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LETTER: Malheur County Commissioner Welcomes Your Thoughts on the Economic Department


Malheur County Commissioner Ron Jacobs writes about his desire for the county’s economic development efforts to be successful, and he says he will listen to citizens’ concerns.

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As Malheur County Commissioner, I would like to respond to the article published by Entreprise Malheur.

Since starting my term in January 2021, I have spent much of my time getting to know the department heads and better understanding the role each department plays in the county. Each department is essential to the success of the county and I recognize that the economic vitality of the county is of the utmost importance.

The past two years have been difficult for everyone and County is no exception. Since the day I took office, I have tried every day to be diligent in carrying out my responsibilities as Commissioner. I don’t believe that trying to discredit and criticize people in the newspapers is the right way to bring concerns to our attention or to try to bring about change. It is my desire to work hard for the county and I am happy to listen to concerns and try to make a correction or change if necessary. Although not all economic organizations operate in exactly the same way, I want to see each of them succeed for the benefit of the county and its citizens.

Over the past year, the Economic Development Department has provided the court with an update in writing, usually weekly, as well as over the phone and in face-to-face meetings.

The contract with the Malheur County Economic Development Office is up for renewal in June. At that time, the commission will vote on whether or not to renew their contract with the office. I also hear and will seriously consider the concerns and thoughts of the citizens of Malheur County. I welcome any thoughts from the community on this issue. Feel free to email me at [email protected] As one of your Commissioners, I hope to represent each of you as best I can.