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LETTER: A Whale of a Tale | Letters to the Editor


When I was growing up, truth was the golden rule. These days, the truth seems blurred by one-sided narratives fueled by untold sums of money. Civil servants represent voters, not donors. It takes courage to face brutal reality, and in the case of our public servants, they are charged with taking responsibility for the truth.

Is it the whale of a tale that election machines can be hacked and manipulated or that they are the most secure? At the meeting of Washington County Commissioners last week, it was clear that Dr. Douglas Frank’s analyzes subsequent to those that follow had generated a difference of opinion.

In August 2018, then senator. Kamala Harris signed a letter to ES&S requesting a commitment for independent cybersecurity testing. In March 2020, the film “Kill Chain: The Cyber ​​​​War on America’s Elections” shows how individuals, foreign states and other bad actors can use various techniques to gain access to voting systems at any stage – voter registration databases for the actual election. results.

Related matters of public interest include the Pennsylvania Department of State’s SURE Performance Audit Report, 12-19-19, (available online at www.PAAuditor.gov) highlighting issues including concern that ineligible people can still be registered to vote and PA House May 2021 Comprehensive Review of Pennsylvania Election Laws: How Pennsylvania Can Ensure Rights and Integrity in Our Election System Regarding Election Integrity Issues. Judicial Watch, the No. 1 government watchdog in the United States, in Washington, D.C., has an ongoing lawsuit against three counties in Pennsylvania for failing to make reasonable efforts to remove ineligible voters as required the federal voter registration act of 1993.

For the avoidance of doubt and given the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines, officials are obligated to citizens to issue a Request for Proposals for a full and independent forensic audit. Assuming the publicly disclosed cost is affordable, consistent with legitimate citizen concerns about election integrity, why shouldn’t the county proceed? The use of paper ballots, preferred by many, would result since any machine audit requires “de-certification”.

When I reflect on “With freedom and justice for all”, it seems that a course correction towards the truth is absolutely necessary.