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LETTER: It’s time to try new ideas in the fight against crime


They say STUPID does the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

They tried this “non-sense commission” how long ago? It didn’t work then. What makes them “think” this will be the case now?

We are in the midst of an increase in crime not just in New York, but across the state. Drugs are rampant. And these political hacks want to close more prisons? Again, they do the same old stupid thing. And it doesn’t work.

You don’t end crime by wishing it away. When Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York, they implemented a “broken windows” policy. By this, they came out to clean up the neighborhoods with the “little problems” and some how the big problems took care of themselves. Do you know it worked?

Governor Kathy Hochul is doing the same nonsense that has been tried and failed miserably. She became the tail wagging the dog? Our state prisons are run by a man who has never worked a day with inmates and who has been the “acting” commissioner of corrections for 25 years. He and the Democrats alone have made state prisons the most violent in the country. Our correctional officers are attacked daily. Special accommodations for inmates who commit serious offenses are a laughing stock.

And yet they keep doing the same thing. When will they get the idea to try something “different”?

—Walter E. Beverly III, Rome