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Letter: County Executive Wrong To Veto Youth Gun Hunting | Letters


With a veto, the county executive told 12 and 13 year old recreational hunters that they are less responsible, less trustworthy, less able to engage in the safe and ethical conduct of hunting. deer in Erie County than their peers throughout upstate New York. Likewise, the experienced hunter who is required to accompany and supervise the young people.

In its rationale for vetoing a recreational opportunity passed at the state and county legislative levels, the county executive cited all youth-related gun accidents. Confusing those with recreational hunting accidents in young people is dishonest at best. Young hunters receive instruction, training and instruction in the safe handling of firearms in a recreational hunting environment. The preliminary preparation is long and is part of the overall hunting experience. The experienced athlete accompanying the youngster ensures his practice in the field. I wonder if the county executive is aware of any of these experiences but finds it justifiable to veto it.

It’s not just about young people in the field during a hunting season. Instilling an ethic of conservation, safety and education of firearms, and outdoor experiences in any form, an increased appreciation of the natural world, all are nurtured in an ethical recreational hunting experience. The youth of Erie County deserve this opportunity as much as those elsewhere. This veto deserves correction.

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