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Letter: Fixed virtual fencing story


We wanted to thank you for the recent post about our extensive virtual fencing pilot project being conducted throughout Eagle County.

We also want to correct a small but important factual issue:

We are the Eagle County Conservation District, not the Eagle County Soil Conservation Department. This name has not been used for a number of years and reflects a much smaller scope of work than what the Conservation District currently conducts.

The District of Conservation’s mission is: “To preserve and restore natural resources by collaborating, educating and cooperating for conservation”.

This includes conservation efforts towards our local soils, water, air, plants and animals. ECCD works on water conservation efforts through landscape conversion for property owners, special districts, municipalities and more; financial assistance to improve ditch infrastructure; daily watering index and provision of drought-tolerant grass seeds; Soil health projects, education and more.

Again, thank you for the article and we look forward to working with you to learn more about the Eagle County Conservation District. For more information visit: EagleCountyCD.com

Laura Bohannan
District Manager, Eagle County Conservation District