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Letter: Energy Solutions | Hampshire Chronicle


No corrections needed (Peter Greaves, Letters, September 8).

Wind energy indeed represents 25% of our electricity, which in turn represents only one fifth of our total energy. Wind and solar only represent 4% of total energy.

And therein lies the problem. Net Zero legislation requires four-fifths of our non-electric energy to be turned off, on a schedule, but there is no schedule to provide the electricity to replace it. As it stands, one could think of Net Zero as destroying a working arrangement and replacing it with a bit of work.

Energy is not scarce globally, but in Britain a combination of regulation and taxation has created a shortage. This winter, those who believe in using less energy are about to discover what a Beckett hair shirt is.

And we do very well when there is a shortage. Compared to 15 years ago, we are producing 20% ​​less electricity overall, after reducing our nuclear production and installing wind turbines to replace barely half of the coal-fired power stations. No generation capacity has been added to the four-fifths of the energy that the legislation cancels.

Our MP Steve Brine “believes in” Net Zero, but can’t explain where the electricity comes from. His disappointment is not surprising. It would take a nuclear fleet four times greater than that of France or China; or, using the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm as a model, the encirclement of Britain with a 90km-wide belt of the largest wind turbines in the world. Politely, such ideas are unrealistic and that leaves fast, cheap gas turbines to fill the void. So it turns out that Net Zero is an (unintentional?) plan to replace our expensive domestic gas boilers with centralized government boilers.

The Net Zero could be settled by the publication of energy plans in accordance with the rules of the art. That there is not said everything. The balloon of wishful thinking bursts at the first bite of reality.

Am I on the money considering Net Zero won’t happen this century?

James Anderson,

Wright’s Close,



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