, wait: that would be “a federal overreach.” But not a look from Don Young or Dan Sullivan at the all-too-real threat of a rogue White House with a deranged president sending troops down doors and disappearing with our voting materials?

Young and Sullivan opposed the formation of the January 6 committee which has now revealed how close we are to a crisis of epic proportions. They still have time to make a course correction. History will be a harsh judge.

—Allen Jorgenson


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