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Is the TouchRetouch app worth the money?


Viral TikToker Megan Kelly (@the.lightseeker) has made a career out of expertly editing wedding and engagement photos, erasing surprise guests, and even changing scenery to suit a couple’s specific vision. TouchRetouch allows users to do the same thing, but on a smaller scale. According ADVA Soft app description, it provides “object sensitive retouching”, blemish correction, line removal and mesh editing for fences and netting. As explained by MacStories, deleting objects is made possible with a brush or lasso tool, intuitive for even the most inexperienced editors. Eager to erase the painted lines on the football field or the hanging telephone wires? TouchRetouch is designed specifically with this in mind.

Compared with other editing software like FaceTune, TouchRetouch has fewer body editing features. Although it has a “quick fix” tool for blemishes, it only works on a certain scale, according to MacStories. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a virtual facelift or digital makeup, this might not be the platform for you. However, some of TouchRetouch’s features are unmatched. Users can easily change the size of the Brush tool, perform unlimited undo and redo, and even “clone the stamp”, a feature that allows editors to easily reproduce parts of their photographs (via fstoppers).