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How to Switch to Another Regional Store in the Amazon App


Amazon operates regional stores from which customers can purchase products. Stores are not limited to customers from a specific region, but some products may not be purchased if a customer is from a different region. There are ways around this, such as using proxy services, but there are plenty of things available.

In 2009, I explained how consumers can benefit from a global economy, and it still can.

Using multiple Amazon stores is helpful, especially when there are no additional taxes when you make purchases; this is the case when you live in the European Union, because you can make purchases on Amazon Germany, France or Spain, to name a few, without having to pay customs tax for the items purchased. Note that you may need to pay extra for shipping, even as a Prime customer, when shopping at another regional Amazon store.

It is quite easy to switch between different Amazon stores using a web browser. Just point the browser to the store, for example amazon.de for German store, amazon.fr for French store or Amazon.es for Spanish store, and you can start browsing and shopping using your account Amazon. The app makes things more difficult, as there is no direct option to open another regional store with a single click or by entering a different address.

The following guide walks you through the steps of switching to different regional stores in the Amazon app.

Change Amazon store in the app

amazon shopping start page

Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device to get started. It should look like what you see in the screenshot above. Activate the menu (three horizontal bars) in the lower right corner of the interface to open the main menu.

Scroll down the page until you come to the Settings section. Amazon shows the Store sections at the top, but when you scroll down you get to settings. Tap Settings to expand the menu.

amazon shopping country language

The Country & Language preference displays the country flag of the selected Amazon store. Activate the preference with a single tap to open the region and language switcher. Amazon displays the active country/region, language used, and currency on the page.

If you’ve switched to another region in the past in the app, you’ll see it listed under Defaults for fast switching.

amazon change language region

Tap the region to show all available regions you can switch to. The app shows all stores, but separates them into stores that support the current language and stores that don’t.

The first group lists all stores that support the selected language, the second group all stores that do not.

Amazon change region

Select another region with a single tap. If the selected region supports the language, it is set automatically. If the language is not supported for the selected regional store, you are prompted to select one of the supported languages ​​instead.

amazon-different language and region

Select the “Done” button to switch to the region, language, and currency displayed. Note that “done” is displayed in the language that will be set.

Amazon’s app reloads at this point and loads the new store based on the settings.

amazon shop

You can change the Store region and language at any time by repeating the steps above.

Now you: do you use online stores to make purchases? Did you purchase products from stores located in different regions?


How to Switch to Another Regional Store in the Amazon App

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How to Switch to Another Regional Store in the Amazon App

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Learn how to change your regional store, language, and currency in the Amazon Shopping app.


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