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LETTER: Board Members Not Correcting Meeting Minutes


For the editor,

During my comments during the March [School] At the board meeting, Grady Hunt and Dwayne Smith were disruptive. Smith said he would “talk” with me outside, called me an idiot, and told me to sit down and shut up. It starts at 2:44 a.m. I was asked to leave, but Dwayne Smith and Grady Hunt were not and suffered no consequences. More than 20,000 people watched this circus.

Minutes on the PSRC website state the following: “Mr. Douglas McBroom was escorted off the premises by a police officer for his disruptive behavior at the school board meeting of March 8, 2022 on the recommendation of the superintendent Freddie Williamson.

Everyone knows I didn’t cause the disturbance. There is no mention of Hunt or Smith and neither was asked to leave for their disruptive behavior. They want to put it on me.

Anyone who has witnessed this knows that is not accurate. Policy 2210 states that Williamson shall “ensure that minutes of board meetings are promptly and accurately recorded…”

What he put in the record was false, a lie by omission.

The minutes are given to the members of the Council in advance and are approved. Members have confessed to me that they did not read them out of negligence. What’s worse is that Mike Smith said he read the court record but shamefully did nothing, knowing it was untrue.

Any legal government document must be accurate and errors must be corrected immediately. I asked them to fix it before the May board meeting. Nothing. I have since contacted Mike Smith and got nothing. Williamson even refuses to answer after several requests. We know that if the minutes had stated that a certain Council member violated the law, such as accepting bribes, this would be corrected immediately.

I think they defamed me and maybe made a case to ban me from meetings. I have said many times that it is wrong when these “leaders” use policies and tools as weapons against the people.

I ask people who have watched the video to contact PSRC and demand the correction. I don’t want any excuses because it will never happen. The Robesonian should investigate. News organizations should be a government watchdog. Don’t “take my side”, just be prepared to investigate and report the truth. Just my opinion.

Doug McBroom

Red springs