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Letter: Please Post Articles Showing Both Sides of the Issues | Letters


Please post articles presenting both sides of the issues

On March 9, you printed an AP story opposite the editorial page with the headline “‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Passes in Florida.” Even though the article was criticized and found to be highly inaccurate, you repeated the cry of a few left-leaning Democrats who simply spread misinformation. The seven-page bill did not mention any sexual preference and the word gay is nowhere to be found. Maybe you should have read what the bill contained and reported what it actually said.

On March 15, you published another inaccurate AP story about truckers protesting traffic in Washington. [“Trucker convoy snarls traffic in Washington”]. A check of what really happened would have shown that the DC mayor ordered the police to close the roads, stopping all traffic which was the real root of the traffic problem. A little research would have shown that DC tried this in 2008, and the courts found it unconstitutional and a violation of First Amendment rights. All streets must be open to the public.

People also read…

It’s funny that previous AP stories about left-wing protesters shutting down DC streets have been praised for exercising their rights. At a minimum, you owe your readers an apology and a correction, or perhaps print a specific article of both. Ben Franklin said, “Half the truth is often a big lie.” Maybe you shouldn’t trust AP articles so much.