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Letter of the day | Will the senseless killings ever stop? | Letters



With the exception of deaths that occur naturally or from natural disasters, we gradually become desensitized to the wanton, senseless, and frequent killings that surround us. It seems to be the order of the day that unless the media (print and electronic) is splashed with bloody scenes, police vehicles and crying parents, the news is not newsworthy.

We know the root causes of these murders – greed, hate, laziness, the get-rich-quick mentality – which were amplified by the scams and political games that had been played before the 1980s. Anyway, when will the killings stop? What are we doing about it?

An erroneous act, without correction, gradually becomes an accepted norm. Politicians promised us term after term that they would strengthen the police and defense forces, but instead we saw a significant increase in murders, not only in the metropolises but in every nook and cranny of our beautiful island.

The idea of ​​divine intervention advanced by former security minister Peter Bunting has been flouted – that God is too busy to meddle in the affairs of mere mortals. Some rather relish the idea of ​​a Wild West – where each man becomes his own, not farcical police, the lawyer, the judge and the executioner.

The Jamaica we imagined and immortalized is already etched in the minds of our people. Due to years of senseless practices, our lands will be saturated with foreigners and our rich heritage will be erased like words written in sand. The saying remains true, that ‘When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate.’ – Ibo proverb

Where are the wise village chiefs who will take our men and teach them to look with the eyes of love; where are the mothers of the village who will rock these cradles with love and skilfully guided; where are the brothers and sisters who will judge with truth and justice, not to expel but to reform and transform?

The senseless killings will end when the village elders start teaching the villagers good manners and not leaving them to the village fools!