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Letter: Reduce Crime | Letters to the Editor


Regarding the December 3 front page article, “City Seeks to Reduce Crime and Violence,” the city will vote to award a $ 385,000 contract to the National Network for Safe Communities for technical assistance and support. In July, the alderman approved $ 750,000 in federal Covid-19 rescue funds for a violence interruption program. Leave me alone.

Now you’re posting that the Group Violence Intervention, or GVI, is going to reduce our crime, and they cite Chicago as an example. How is it going, according to the shootings and the deaths?

City Strategy Director Sarah Ott talks about all the resources Davenport has to focus on this crime and violence (eg Davenport Peace) and now taxpayers are going to throw more money at these thieves. cars, shooters, etc. Not once has she suggested or mentioned the parents of these criminals being involved in the correction, or being held accountable with the criminal who is under the age of 18.

I agree 100% with Ray Ambrose. What about locking them up and keeping them out of our quarters? We need the courts to hold these people accountable. We are throwing money out the window. As Ray says, it’s “a waste of money.”

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