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Google adds offline mode to Live Transcribe app


Google yesterday announced a boatload of new Android features. Gboard gets new Emoji Kitchen stickers and grammar checker; Messages gets nudges and automatic SMS sorting features while Google Photos gets a neat portrait mode. Along with Google’s flagship apps and services, the Live Trascribe app is also getting better.

In its Thursday announcement, Google revealed that the Live Transcribe app now has an offline mode and can continue to provide real-time text-to-speech transcriptions when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile. Until now, an active Internet connection was required to use the service. Users will be able to enable offline mode from app settings. You will need to download or update the core language packs that you want to access offline.


Offline Live Transcription

“Pre-installed on Pixel and Samsung devices and available as a free download for everyone, the app now offers an offline mode when Wi-Fi and data are not available, such as on an airplane, on the subway or in other areas without consistent internet access,” Google Product Manager Phil Ou wrote in a blog post.

We knew that Google had been working on offline support for Live Transcribe for some time. We first discovered the feature in October last year via an APK teardown of the app.

Launched in 2019, Live Transcribe is an accessibility app that helps people with hearing loss. The app uses Google’s voice recognition and sound detection technology to provide real-time transcriptions of conversations. It can also notify you of important sound events in your environment, such as doorbell ringing and fire alarm. The app comes pre-installed on Pixel and Samsung phones and can be downloaded on other Android phones from the Play Store.

Offline mode is rolling out with the latest Live Transcribe update. If you want to give it a try, get the latest app update from the Play Store.

Source: Googleblog