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Letter: Sudbury’s potholes are hungry


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It’s March and the potholes are wide awake and hungry.

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While navigating these menacing dips has become a tradition in the same fun category as doing our taxes, there’s another phenomenon that goes unnoticed and may not get its due: pothole faces. .

A pothole face is the reflexive facial expression that occurs, as your chariot smashes beautifully along our arteries. Just as there is an endless variety of potholes, so is our range of goggles that reflect the reactions of road conditions.

The typical face of potholes is one of grim tolerance as the soundtrack of kathunks and whoomps lurk in the background. There’s the one where your eyebrows reach the top of your head and your lower jaw bounces off your kneecaps when you hit a huge one out of the blue. If it wasn’t the start of spring, you’d swear you got struck by lightning and maybe Thor’s hammer and he was playing for good.

There is the rare combination pothole face like I experienced the other day. I saw the vehicle in front of me shudder in pain, then a whole family of pothole canyons revealed themselves with terrifying majesty. Yawning with lazy arrogance, entitled to their next sacrificial offering.

It was one of those moments in life where you see your bank account flash before your eyes. It will hurt and there is no way out.

With my primal instinct, I directed a course correction of desperate hope and hung on. What happened? Nothing. Navigated through them. Pure cream.

A real pothole miracle. Terror, then vertigo of relief. I donated plasma soon after because it was clear, with some sort of cosmic billing service, that I owed.

Which brings us to a pothole type face playing with fire. There you are, an innocent passenger, and your significant other hits a big pothole. Though you know better, you turn your head and give the accusing “did you even try to miss that one” look?

No. Do not do it.

It is indeed pothole season, but where I live is the playoffs and every day is Game 7 there. Game on.

Douglas Miller