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Letter: Carson does not work for Davis


by Scott Stewart

I hope the voters of District 1 agree that Dan Carson did not deserve a second term on city council.

If you were for a Davis Innovation and Sustainability Center (Measure H), then you should know that Dan Carson’s lawsuit, against other Davis residents opposed to Measure H, (a lawsuit that Carson technically lost), was a So obvious an attack on Davis’ civic engagement that the lawsuit alone sank Measure H.

If you were for Davis’ energy independence, know that Dan Carson led the behind-closed-doors effort to allow BrightNight to control Davis’ land rights for $50,000 a year, while the value of electricity at life of the solar project for the site was estimated at be $120 million. No one, including Dan Carson, Brett Lee, or any city employee reviewing a deal, had experience in commercial solar development.

The Davis Utility Commission voted (5 to 2) for the city to withdraw from the BrightNight deal. Davis solar and energy experts condemned the decision. Public calls for cancellation were ignored and publicly reprimanded by Dan Carson. (Davis Enterprise April 21, 2020)

The BrightNight solar fiasco and the Measure H lawsuit have generated a lot of ink, paid attorneys’ fees and lost opportunities. Dan Carson’s actions have invoked the unprecedented condemnation of seven former mayors: Krovoza, Davis, Corbett, Greenwald, Wagstaff, Evans and Kopper. (Davis Enterprise April 27, 2020 and May 18, 2022)

Carson continues to insist that his experience as a former California state budget analyst should pave the way for acceptance of his good judgment. Except as the record shows, Dan Carson lacks good judgment and disrespects shared decision making.

It’s time for District 1 to have a different representative. Candidates Kelsey Fortune and Bapu Vaitla are excellent candidates. Please don’t vote for Carson.