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Letter: Government Can Track Your Library’s Activity | Letters to the Editor


To the Editor: Regarding Ruth Bass’s November 23 column (“Ruth Bass: Championing Freedom? Hang on to Freedom to Read”) in The Berkshire Eagle, I would like to make a few comments.

First of all, I would like to say that our society, as we know it, would not and could not exist without the wonderful work that our librarians do. They are the keepers of the flame of freedom.

Second, I would like to make what I believe is a correction that should be noted. In the article, it was stated that “librarians are fiercely defending the First Amendment; they won’t even tell you who else has read the book you’re about to retire. “

From what I understand, libraries are required by federal law to keep track and records of every book you read or take out of the library. It can also include when and for how long you used their computers and what websites you visited. Everyone should be aware that the government can track anything you access at your local library.

The American Library Association and local librarians have declared their support for the First Amendment, but remain silent about the government’s intrusion into your privacy.

I believe it is time for librarians to stand up to the government and stop acting as their agent and genuinely standing up for the First Amendment.

James M. Boyle, Cheshire

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