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Letter: God and the slapper | Letters to the Editor


god and the slap

Have you ever thought of reaching out and slapping God in the face? Here is a conversation between God and the slapper:

God: “I created the world.

Slapper: “No, you didn’t. Science proves an explosion did.

God: I created two sexes: male and female. »

Slapper: “No, there are several genres, and I can choose whichever I want to be.”

God: I created marriage — husband and wife, without divorce.

Slapper: “No, different sexes can marry and divorce at will.”

God: I created the family—husband, wife, children.

Slapper: “No, family means any combination of genders and children.”

God: “Life begins in the womb.”

Slapper: “No, life begins shortly after birth.”

God: “Don’t kill.”

Slapper: “Good, except there’s nothing wrong with murdering babies before they’re born.”

God: “I created and love all races.”

Slapper: “No, only my race matters. »

God: “My Word is the absolute truth.

Slapper: “No, nothing like that. Truth is relative and everyone can have their own truth.

God: “Heaven and hell are real.”

Slapper: “Correction, there is no hell, and there is either annihilation or heaven for everyone.”

God I love you.”

Slapper: “No, if you loved me, you wouldn’t allow ___.”

It’s not about politics. It is the rejection of God’s eternal biblical truths.

—Johnny Norwood, Longview