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Good2Go Cloud Services Launches Set of Applications for Enfocus Switch Workflow Automation Platform


The app set connects the best of cloud-based and ground-based automation services for print production

Shickshinny, PA, USA—Today, Good2Go Software announces its suite of applications for the Enfocus Switch workflow automation platform. With this new offering, Enfocus Switch customers and integrators can connect their Enfocus Switch workflows to their cloud-based Good2Go account for a variety of automated services such as online verification or secure file delivery to customers. distant. Additionally, the App bundle can detect a file’s status as “Approved” for printing, download it, and present it to other Switch workflows for imposition or other production functions. .

The Good2Go app bundle will include four apps, each performing different tasks for uploading and downloading files, monitoring file status, as well as different Good2Go services such as online verification or forwarding work to a third party . Applications also support variables for a variety of settings so that a workflow can be partially or completely “turned off”. Good2Go apps will be sold as a paid package. Pricing to be announced at a later date.

“This is a game-changer for Switch customers and integrators,” said Michael Reiher, president and co-founder of Good2Go Software. less than 15 minutes, making it very easy for customers to use customizable and branded cloud services to easily collaborate with external customers.

Using Switch rules and event-based workflows, files can be routed to a specific Good2Go service with customer emails, personalized messages and deadlines for the given task. When a file is received, Good2Go will process the file according to the Switch flow instructions. Another Good2Go app reports all file events to Switch, such as customer approval, new file uploads, or even when files have been marked as needing fixing. If needed, a third Good2Go app can download files from the Good2Go environment as needed. This allows files to remain in the cloud until needed for final print production.

“We recently implemented Switch and Good2Go in our store, and we’ve been working hard on the process improvements that each program opens up,” said Don Schlaich, system administrator at Panther Graphics in Rochester, NY. “Each one has already saved us time and effort, and I can’t wait to see what we can manage after integration.”

The new combination of Good2Go Apps will also help Switch integrators who are looking for powerful services that allow them to customize the experience to meet their customers’ needs. With the new applications and Good2Go, they can develop intelligent flows that bring together the functions of a GIS with customer services and end production services to complete the production circle.

“I’ve had a look at the upcoming Good2Go apps for Enfocus Switch and they’re very exciting,” said Andrea Mahoney, President of Tribay Enterprises, Inc. Hands-Free Files continues Andrea.

Good2Go offers intuitive document management for print, with easy-to-use job integration tools. Tools include secure file submission portals, automated PDF preflighting, online verification with markup tools, correction management, and task assignment.

Customers wishing to learn more about the Good2Go Switch apps and register to test the beta version of the apps should visit www.Good2GoSoftware.com/automation and submit an application.

Price and availability
Good2Go is available today in North America, Australia and New Zealand and is licensed via monthly subscriptions, starting at just $50 (USD) per month. Good2Go offers a FREE 14-day trial and live setup and training directly from the Good2GoSoftware.com website.

Beta versions of Good2Go Switch apps are expected to be available for free to select Switch users and Enfocus integrators in November for a limited time. Pricing for the Good2Go Switch app bundle will be announced at a later date.
For more information about Good2Go, write [email protected] or visit www.Good2GoSoftware.com to learn more about Good2Go and sign up for a free trial.

Good2Go Software, LLC, founded in 2020, is a global provider of cloud-based workflow solutions for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our mission is to provide an open workflow environment accessible to businesses of all sizes. We will achieve this by taking a whole new approach to workflow solutions using the latest cloud technologies to integrate with a wide variety of graphic arts and non-graphic arts solutions. Good2Go customers will be able to select the best solutions to add to their Good2Go environment without any integration or additional IT service required. Therefore, we say: “Good2Go is a workflow without the work”.