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Growing popularity of trading with mobile apps in 2022

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Over the past few years, the world has become more and more familiar with trading and investing. Celebrities buy bitcoins. New cryptos appear every day. All this makes trading promising in 2022. This is because trading with mobile apps is becoming more and more popular in 2022. Check bit iq for detailed information on bitcoin trading.

FBS PR manager Daria Ivanova said that starting trading has become easier as many fintech companies help people enter the world of finance. But, first, it is essential to rely on a trusted broker with a solid reputation. “Trading brokers provide quick market access. Trading with a mobile app is one way to do that,” he added.

Daria said that FBS Trader is a complete mobile trading platform from FBS, an internationally licensed broker. This app is designed to make trading easily accessible from anywhere and anytime, using only a smartphone. This application is gaining popularity due to its simple interface, comprehensive trading instruments and informative charts. Everything needed for trading is provided in one application.

He explained that “to better understand the market and its structure, we also need to understand the theory. This is why the mobile trading platform offers free educational content”. For example, he continued, FBS Trader has a built-in education tab with real-world examples, how-to tips, videos, and even a virtual assistant. Moreover, the information provided is accessible to everyone as the material is divided into levels, from beginners without financial knowledge to experienced advanced traders.

As soon as the trader feels confident and understands how the market works, he can go ahead and start trading on the real account. Then, traders apply their knowledge to verify the effectiveness of their trading strategies in real market situations and, as a result, can earn money. Ultimately, trading income can be withdrawn.

Daria added that when people trade with a mobile platform, they take a big step towards financial freedom. Trading apps offer a great opportunity to earn money on the go, which saves time and generates additional income. “Additionally, benefits such as spending more time with family, traveling the world, enjoying hobbies, etc., will further increase the popularity of trading apps in the future,” he concluded.

Crypto Market Still Volatile

Crypto asset investors have been worried about the market situation lately. Unfortunately, the crypto market has recently been hit by bad luck, where almost all crypto assets have crashed.

Tokocrypto trader Afid Soegiono sees investors wary of this significant correction, although the recovery has been slow.

“All ten large-cap crypto assets were observed to continue to weaken. Only a few digital stablecoins strengthened slightly. The correction in the crypto market was due to panic selling, so this correction is not expected to last long,” Afid said in a statement.

In addition, other factors such as the SEC’s rejection of the Bitcoin Spot ETF and the Russian Central Bank prohibit the use and mining of cryptocurrencies,” he explained. Some analysts predict that the market will correct further in the long term due to the sell-off. This drop, of course, raises concerns about a crypto winter. However, will it enter the crypto winter this time?

“Not every expert can be sure, but it can happen. Bitcoin will enter the crypto winter; other crypto assets will be affected. If there is a crypto winter, it is estimated that the period will be short,” he said. Investors think it’s a good time to invest when the crypto market is down. However, investors should beware of this, given that the volatility of the crypto is still relatively high and no positive catalyst can boost its performance, even if it seems to be bouncing back.

Again, investors need to understand the risks of investing in crypto assets. Perform fundamental analysis by studying crypto assets before investing and performing technical analysis to determine the right time to buy, sell or take profit from the assets. Well, for those of you who are just starting your first Bitcoin investment, there are at least several ways to learn Bitcoin trading for beginners that have been proven to reduce the risk of losses for investors.

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