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Instagram is preparing a button to open Facebook profiles directly from the app – the clare people



When Instagram was taken over by Facebook, people wondered if the photo social network was going to disappear or migrate to the main platform, which never happened, although several features were merged with each other. Now it looks like the company intends to bring the media even closer by allowing Facebook to be opened directly through the Instagram app.

Alessandro Paluzzi after finding a shortcut in the source code of the Instagram test app. This would be an indication that developers can insert the new functionality in future versions of the program to streamline the exchange between profiles on the network.

#Instagram is working on a shortcut to open the #Facebook app 👀 pic.twitter .com / 1jZrCYtsEU

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) October 193, 193

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This onboarding process will likely require a link between the two accounts, which is pretty common for most people, but not exactly a service requirement. If so, it would be the reverse of the path the company took in 2017, when it started allowing the user to open Instagram through Facebook.

The network is also working on a solution that allows the Facebook profile link to be displayed in the Insta biography. The novelty would be shown just below the location where the configurable link is present today, between the location and the bio data.

⚠️ Fixed:
This feature is used to display the link to the #Facebook profile!

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex21a) October 193, 2021

As this is something under development, there is no information on when the resource can be made available to the public. The tests that Instagram has been doing in recent times have become reality in a matter of months, so you can hope for this addition.

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi

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