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Letter: Correction to a previous letter | Letters to the Editor


You state in a recent interview that your allegiance goes to the West Virginians. I disagree and urge you to reconsider your reason for voting against the climate action proposals of your fellow Senate Democrats.

Your allegiance is not to West Virginia! The majority of Americans surveyed repeatedly support climate change legislation. You have received more campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry than any other senator, according to NY Times reports. Your family benefits greatly from their dirty coal interests. It seems that your personal profit from fossil fuels outweighs the representation of your constituents.

You seem to relish your position as pivotal power, the deciding vote for many Senate bills. During this time your

the absence of a decisive critical vote is costing the United States its role as world leader and its credibility with immediate action

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to reduce the worst effects of the climate crisis.

Your singular focus on the issue of inflation pales in comparison. Decisions based on power and self-interest will have dire repercussions on our planet, which includes you and your loved ones as well.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.