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How to Master the Camera App on iPhone 13/iPhone 13 mini 2022


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Check How to master the camera app on iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini

When Apple introduced the new iPhone 13 series, they also introduced new camera features including Photo Styles for photos and Cinematic Mode for video recording. In this article, we’ll see what photo styles are and how to use them. Photo Styles are a series of subtle filter-like adjustments you can activate before taking photos. This way you can add a stylistic effect to your shots in advance that won’t affect your subjects’ skin tone. These styles are available in four presets: Vivid, High Contrast, Warm, and Cool. Vivid captures the photo in bright, vibrant and natural colors, while High Contrast creates a more dramatic look that darkens shadows and enhances color and contrast.

Warm adds a summery golden hue to subjects, and Cool uses blue tones to achieve the signature cool look. These styles work better than filters because they capture certain elements of the photo as it is taken, rather than modifying them in post-processing. Plus, the level of tone and warmth can be adjusted for each style, so you can achieve exactly the look you want and maintain it throughout the shoot. Photo Styles can also be used with the front camera, allowing you to spice up your selfies. Note, however, that you cannot remove a style from a photo once it has been taken.

How to Master the Camera App on iPhone 13/iPhone 13 mini/iPhone 13 Pro

Discover the objectives of the iPhone 13 Pro

The big selling point of the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera is the various lenses, three of which are on the back. As mentioned above, there’s a 12MP wide-angle (f/1.5), a 12MP telephoto (f/2.8) with 3x optical zoom, and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle (120-degree f/1.8) lens. The best advice we can give you on the iPhone 13 Pro camera is to familiarize yourself with these lenses and what each is used for. For portraits, wide-angle and telephoto can be useful (to switch between them, tap the “Portrait” option, then tap “1x” or “3x” in the lower left corner).

The 3x telephoto lens is also ideal for highlighting an impressive object like a building in a scene and isolating it from other distracting elements (you may need to step back to fit your subject into the frame). The ultra-wide camera has a macro function which can be used to capture very detailed photos, as we will see below. The ultra-wide angle camera and the front camera may cause barrel distortion at the edges of the image. So one trick for the iPhone Pro camera is to enable lens correction. Go to “Settings” > “Camera” and enable the “Lens correction” option.

What are the photographic styles?

Another iPhone 13 camera feature that has photographers in a blitzkrieg is “photo styles”. “What makes photographic styles so important to photography? Photo Styles are basically four presets (apart from the default one) that you can apply to your photo before taking the photo with any of the iPhone 13 variants.

  • Vibrant – As the name clearly suggests, Vibrant provides bright, vibrant colors while maintaining a natural quality.
  • Rich Contrast: Delivers a more dramatic look, largely through richer colors, stronger contrast, and darker shadows. Save it for those times when you want your shots to grab attention right off the bat.
  • Warm: Provides golden undertones to give your photo a warm look.
  • Cool: Provides blue undertones to make the photo look cooler and add style.
  • Standard: This is the default appearance offered by the iPhone. It tries to preserve the natural quality by balancing all key aspects including color, shadow and contrast.

Shoot in ProRAW

An excellent feature of the iPhone 13 Pro for professional and amateur photographers who post-process images is the ability to shoot in ProRAW format. This format mimics the appearance of RAW images and retains much more detail than compressed HEIC or JPEG images. ProRAW images are HUGE files – at around 25MB per image your phone will fill up quickly, but they open up so many more options for editing your photos later in a program like Photoshop or Lightroom.

The iPhone offers editing options like the auto-editing wand and the usual editing options, but they don’t offer the flexibility you have with professional editing of high-res files that include more detail in shadows and highlights. With larger ProRAW files, you can recover overexposed areas or restore visibility in dark shadows. To enable ProRAW, go to Settings > Camera > Formats, and in the new Photo Capture section, you’ll find the switch. Once enabled, you’ll see a new RAW button in the top right corner that allows you to quickly switch between ProRaw and JPEG.

Record video in photo mode

If you want to record a video in photo mode, just press and hold the shutter button to QuickTake video with your iPhone 13. So next time you want to record a video in photo mode, use this clever trick. to save the video without exiting photo mode.

Enable/disable lens correction

For more natural photos, lens correction is a must for me. What makes this a must-have iPhone camera feature is the ability to adjust photos taken with the front or ultra-wide camera and ensure there is no distortion. barreled at the edges.

Luckily, iOS offers an easy way to control this important camera feature. Go to Settings on your iPhone -> Camera and enable/disable lens correction

Mirror photos from the front camera

Have you ever taken a selfie with your iPhone and wondered why the actual image doesn’t match what you saw in the camera preview? If so, I can tell you it’s because the camera app is mirroring the preview.

If you prefer to mirror photos from your iPhone’s front camera, go to the Settings app > Camera, then turn on the Mirror Front Camera option.

Keep camera settings

Suppose you prefer certain camera settings and want to apply them to every shot you take. Wouldn’t you like to save your custom settings so you don’t have to manually adjust them the next time you launch the Camera app? Most likely,

Yes! This is where the option to save camera settings comes in. To do this, go to Settings -> Camera -> Keep Camera app and adjust the settings as you see fit.

Final Words: How to Master the Camera App on iPhone 13/iPhone 13 mini

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